Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces & Bracelets Reviews

Do you own an impressive collection of jewelry? If so, then you need a jewelry box. It stores jewelry in an organized manner. Also, some come with lockable drawers that keep the most treasured pieces safe. Though there are plenty of jewelry boxes on the market, wooden ones are the most popular. Not only are wooden jewelry boxes durable and timeless, but they also offer eye-catching designs. Instead of checking every available model, it will be wise to get a clear picture of the best wooden jewelry boxes for necklaces, rings, and more.

That’s where we come. In this article, we’ve wrapped up everything with our list of the best-rated wooden jewelry boxes. Therefore, take time to read through before you decide to grab one.

Table of the Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes Reviews

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10. Rowling Large Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Necklace & Bracelets Organizer

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

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Do you have a big collection of jewelry? If so, you need a full-sized jewelry box with lots of compartments. Well, Rowling jewelry box is among the top contenders for the job. The box boasts a large, spacious design. Six removable drawers, two side compartments, and a top secured compartment offer ample storage. Plus, the side compartments include four hooks for hanging necklaces.

Also, this jewelry box has a soft, velvet-lined interior. Hence, there’s zero chance that your jewelry will scratch. Again, the box has a built-in mirror that helps you accessorize. For the record, this jewelry box is a handcrafted piece of art. Made of MDF, it offers a beautiful look that will last for years.

Special Features

  • A handcrafted MDF construction makes it a durable piece of art
  • Spacious design (6 drawers, two side compartments, and top compartments)
  • The top compartment has a lock to keep your small and precious jewelry
  • A soft velvet interior keeps your jewelry free of scratches

9. Kendal WJC02AK Real Natural Hardwood Jewelry Box Organizer

Kendal WJC02AK Real Natural Hardwood Jewelry Box Organizer

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If durability is a major concern, then the Kendal jewelry box will suffice. Unlike most that are made of softwood, this comes in a hardwood construction. Apart from the sturdy construction, it has sleek, clean lines. Together with a mirrored back, it gives a stunning look.

The box has a carousel with eight hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets. Not to mention, it has seven ring slots for added storage. Above all, it comes with two slide-out drawers. Hence, it can hold a great deal of jewelry.

Special Features

  • A sleek and clean-lined design creates a stunning look
  • Sturdy hardwood construction offers durable performance
  • Carousel with eight storage hooks keeps bracelets and necklaces organized
  • 7 suede slots allow for easy ring storage

8. RR ROUND RICH DESIGN Solid Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

RR ROUND RICH DESIGN Solid Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

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This is a high-end fashionable box. Like the Kendal box, it has a durable natural hardwood structure. Wavy lines and exquisite hardware give the box a magnificent look. But there’s more to this jewelry box than beauty. It has ample storage to keep all your jewelry in one place.

First, it has four removable drawers, each with a handle for easy access. Apart from that, it has a storage cabinet with a revolving glass door. Inside are a necklace carousel horse and multi-layer ring storage. All these help keep your jewelry organized and within easy reach. Furthermore, the cabinet has stereo lenses that function more like a mirror.

Special Features

  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Velvet lining keeps your jewelry from tarnishing
  • 4 drawers, storage cabinet, and necklace carousel accommodate a variety of jewelry
  • Exquisite hardware and decorative pattern create a beautiful look

7. Caffny Large Wooden Jewelry Boxes with Built-in mirror and lock

Caffny Large Wooden Jewelry Boxes with Built-in mirror and lock

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Here is another exceptional box that holds a ton of jewelry. It has a retro look, which adds charm to your tabletop. As for storage, it has four removable drawers and two side compartments. Not to mention, there’s a lockable top storage compartment. The side compartments have hooks, making them ideal for hanging necklaces. Two of the drawers and the top compartment have storage slots. Hence, you can keep all your jewelry in an organized manner.

Apart from ample storage and exquisite craftsmanship, this box is built to last. The birchwood construction, for instance, allows it to withstand the test of time. Furthermore, the box has a durable velvet lining. Thus, it keeps your jewelry scratch-free for years.

Special Features

  • A durable birchwood construction
  • Side doors have storage hooks for necklaces
  • 4 drawers and a locking top compartment offer ample storage

6. Kendal WJC03HT Hardwood Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

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Kendal WJC03HT offers more than just a convenient place to store jewelry. For the most part, it takes the aesthetics of your room to the next level. Sleek and clean lines, for instance, bring uniqueness and class. The top lid has a large beveled mirror that reflects more light. Hence, it’s easy to pick out the tiniest details as you dress.

This jewelry box offers plenty of storage options. Altogether, it has 20 storage compartments, two side cabinets, and seven ring slots. The top compartment comes with a lock for security. Even with the ton of storage it offers, this jewelry box weighs only 6 pounds. Thus, it’s not too heavy to move around.

Special Features

  • 20 compartments, two cabinets, and seven ring slots offer ample storage
  • A lockable top compartment protects your most treasured jewelry
  • A broader base allows the box to sit nicely on most surfaces

5. Lacuna Boutique Deluxe Locking Jewelry Box for Ring, Earring, Necklace Jewelry Organizer

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The Lacuna jewelry box has an outstanding construction quality. It uses high-quality MDF to provide a sturdy built. Moreover, it has a rustic finish that keeps it looking gorgeous for years. Besides the beautiful look, this box has plenty of room for all your jewelry.

It has two large cabinets and five spacious drawers. Each cabinet has a spinning carousel. Hence, you can organize your chains and necklaces without getting tangled up. Also, the interior is lined with ivory suede. It’s tough but with a soft texture that preserves the look of your jewelry.

Special Features

  • Anti-tarnishing suede lining protects the jewelry from scratches
  • A rustic modern finish looks fantastic in any room
  • Two large cabinets and five spacious drawers keep all your jewelry in one place
  • Spinning carousels prevent tangling and hold up to 16 necklaces

4. Mele Brigitte Large Jewelry Boxes for Women

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Mele Brigitte jewelry box might not be the most beautiful out there. However, for organized storage, this box is one of the best. The box has three slide-out drawers and a top storage compartment. Not to mention, each has numerous slots. The top drawer and the second drawer have 21 and 12 sections, respectively. The top compartment is divided into five sections with plenty of ring rolls. As for the deep, third drawer, it has ten sections for the large pieces of jewelry.

Better still, the box has ten storage hooks for necklaces. As much as it doesn’t compare to most in terms of beauty, the antique walnut finish gives an eye-catching look. By the way, this jewelry box is the best-rated out there. So, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Special Features

  • Extra-large storage capacity features numerous slots and storage hooks
  • The full interior mirror offers a clearer view
  • A hand-lined suede fabric protects the jewelry from damage

3. Mele & Co. Bette Wooden Jewelry Box for Ring, Necklace & Earring Organizer

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The hourglass shape and mahogany finish give this box an instant appeal. Despite the small size, it can hold a ton of jewelry. The box has two doors, each with three hanging hooks for necklaces. Not to mention, each has a catch panel that keeps your chains tangle-free.

Again, the box has three spacious drawers and a ring roll drawer to keep your jewelry organized. The durability of this box is just as good as its storage capacity. Hence, it’s going to last for quite a long while.

Special Features

  • Mahogany finish and pearled door knobs lend a contemporary flair
  • The hourglass shape creates a stable base
  • 4 spacious drawers and two necklace doors hold a ton of jewelry
  • A plush suede lining treats your jewelry with care

2. Mele and Co. Richmond Large Modern Jewelry Box with Drawers

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The exclusive mid-century style makes this jewelry box attractive and appealing. It has closets on both sides with swing-out doors. Each has six hooks that keep your necklaces organized. Apart from that, the box has a ring roll closet, all with a glass door. It keeps your rings and earrings in full display. Not to mention, the etched glass panel allows for easy access.

Also, the box has three undivided slide-out drawers. Hence, you can keep your jewelry as you see fit. Smooth curves, etched glass panels, and walnut finish are sure to grab the attention of onlookers.

Special Features

  • Attractive etched glass panels
  • Three slide-out drawers and closets offer ample storage
  • Bright gold-toned hardware create a sophisticated look

1. Best Choice Products Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box – Wood Armoire Cabinet

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This jewelry box has a timeless, modern look. Plus, it’s handcrafted. Hence, it has a lot of detail and attention. Overall, this jewelry cabinet has five slide-out drawers, two side compartments, and a lockable storage compartment. For this reason, it can hold a ton of jewelry. Each side compartment has two hooks to hold your necklaces and chains.

The top compartment is subdivided into eight slots for rings and earrings. As mentioned earlier, it’s lockable. Thus, you can keep your expensive rings safe. This jewelry box is crafted from sturdy MDF for added durability. Furthermore, it includes a velvet liner that lets you store your jewelry with the utmost care.

Special Features

  • Sturdy MDF construction offers a longer service life
  • 5 pull-out drawers and 2 side compartments give plenty of storage
  • Lockable top compartment keeps your jewelry secure

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