10 Best Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machines Reviews In 2018

In the past, people had to use manual wire strippers to strip the electrical insulation from the wires. However, the technology has advanced a lot with the advancement of time and new machines have come to market to do these kinds of work. The wire stripping machines are capable of stripping different varieties of electrical wires in a matter of minutes. Be it the automatic wire stripping machines or the hand-cranked ones, one just cannot deny the convenience that these tools offer. So, it is an absolute necessity to have a wire stripping machine nowadays!

Interested in knowing more about these machines? Have a look at the list of ten best wire stripping machines down below and you will be able to choose the best one for yourself.

Table of the Best Wire Stripping Machines

10. Coppermine Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machines

Wire Stripping Machines

It is one of the most versatile models of manual wire strippers in the market and has impressive features that make stripping wires much easier and effortless. The presence of the Output limiter separates the wire from the jacket and pulls the wire through the machine in one single stroke. It also comes with an input guide that helps in straightening of the wire before reaching the blade, thus you need not worry about tangled kinked wires. Now, strip those wires without any hassles whatsoever.

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Key features

  • Comes with Blade Sharpening Jig to restore the sharpness of the blades.
  • Can strip wires of any shape like Romex, square, triangle, etc.
  • Comes with a clamp mount for easy setup.

9. Strip Meister Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machines

Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

This is an automatic type of wire stripper that comes with a unique set of features, a standout design and can be used for versatile for purposes as well. Strip all your scrap wire with ease as the Strip Meister wire stripper is capable of stripping all types of wires from 18 gauges to 250 MCM, even Romex wires, and braided ones. The use of premium quality and top grade materials from North America ensures you get a piece of the machine which will last you long and serve you amazingly well.

Key features

  • Comes with a built-in Romex slot that makes operation much easier and 33% faster on this stripper.
  • Comes with a free extra blade.
  • Features spiral groove feeder technology for accurate wire pulling.

8. BestEquip Electric Cable Wire Stripping Machines

BestEquip Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Powered by a 1/4 HP motor and clocked at 180W of power, the BestEquip wire stripper is fast, efficient, and extremely reliable in what it does. It comes with an impressive stripping speed of 55-60 feet per minute and the machine is extremely easy to operate with both drill driven or hand crack. The energy saving design and portable construction make it a smart choice for wire strippers. Moreover, the design of this machine allows it to be easily mounted on any workstation and the aluminum construction is both durable and lightweight.

Key features

  • Can strip wires up to 25 mm range.
  • Automatic and electrical function.
  • Both rubber insulation, as well as plastic, can be removed.

7. Yescom Electric Automatic Powered Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

You want to have a machine at your disposal that can strip the wires off their rubber and plastic insulation for a wide range of wires between 0.12” to 1” diameter. It also features a total of three different feed holes, thus you can work with any given shape of wires and the impressive 500 feet per minute of stripping speed is certainly an amazing feature of this machine. Now you need not worry about the recycling of scrap wire with this automatic wire stripping machine from Yescom.

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Key features

  • 1/4 Hp, 110V single phase induction motor for faster operation.
  • User-friendly, energy saving and portable design.

6. VEVOR Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machines

VEVOR Wire Stripping Tool 0.06-0.98 Inch Cable Wire Stripping

A manual model of wire stripper, the Vevor wire stripping tool is loaded with some smart use of technology and advanced design that is aimed at making your experience with stripping wires much more effortless and easy. It is compatible with a wide range of wire diameter ranging between 0.06” to 0.98” and has a single channel for clutter with one blade for stripping. Although manual wire strippers may seem tough to use, this model is designed to make your work much easier.

Key features

  • Used for removing plastic and rubber insulation from scrap wire.
  • Can be connected to a drill for automatic wire stripping.
  • Can also be used as a manual wire stripper.

5. Lfaize Hand Copper Wire Stripper for Recycling Scrap Copper Wire

Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper, Wire Stripper for Recycling Scrap Copper Wire

With a wide range of stripping, between 9AWG to 4AWG, the hand crack wire stripper from Lfaize is both good in terms of functionality and good output. Moreover, it has a CNC-machined aluminum frame which is both sturdy and durable, guaranteeing supreme results always. The extremely lightweight of just 2.2 pounds, makes this machine easy to carry around to your desired place.

Key features

  • Lightweight and also portable design.
  • Comes with patent pending.

4. Happybuy Industrial Cable Wire Stripping Machines

Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine

A wire stripping machine that has been designed with state of the art technology and premium quality materials that ensures you get the best of results each and every time. The stripper is capable of working with wires ranging from 1.5 mm to 25mm of diameter and has a single channel for clutter along with one blade for cutting. Furthermore, you get the advantage of an adjustable blade as well as rollers thus it can work efficiently with almost any shape of wires.

Key features

  • Manual hand-cranked industrial grade design.
  • Rewards you with recycling of the copper wires.

3. BestEquip Electric Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BestEquip Cable Wire Stripping Machine

One of the most lightweight wire strippers in the market, the BestEquip model is constructed out of top-notch quality durable steel and weighs as less as 12 pounds, making it extremely easy to use in any given location. Furthermore, the wide range of the diameter of wires it can fit is quite impressive as the range varies from 0.06” to 0.98”. It is a manual cracked industrial machine that features a single blade of cutting wheels that strips scarp copper wire amazingly well. The user-friendly functions along with a portable design and energy saving construction assure you enhanced workability every single time.

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Key features

  • Comes with adjustable blade and rollers, thus all shapes of wires can fit in.
  • Fully guarded blades assure top-notch safety while working.
  • Steel construction assures enhanced durability.

2. Happybuy Manual Industrial Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine

This is yet another model of wire stripper from Happy Buy and it also comes with all of those exceptional features that make stripping wires much easy and effortless. This wire stripper rewards you with great functionality, durability, and ease of working for the best results. It can fir in any range and shape of wire between 1.5mm to 25mm and features one channel of cutting blades for easy stripping of wire. Recycle your copper wire in an amazing fashion and take all the benefits from a non-insulated pure copper wire.

Key features

  • Comes with adjustable blades and rollers for all types and shapes of wires.
  • 1 cutting blade for perfect snapping of insulation.

1. Goplus Portable Electric Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Goplus Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine Portable Scrap Cable Stripper

At the numero-uno spot, you get a wire stripping machine from the trusted house of Goplus that has all the important features which will make your wire stripping experience much easier. It can be used in versatile ways. Yes, it can be used in both hand-cranked and drill driven ways as per your need. The portable, convenient, and energy-saving design certainly makes it one of the very best models of wire strippers in the market. Recycle the undamaged scrap copper wire and make use of the pure copper wire whenever you need it. Read: Best die grinders

Key features

  • The adjustable set of blades and rollers allows any shape of wire to fit in with ease.
  • Aluminum alloy construction, both lightweight and durable.
  • 180W of output power.

Go through the list once again; choose the excellent wire stripping machine that suits all your requirements and go forward to buy it to make your job easier. Acquire all the beneficial results!

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