Best Walk Behind Salt Spreaders | Ice Melt Spreaders Reviews In 2021

Lawns are the things that bring serenity to your house and it is of a vital importance that you dress up your lawn and take care of it in the right way to keep it looking beautiful for a long time. With the walk behind salt spreaders, your lawns and even your ice melting needs are met in a very good way as these will help you get rid of the unwanted ice and even spread nutrients to your entire lawn in a smart fashion.

Now, spreading will not cause much sweat as these can carry a huge amount of materials in a single space and with the help of wheels, moving it around is easier as well. Our list of the top 10 Salt spreaders has been created on the basis of their workability and durability. These are sure to make your working effortless and less tiring as well. Go through the list to know the right model that suits your needs.

Table of the Best Walk Behind Salt Spreaders Reviews

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10. Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Salt Spreaders

Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

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The broadcast spreader from Scotts features their patented and exclusive Edge guard technology that allows you to have control over the area of spread. The precision rate setting on this spreader also enhances your workability by promising accurate coverage every single time. Bring home the benefit of uniform coverage for your lawns and save yourself from unforeseen damages on different sides. On this walk-behind spreader, you get the capacity of 5000 square feet of lawn products as well.

Key features

  • Comes with a handheld broadcast ability for smaller areas.
  • Drop spreader enhances functionality on curves.
  • Comes calibrated and ready to use assembled.

9. Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Salt Spreader

Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

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Yet another amazing broadcast spreader from Scotts, this also features their impressive Edge Guard technology which again does a wonderful job of saving spreads from wastage. Furthermore, on this spreader, you get the advantage of premium pneumatic tires that aid in effortless working on the spreader. When you get it, you get a machine that is calibrated and can be used whenever delivered, thus no extra effort of setting it up or anything else.

Key features

  • Has a huge capacity of 18,000 square feet of lawn products.
  • The Control panel comes with a precision rate setting, thus rewarding you with accurate coverage.

8. Scotts 75902 Elite 25 lbs Broadcast Spreader 20,000 sq

Scotts 75902 Elite Broadcast Spreader with Edgeguard

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If you are looking for a spreader that understands your versatile needs of spreading in different places, then the Elite spreader from Scotts is undoubtedly a fine choice. The design and technology are at par excellence and even features an ergonomic handle with a smartphone holder for enhanced accessibility. With minimal assembly, this is easy to use and also features a dual rotor technology that assures great accuracy every time. The 20,000 square feet of lawn product capacity is an excellent addition.

Key features

  • A six-speed spread pattern saves a lot of time.
  • Comes with zero risks of a flat tire.

7. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Behind Broadcast Spreader – Check Price

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

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A broadcast spreader helps your lawn’s health in a multitude of ways, primarily by allowing you to spread nutrients very evenly every single time. The spreader from Agri-fab comes with a very smart design and build that will help you get your perfect-looking lawn in no time. With the design of a rustproof poly hopper and solid rod gate control, managing and maintaining it is as easy as anything. Now, give your lawn the right attention and care it deserves and see the changes for yourself.

Key features

  • Comes with an enclosed taper along with a beveled gearbox.
  • Pneumatic tires assure effortless pushing.

6. Chapin Professional Spread Salt & Ice Melt Spreader with Baffles


Professional Sure Spread Salt and Ice Melt Spreader with Baffles

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When durability, excellent build quality, and great features are packed in a single package, it is sure to reward you with some really impressive results. The rugged powder-coated steel frame construction of the salt spreader is backed by an enclosed gear system and a good 80-pound capacity. Furthermore, you get the 360-degree baffle system that allows great control over the spread pattern always.

Key features

  • An aggressive tooth auger facilitates in easy movement of salt.
  • Comes with rain and snow cover.
  • Ease of usage.

5. Earthway High Output Snow & Ice Melt Spreader

Earthway 2040PiPlus High Output Snow and Ice Melt Spreader

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As you move up the list, the models of spreaders featured get better and better. This high output snow and ice melt spreader from Earthway has some brilliant features that will make working on it much easier and comfortable. Firstly, it comes fitted with large 9” Pneumatic tires that make movement easy whereas the huge 1830 cubic inch hopper ensures more results every time. Last but not the least; you get a huge size drop hole resulting in more volume of spreading.

Key features

  • A spread pattern of 6-10 feet is impressive.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty gearbox for a long time running.

4. Scotts Turf Builder 10,000-sq ft Classic Drop Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

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A stable drop spreader from the house of Scotts Turf, this comes with a heavy-duty frame ensuring stability and precision at its very best. The noticeable thing about this model is that it does not require any attention regarding assembly and set-up, thus effortless working is guaranteed. Moreover, the hopper has a large capacity that can hold up to 10,000 square feet of lawn products which is extremely impressive.

Key features

  • Attain maximum coverage and accuracy with the 22-inches spread pattern.
  • Pre-calibrated model for easy usage.

3. Chapin Residential Salt Spreader & Ice Melt Spreader

hapin Residential Salt Spreader & Ice Melt Spreader

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A design that is sure to impress, the residential spreader from Chapin International has many exciting features and machinery for great results always. The extreme auger design results in easy salting and readily reduces clumping, and then you get the reliability of a powder-coated steel frame that ensures stability and durability. Also, the 80 pound capacity of the hopper and the trust of an enclosed gear system make it a very wise choice in the market. Further, it is compatible with all the seasons.

Key features

  • Comes with a front and side baffle system for directional control of the spread pattern.
  • 12” pneumatic tires for easy movement on even terrain.
  • Easy gate adjustment for faster application.

2. Earthway 2150 Commercial Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreaders

Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

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At the second-best spot, you get a spreader from the brand Earthway that promises to gift you with effective and even spreading for your lawns. In this spreader, you have the advantage of an Ev’N-Spread system that assures even fertilization, thus a better-looking lawn. Furthermore, the durable construction and design is an added advantage that guarantees a longer life of working. So next time you plan to give your lawn an elevated look, think no more beyond this spreader from Earthway.

Key features

  • An impressive 175 pounds weight capacity combined with 13” Pneumatic tires.
  • Spread rate control and adjustable handle for improved accessibility.
  • 50 pounds of material storing capacity.

1. Global Industrial 100 Lb. Capacity Universal Spreader

Global Industrial 100 Lb. Capacity Universal Spreader

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At the topmost spot, you get this amazing Universal Spreader from the house of Global Industries that comes with loaded features, intelligent design, and the use of smart technology as well. To start, you get a huge 100 pounds of weight capacity, thus a lot of nutrients for your lawn can stay with ease. Then you get an all-welded steel frame, rewarding you with top-notch stability and durability. Also, it comes with extra protection against rain and snow.

Key features

  • 3 flap adjustable deflector for total control.
  • 13” pneumatic tires for easy movement always.
  • A plastic hopper saves your machine from corrosion.

It’s time to maintain and flaunt a beautiful lawn by using trustworthy salt spreaders. You will not only get a neat look but it will also benefit your lawns.

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