Best Wifi Smart Wireless Video Doorbells Reviews In 2021

Who is at your front yard? Well with the best video doorbells, it is not only easy to tell who has pressed the doorbell but also know of any suspicious activity going on at your door. These brilliant gadgets are designed to stream videos and audio feed to your PC, Smartphones, and other devices that connect to the WIFI. By so doing you will get to see, hear and talk to your visitors even if you are not at home. For additional security, this doorbell also lets you report a burglary to authorities ensuring that your home is safe. Being a recent innovation there are various variations of video doorbells on the market. Some do a better job than the others do and for this reason, we have reviewed the top models to help you select the one that works best for you.

Table of the Best Wireless Video Doorbells Reviews

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10. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Video Doorbells

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Stay connected to your home whether you are at the office or touring around the globe with the Ring WIFI enabled doorbell. It features an HD camera that takes clear video footages and pictures while still allowing you to talk to your visitors. Unlike other models that come with a complex installation, this model comes with a simple installation that let you set it up in minutes without calling a professional. What’s more, it also works with ALEXA allowing you to view live activity at your doorstep all the time.

Key features

  • Custom Motion Sensors
  • HD video and infrared night vision home monitoring
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Compatible with most gadgets

9. GEREE Wifi Smart Wireless Doorbell

GEREE WiFi Smart Wireless Doorbell

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With brilliant HD images, two ways communication and motion sensors, the GEREE doorbell ensures that you will never miss your visitors. Whether you are at home or not, this doorbell will let you see, speak and hear your visitors in real-time from your tablet or Smartphone. With this doorbell, you will not only get a ring inside your home but also get notification anywhere at all times. Additionally, you will be notified of suspicious activity at your doorstep and clear picture even during the night thanks to the night vision.

Key feature

  • Get clear pictures and video footage on the 720P HD Security Camera
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
  • Two-Way communication
  • Night Vision plus PIR Motion Detection

8. Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbells – 1080p Security Camera

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell

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This doorbell from ZMODO makes an exceptional choice for people working with a tight budget but would want to get the best performance. Besides having a great price point, it also comes with great features that you will love. To begin with, it comes with a sleek look, giving your door a modern look. It also features all the essential features including the Motion sensor, Wifi connectivity, HD camera, and Infrared night vision.

Key features

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Dual-Band Wifi Network Signal
  • Sleek and modern design
  • 1080p Full HD ensures continuous Monitoring

7. AMOCAM Wired Video Doorbell for Villa House Office Apartment

AMOCAM Wired Video Doorbell

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Boasting of an ultra HD camera that ensures great sound quality and clear pictures, the AMOCAM wired doorbell brings convenience in daily use. The doorbell comes with various features that are hard to find on other models. For instance, this model comes with sixteen selectable doorbell tones that allow for customization, dimmable display as well as a decent viewing angle. Additionally, the unit also features waterproof performance and an acrylic front panel that prevents vandalism. Above all the doorbell also comes with IR LED projection that ensures clear images day and night.

Key features

  • Waterproof and Dust-proof
  • Infrared LED for Night Version
  • 2-way communication
  • The 7-inch colour monitor lets you see and speak to your visitors

6. Mucjun Wifi Smart Door Bells

Mucjun Wifi Smart Door Bells,720p HD Door Chimes Camera

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There are several reasons why we have included this video doorbell from Mucjun. To begin with, this is camera brings you smart PIR motion detection technology that pushes notification to your tablet or Smartphone once it senses suspicious activity at your doorstep. Next, the unit comes with two-way audio that lets you speak to your visitor. Additionally, you will love the HD camera with wide-angle vision plus infrared night vision.

Key features

  • 180° Wide Angle Lens camera
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Audio plus Night Vision for clears day and night images
  • Easy installation thanks to the detailed instruction and tools

5. Yeoman Video Doorbell 960P HD WiFi Camera with Cloud Services

Yeoman Video Doorbell 960P HD WiFi Camera with Free Cloud Services

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They say that security starts with you. This is the reason why this doorbell is designed. It will let you monitor your home remotely from wherever you are. It is equipped with an HD camera that takes clear pictures and videos letting you know who is at your door. Once the visitor presses the bell, you will be notified from your Smartphone and actually talks to them and let them in remotely whether you are at home or not. Besides, thanks to the night vision you will also get all-round protection even at night.

Key features

  • Smart motion detection sensors
  • High definition Camera captures every moment
  • 180 degrees wide-angled lens ensures that every corner is covered
  • Compatible with your phone, PC, tablet and more

4. DOPHIGO Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Doorbell

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Camera Wireless Doorbell Button Chime (1 Base)

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Sometimes, our friend and family visit us unannounced. It is disappointing when they come only to meet you are not at home. With this video doorbell from DOPHIGO, this doesn’t have to be an issue anymore as you can let them remotely. The doorbell is equipped with an HD camera that lets you see and talk to your visitor. It is also a great security device as it notifies you of any suspicious activity thanks to the Smart motion detection feature.

Key features

  • 960P HD camera with night vision
  • Lifetime free cloud service
  • Simple one minute set up
  • IP55 dustproof and waterproof

3. EXOX Video Doorbell WiFi Smart Doorbell – 720P HD

 EXOX WiFi Smart Doorbell

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For a great home connection and monitoring you will need to have, high quality and WIFI enabled doorbell. The EXOX is one of the high-performance video doorbells that ensure superior functionality. This gadget comes with two-way communication and an HD camera that ensures that you can see, speak and hear your visitors. What’s more, this doorbell has night vision and motion sensors for an all around the clock monitoring.

Key features

  • Simple Setup for Wireless Remote Control
  • Long-lasting batteries that are rechargeable
  • 720P HD wide-angled camera
  • Smart PIR motion detection plus night vision

2. AOGE Wireless Smart Doorbell for Home Security Camera

Wifi bell

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This is another effective Video doorbell that comes at a low cost but still manages to pack many useful features. This allows it to work brilliantly when it comes to securing your home. The HD camera ensures that you do not miss any important visitor while the motion detector notifies you in case of suspicious activity. Additionally, the doorbell is easy to install and comes with night vision that enables you to catch every moment even at night.

Key features

  • Reliable 2.4g Wifi connection
  • Ultra high capacity battery
  • Inbuilt 720P HD Camera delivers clear videos and images
  • Smart PIR motion detection

1. EKEN New Video Doorbell – 2 720P HD WiFi Camera 

EKEN New Doorbell 2 720P HD WiFi Camera

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The EKEN video doorbell comes equipped with the latest features and technology that makes it easy to monitor your home. We love the PIR sensors that detect the slightest suspicious movements at your door front and notify you though you’re PC, Smartphone or tablet. The gadget also delivers a ring notification once the visitor presses the bell. Another great feature that comes with the gadget is the wide view lens that lets you see everything going on at your front porch.

Key features

  • Built-in Memory Card
  • Smart Night Vision
  • 166-Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Easy Installation and Charging

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