Best Utility Truck Ladder Racks Reviews In 2021

Doesn’t your truck bed have enough cargo capacity? Or maybe you want to get your project done quickly by minimizing the number of back-and-forth trips? If so, you need to install a truck ladder rack. It expands storage capacity without getting in your way. Well, ladder racks for trucks come in a variety of styles. Hence, you can choose one that suits your cargo-hauling needs or the style of your vehicle. But how do you tell the best truck ladder racks to buy?

Though the market has a ton of quality ladder racks, there’s always the cream of the crop. These are models that stand above the rest, and you get them without breaking the bank. Without further ado, here are the best pickup truck ladder racks to consider.

Table of the Best Truck Ladder Racks Reviews

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10. AA-Racks Non-Drilling Utility Pickup Truck Ladder Racks

Truck Ladder Racks

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Drilling holes into the truck bed to receive a ladder rack can be a daunting task. Moreover, it requires lots of expertise. Well, this ladder rack makes it easier for you. Instead of drilling holes, it clamps easily on the sides of the truck bed. The rack has four uprights, all made of powder-coated steel. Not only is it resistant to corrosion and weather elements, but it also supports a whopping 800 pounds.

Again, the top crossbar is extendable form 41 to 61 inches. As such, the rack easily fits different truck-bed widths of 51 to 71 inches. The mid-section has a double-barred design. Thus, it’s less likely to bend or dent. For the record, this rack doesn’t fit trucks with Utility Track Systems.

Special Features

  • Powder-coated steel uprights support up to 800 pounds
  • The double-barred design eliminates the risk of bending or denting
  • C-clamps enable drill-free installation
  • An extendable design makes it compatible with truck beds that are 51 to 71 inches

9. MaxxHaul 70233 Heavy Duty Ladder Rack for Truck

MaxxHaul 70233 Heavy Duty Ladder Rack for Truck

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Instead of four uprights, this rack has two. So, it leaves plenty of space for hauling gear. The rack has extendable arms that adjust from 19 to 34 inches. As such, it easily fits most ladder widths. As the name suggests, the rack comes in heavy-duty powder-coated steel. For this reason, it can take quite a beating from weather elements.

This ladder rack bolts onto the bed or rail. Hence, even though it needs drilling, the stability it offers is quite impeccable. On a side note, the rack installs on truck beds that are up to 17-1/4 inches deep.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel offers lasting durability
  • Space-saving design leaves plenty of room for other gear
  • Extendable arm width of 19 to 34 inches
  • Bolt-on design offers exceptional stability

8. Apex ATR Heavy Duty Universal Aluminum Utility Truck Rack

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This ladder rack spans the entire width of the truck bed. Also, it’s fully adjustable to fit truck beds up to 66-1/2 inches wide. That makes it ideal for all truck sizes, whether compact or full-size. Again, it includes four stops that hold your ladder in one place. You can use the stops as tie-down points for securing the ladder.

Instead of steel, this rack uses lightweight aluminium. But light as it is, it can support 800 pounds. Furthermore, it requires no drilling. All you have to do is clamp it onto the rails, and you’ll be good to go.

Special Features

  • Fully-adjustable crossbars fit compact to full-size truck beds (Up to 66.5 inches)
  • Four stops double as tie-down points to hold the ladder in position
  • Hassle-free clamp-on installation
  • Lightweight aluminium construction supports up to 800 pounds

7. Thule Xsporter Pro Aluminum Truck Rack with Load Stops

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This is a ladder rack with a smart design. So, even though it costs more, the features are worth every penny. Take the Airstrip technology, for instance. It makes the rack more aerodynamic to minimize wind resistance. Also, it has it uses Wind Diffusing technology for ultra-quiet road performance.

Again, the rack comes with secure, one-key lock cylinders. This makes it burglar-proof. The height is adjustable for improved carrying versatility and easy loading. Furthermore, the rack offers a fuss-free clamp-on installation. Once installed, it can support up to 450 pounds.

Special Features

  • Airstrip technology minimizes wind resistance
  • Wind Diffuser enables ultra-quiet road performance
  • One-key lock cylinders make the rack burglar-proof
  • Adjustable height improves versatility and allows for easier loading
  • Load stops secure oversized loads

6. TracRac TracONE Universal Truck Rack

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TracONE is another more advanced ladder rack. It borrows some of the features of the Thule Xspoerter rack. The elliptical crossbars and airfoil strips make it aerodynamic and quiet. Also, the crossbars have an internal web structure for increased strength. Overall, they can support up to 800 pounds.

As the name suggests, this is a one size fits all rack. Thanks to C-clamps, it allows for easy and damage-free installation. Furthermore, the rack has adjustable tie-down loops to secure oversized loads.

Special Features

  • Lightweight, rust-free aluminium construction
  • Elliptical crossbars lessen wind resistance
  • Airfoil strips eliminate wind noise
  • Clamp-on installation saves you the drilling work

5. TMS 800 LB Adjustable Bars Utility Truck Ladder Racks

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TMS utility rack is bigger and longer than the average ladder rack. The width, for instance, is adjustable from 5 to 7 feet. Such size makes it ideal for hauling bigger and longer items. Plus, its fully-adjustable to fit a variety of truck bed sizes. The frame is made of sturdy powder-coated steel. It offers weather-resistant performance and supports up to 800 pounds.

Some drilling is involved in the installation process. However, you get a complete set of hardware to make the process easier. Moreover, the bolt-on installation offers exceptional stability. As such, it’s worth the effort.

Special Features

  • Adjusts from 5 to 7 feet to fit bigger and longer loads
  • Weather-resistant powder-coated steel supports up to 800 pounds
  • A stable bolt-on design

4. MaxxHaul 70423 Universal Aluminum Truck Rack 400 lb Capacity

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The MaxxHaul ladder rack has an all-aluminium frame. Though light, it can comfortably hold up to 400 pounds. Again, aluminium makes it durable and rust-free. The crossbars are adjustable to 70 inches to fit most truck beds. Thanks to internal reinforcement, the crossbars are less likely to dent or bend.

Also, each crossbar has cargo bumpers that prevent the load from sliding off. They come in handy, especially when hauling oversized cargo. Furthermore, the rack has adjustable brackets. Thus, you can install without the need to drill.

Special Features

  • Internal reinforcement structure keeps the rack from bending
  • Adjustable bumpers keep cargo from sliding off the rack
  • Extendable crossbars of up to 70 inches enable the rack to fit most truck beds
  • Adjustable brackets eliminate the need to drill
  • No-rust aluminium frame supports 400 pounds

3. Buyers Products 1501675 Silver Aluminum Truck Rack

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This ladder rack prioritizes a weather-resistant construction. Take the frame, for instance. It comes in a corrosion-resistant aluminium. Also, the rack has zinc-plated hardware. This further improves its resistance against corrosion. Overall, this is a ladder rack that’s less likely to fade or rust. Above all, it can hold up to 800 pounds.

The over-cab design is another outstanding feature. It creates no obstruction, enabling the rack to fit longer, oversized loads. Each crossbar has load stops that keep cargo from shifting. Furthermore, they serve as tie-down points to secure the load.

Special Features

  • Adjustable load mounts secure the load
  • Over-cab design accommodates oversized loads
  • Aluminium frame and zinc-plated hardware provide impeccable resistance to corrosion
  • J-hooks enable easy drill-free mounting

2. Erickson 07706 Steel Truck Rack

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This is another rack that holds gear above the height of the cab. As such, it offers maximum front-to-back clearance. That means it can comfortably accommodate longer loads. Above all, it leaves the bed pretty much empty to hold other items. Powder-coated steel and chrome-plated hardware make the rack durable. Besides, it can hold up to 800 pounds.

The rack measures 78 inches, making it ideal for both short and full-size truck beds. Each crossbar has adjustable load brackets. So, the rack can hold both small and oversized loads. Moreover, it offers hassle-free clamp-on installation. Not only is it fuss-free but also adjustable to fit most truck beds.

Special Features

  • Drill-free clamp-on installation
  • Adjustable cargo brackets secure the load in position
  • Chrome hardware and powder-coated steel offer lasting durability
  • The over-cab design offers maximum front-to-back clearance

1. ECOTRIC Adjustable Full Size Truck Ladder Rack

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The design of this ladder rack is quite unlike those of other models on our list. Instead of simple load stops, the crossbars have side rails. Hence, there’s zero chance the cargo will slide off the rack. Also, the rack has an adjustable centre brace. As such, it distributes the load evenly.

The rack has multiple tie-down points. They’re versatile enough to accommodate ropes, straps, or bungee cords. The rack is 138 inches long and 60 inches wide. Nonetheless, it can be adjusted to fit different truck bed sizes. The heavy-duty steel frame is among the strongest out there. No wonder, it has the most weight capacity (1000 pounds) on our list.

Special Features

  • Adjustable feet enable complete customization
  • Extra-large weight capacity of 1000 pounds
  • The over-cab design makes it easier to load long cargo
  • Full side rails keep cargo from sliding off the rack
  • No-drill installation saves you the heavy work

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