Best Trailer Tongue Boxes | Trailer Storage Boxes Reviews In 2021

Ever used a trailer for hauling heavy machinery and equipment? If so, then you know how useful it can be. However, there are smaller items that require much safer storage. Take, for instance, the small tools and accessories you use on the go. It can be quite hard to store and transport on the bed of your trailer. What you need is something that keeps them organized and within easy access without taking space on your trailer bed. That’s where a trailer tongue box comes in handy. It fits on the tongue of your trailer and can be locked to keep your tools safe. But then, what’s the best trailer tongue boxes to buy?

Well, there are lots of different products. So, it can be quite tricky figuring out the best trailer tongue toolbox for the job. To help you out, here’s a breakdown of the best trailer tongue storage boxes to consider.

Table of the Best Trailer Tongue Boxes Reviews

10. Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle Trailer Tongue Tool Box

Trailer Tongue Boxes

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This is a secure trailer box that doesn’t break the bank. It’s large enough to hold a ton of accessories but light enough not to add extra weight to the trailer. For the record, it weighs just over 20 pounds. But then, it offers enormous storage of 6 cubic feet. The box is made of extra-strong poly plastic. It neither warps nor wears down in adverse weather conditions.

Also, the box has a double-walled lid for extra support. Moreover, it has a steel latch for added security. However, you’ll need to buy a padlock to make the box as secure as possible.

Special Features

  • Rugged and light poly plastic construction
  • A double-walled lid provides extra support
  • Lockable latch for added security

9. Buyers Products Black Poly Trailer Tongue Boxes for Truck

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This is a water-tight, well-made trailer box. Like the Dee Zee box, it has a rigid poly plastic construction. It doesn’t dent and holds up well, even in a corrosive environment. Also, it offers extra-large storage of 6 cubic feet. Hence, it can accommodate all the vital accessories you need.

This trailer box is not only reasonably strong but also lockable. It has a zinc-coated latch that fits a padlock for added security. Furthermore, the zinc plating makes it rustproof. Thus, it keeps looking as good as new for years.

Special Features

  • Dent-resistant poly plastic construction
  • A rigid double-walled lid creates a waterproof seal
  • Zinc-plated hardware provides excellent resistance against rust
  • Lockable latch provides additional security

8. Pit Posse Waterproof Aluminum Trailer Tongue Boxes for Truck & Pick Up

Pit Posse Waterproof Aluminum Trailer Tongue Boxes for Truck & Pick Up

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The Pit Pose trailer box promises to keep its shape for longer. Instead of plastic, it’s made of heavy-duty textured aluminium. Yet, it’s surprisingly light, weighing only 22 pounds. As such, it’s easier to mount or carry. Since it comes in aluminium, this trailer box remains rustproof for years. Hence, it offers excellent protection, even under the worst weather.

Also, the box has fully-welded seams for additional strength. A deeply recessed hinge enables the lid to extend fully, thereby providing easy access to your tools. Furthermore, it’s lockable to keep your tools secure.

Special Features

  • Super-strong textured aluminium maintains shape for years
  • A fully-extending lid gives easy access to your tools
  • Lightweight construction for easy portability
  • A lockable design offers added security
  • Fully-welded seams make it waterproof

7. TNM Steel Trailer Tongue Boxes

TNM Steel Trailer Tongue Boxes

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Unlike the above models we’ve reviewed, this trailer box comes a bit smaller. Hence, it’s ideal for those that want a space-saving toolbox. Overall, it offers 2.75 cubic feet of storage. Surprisingly, it weighs more than most models on our list. This is due to the steel construction that’s designed for heavy use.

The steel surface has a powder-coat finish that makes it resistant to rust, abrasion, and corrosion. Not to mention, the seams are fully welded. Thus, the box doesn’t leak water. Moreover, it has a key lock for additional security.

Special Features

  • A notched lid and gas strut assist in opening and closing
  • Weatherproof powder coating protects the box from rust and corrosion
  • Compact-space-saving design
  • Steel construction holds up well under heavy use
  • Key lock keeps your items secure

6. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Aluminum Tool Box with Lock Silver

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Aluminum Tool Box with Lock Silver

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The Yaheetech box sells for significantly less than other aluminium toolboxes. Surprisingly, it guarantees quality performance, ensuring it lasts for years. Also, it’s much lighter, weighing only 11.4 pounds. Hence, it won’t slow you down by adding extra weight. Again, aluminium makes it weatherproof. Plus, it has a textured surface that offers extra resistance against dents.

The box is fully welded and has rubber seals. Hence, it’s well-sealed to keep out moisture and dust. It has a built-in key lock to keep your items safe and secure. Moreover, it has built-in side handles that make it easier to mount and dismount the box.

Special Features

  • Ultra-light construction (11.4 pounds) doesn’t add a lot of weight to the trailer
  • Built-in side handles for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Integrated key lock keeps items secure
  • Textured aluminium maintains shape for years
  • Rubber seal and fully welded seams keep out dust and moisture

5. Better Built 66010148 Utility Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool Box

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As the name suggests, this toolbox offers long-lasting durability. It’s made of aluminium and textured for additional strength. Hence, it’s less likely to dent during use. Also, this trailer box is among the lightest, weighing only 15 pounds. As such, it’s easier to mount or dismount from the trailer tongue. Above all, it doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary weight to the trailer.

Thanks to a recessed handle, opening the lid is much easier. Again, there’s a built-in key lock to keep your tools safe. This trailer box uses glossy aluminium that keeps it looking as good as new for years.

Special Features

  • Textured aluminium offers lasting durability
  • Lightweight construction (15 pounds) doesn’t add much weight to the trailer
  • A recessed handle makes it easier to open and close the lid
  • An integrated key lock protects your tools

4. Lund 76220 34-Inch 16-Gauge Steel Trailer Tongue Box

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This trailer box comes in 16-gauge steel. Hence, it’s neither flimsy nor thin-walled. For the record, it weighs 51 pounds, which is a testament to how sturdy it is. So, if you need a trailer box for heavy-duty use, the Lund toolbox will suffice. Apart from the solid construction, it has a black powder coating. It helps protect the steel from rust, corrosion, and abrasion.

Again, the box has lift shocks and a deeply recessed handle. These aid in the opening and closing of the lid. Moreover, it has a built-in key lock that provides a secure locking mechanism.

Special Features

  • 16-gauge steel construction holds up well under heavy use
  • Powder coating prevents rust and corrosion
  • Notched handle and lift shocks make it easier to open and close the lid
  • Built-in lock offers a secure locking mechanism

3. Topeakmart 24″ Aluminum Trailer Truck Tool Box – Tongue Tool Box Storage

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Topeakmart truck box has a unique shape and size. It’s so compact that you can mount under the seat of your vehicle. Hence, this is a trailer box that will save you valuable space. Even then, it offers ample storage, around 4.6 cubic feet. Also, this truck toolbox comes in weatherproof aluminium. Above all, it’s textured to resist dents.

The lid has chains that support it while open. Furthermore, it comes with a lock to keep your items safe. A seal ring design and fully welded seams make the box watertight. Thus, it’s less likely to allow entry of moisture and dust.

Special Features

  • Welded seams and rubber seal make the box waterproof and dustproof
  • Two metal chains hold the lid in position
  • Integrated lock makes the box safer and reassuring
  • Flexible T-handle enables you to open and close the lid easily
  • Lightweight but rugger aluminium construction

2. Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage

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Giantex is a brand that specializes in large products. This aluminium truck box is no exception. It measures 49 inches long, which creates plenty of space for big tools. Also, the box has a heavy-duty aluminium construction with a diamond pattern. Thus, it’s durable enough to keep its shape for years. Again, the box uses heavy-duty hinges that withstand constant opening and closing.

Built-in side handles make it easy to lift from the trailer tongue. Moreover, it has a notched handle that enables you to open and close the lid with ease. As for security, it has a built-in lock with two keys to keep your tools safe.

Special Features

  • Extra-large size accommodates large tools
  • Side handles make it convenient to carry and move
  • A lock with two keys keep your tools secure
  • Notched handle for opening and closing the lid

1. High Country Plastics Trailer Storage Box

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High County trailer box costs a bit more than plastic counterparts, and for a good reason. First, it uses durable UV-resistant plastic. Not to mention, the latch if fully enclosed and coated in zinc. So, this is a trailer box that will withstand years of use, whether under rain or sunshine. Above all, it’s waterproof to keeps your tools dry and free of rust.

Like most plastic trailer boxes, it’s pretty light, weighing 17 pounds. Therefore, it won’t weigh down your trailer. As mentioned earlier, this trailer box comes with a latch. Hence, you can slide in a padlock for additional security.

Special Features

  • Tough UV-resistant plastic construction
  • Zinc-coated hardware is resistant to rust
  • Lightweight construction doesn’t put a lot of weight on the trailer
  • The lockable latch keeps your tools safe

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