Top 4 Best LED Torchiere Floor Lamps with Reading Lights In 2019

Most often, you realize that your room sports some dark corners; something that might not be too welcome. In such a situation, you need something that will amp up the ambience and add a dramatic touch to your room. Torchiere lamps are sleek, elegant pieces that have a long history. Thanks to their timeless design, these lamps are there to stay. When it comes to torchiere floor lamps with reading light, you’ll be amazed at the type of ambience you can achieve on a small budget. These floor lamps combine function and beauty to stand out as one of the best lamps for home lighting. The hunt for the torchiere floor lamp LED shouldn’t be that overwhelming.

What you need is an understanding of the different themes, designs, and colours. Make a selection that matches the size of your room and the existing decor. Based on the level of illumination, the type of lamp used in the bedroom is quite different from that in the office or living room. For instance, living spaces need a lamp that has a higher light intensity and a higher colour temperature. Bedroom environment, on the other hand, needs a soft ambience that won’t interfere with your sleep. Below we look at the best torchiere floor lamps you might want to add to your home or office.

Table of the Best Torchiere Floor Lamps

4. Brightech SKY Standing Pole LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere Floor Lamps

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This is a versatile floor lamp for a living room and office. At 3,000 lumens, the lamp generates a super bright light for a more detailed illumination. The light illuminated by this 30-watt floor lamp has a coverage of up to 300 square feet; a feature that makes it ideal for small to medium size rooms. It makes a perfect alternative to an overhead ceiling light.

There’s a 4-step dimmer that lets you adjust the mood with a simple touch. The light intensity ranges from ambient soft to ultra-bright. The lamp has a pivoting head that rotates to direct light where you need it most. With its sleek design, this floor lamp won’t take up much of your space. You can fit it even in the tightest corners without compromising on space and existing decor. A 13-pound weighted base adds more stability to keep the lamp from tipping over.

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3. Normande Lighting Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Lamp

Normande Lighting JM1-884 71-Inch 100-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

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This lamp comes in a warm traditional styling that will surely upgrade the decor of any living space. It sports a double-lamp design: 100-watt torchiere lamp and 40-watt reading lamp housed in glass shade. The torchiere lamp delivers full illumination that lights up small to medium size rooms without a hitch. There’s a rotary 3-way switch; one that lets you turn on the reading lamp, torchiere, or both. This provides flexible lighting you can rely on.

The lamps are adjusted to direct light where you need it. The base comes heavy to keep the lamp from being knocked over by kids or pets. The lamp stands 71 inches high and comes with durable metallic construction. It’s an artistic piece of sporting leaf and vine motif. This floor lamp is designed to deliver a warm incandescent light though you need to purchase the bulbs separately.

2. Normande Lighting Brushed Steel Concord Torchiere Lamp

Normande Lighting 150-Watt Incandescent Concord Torchiere Lamp

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This torchiere lamp does not only illuminate your room but also lends some warmth. It’s an incandescent lamp rated at 150 watts. The illumination delivered by this floor lamp is enough to effectively light up small to medium size rooms. The lamp is housed in a white-frosted plastic shade. With a gentle curve to it, the shade provides a gentle illumination that matches modern and transitional decor.

The bulb operates via a 3-way rotary switch for added convenience. It’s a sleek lamp standing at 71 inches tall, a feature that makes it a perfect choice for corner lighting. A brushed stainless steel finish creates a modern look that’s built to last. The base is weighted for optimized stability, especially when you’ve got kids around.

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1. Normande Lighting 13W CFL Brushed Steel Torchiere Lamp

Normande Lighting 13W CFL Torchiere Lamp, Brushed Steel

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Spend less and get the right amount of lighting you need with this torchiere lamp. It’s among the cheapest, quality lamps on the market. This 13-watt floor lamp gives bright illumination perfect for living rooms and office environments. The bulb is housed in a frosted plastic shade for a more refined illumination to match different home and office decor. The shade can be removed for easy cleaning.

It has a strong, durable stainless steel stand sporting a brushed finish for a more contemporary look. The lamp fits sleek so you don’t have to compromise lots of space to accommodate it. A heavy base keeps it from toppling. It’s 71 inches tall and assembles with a lot of ease. The lamp comes with a bulb to start you off.

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