Top 10 Best Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frames And Rails In 2020

One of the big problems with the design of toilets is that it can take a lot of physical effort to get up off of it. It places a lot of strain on your lower body, specifically your knees, hips and leg muscles. For anyone that is assisting in elderly care, handicapped patients, or for those that are currently recovering from an injury, you will know that this can present a major issue. It can be awkward or impossible to move walkers into your bathroom. Toilet safety frames are a great solution to this problem. They work by installing sturdy rails attached to the toilet, allowing you to use grab on and use your upper body to give you better leverage.

The key to a solid toilet safety frame is getting one with a sturdy frame and armrest design. There are several styles of frames available, from ones that use frame mounts on the toilet, to others that fit independently around the seat. Foot pads are a great optional feature. They offer a superior grip to minimize any dangerous slips while getting up. Look for ones with adjustable frames, since it will give more versatility to install the frame on differently sized toilets. Ideally, the frame mounts should be easy to install and secure onto the bowl, without the addition of extra tools.

Table of the Best Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frames

1. Medline Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet Safety Frames

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This product from Medline is one of the top-rated safety rails on the market, harnessing its compact and smart design to good use. The handles are adjustable and can rotate back, allowing for a more comfortable range to grip it in several versatile positions. The armrests feature a closed cell foam, giving it a more sure grip. It can adjust from 26 and 34 inches in height, accommodating both standard and elevated seats. The aluminum frame and mount are easy to clean, and comes with an adjustable bracket between 18 and 24 inches.

9. Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

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Coming in at a reasonable price, this stand-alone safety rail from Drive Medical is a good choice. One of the biggest reasons to pick this model over other competitors is that it doesn’t require any installation. It works simply by sliding it into place, as it is specially designed to have a balanced frame despite lacking a mounting point. It comes with padded armrests for additional comfort, and the extra magazine rack on the side is a nice bonus.

8. Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frames

Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frame

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With its sturdy and lightweight build, this frame from Drive Medical is a solid choice. One of the defining features of this safety frame is that its armrest extends outwards a bit more, and then curves back in. This small amount of extra railing gives you a safer entry and exit without compromising much space. The padded armrests are adjustable both in height and width, and the aluminum bracket easily attaches onto the toilet without much

7. Moen DN7015 Home Care Toilet Safety Rails

Moen DN7015 Home Care Toilet Safety Rails

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Designed specifically for easier cleaning and fast installation, this safety rail from Moen delivers consistent value at a cheap price. It is ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), guaranteeing your safety with this product. The 8 inch high armrests emphasize maximum stability, rather than increased height, which may compromise the stability. It can be adjusted quite easily for when you’re cleaning, and the rust-proof finish gives it a long-term

6. Healthline Trading Toilet Safety Frames with Adjustable Legs

Healthline Trading Toilet Safety Frame Adjustable Legs

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Featuring a simple design, this safety frame from Healthline is effective at getting the job done. The powder-coated aluminum frame is durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion damage. It attaches easily to any toilet, and the adjustable bracket and legs ensure that it is a perfect fit for standard or elevated seats. You can even adjust the width of the arms to give you the most comfortable fit.

5. Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Surround Support Aid Safety Frame

Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Surround Support Aid Safety Frame

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If you’re interested in a high-end safety frame that is easy to move around, check out this model from Buckingham. The armrests are specially designed to give you improved stability when getting up or down in an ergonomic fashion. The free-standing frame means you don’t have to do any extra installation, while the foot pad gives it improved stability and resistance versus slips.

4. Eva Medical Deluxe Toilet Safety Frames

Deluxe Toilet Safety Frame

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With a premium build quality and approachable price-point, this frame from Eva Medical is an excellent solution. The armrests provide great support, making the bathroom a much safer and pleasant environment, rather than an obstacle. The arms can fold back for easier cleaning or transfer, while the bracket attaches simply without any additional tools required. The frame is made from 1″ aluminum tubing that is resistant to corrosion.

3. EasyComforts Toilet Safety Rails

EasyComforts Toilet Safety Rails

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For a more compact style of safety rail, this model from EasyComforts is worth a serious look. Instead of using the typical rail system that extends down to the floor, it uses a mounting bracket along the back, but then only extends to the bowl, using the toilet fixture itself for stability. This saves space compared to other models and offers a similar, and safe experience. It requires some installation, but it can be especially worth it if your bathroom cannot afford the extra space required for other models.

2. MedMobile Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

MedMobile Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

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If you’re interested in a stand along safety rail that won’t break your budget, check out this model from MedMobile. It offers superior portability and ease of use since it doesn’t require any installation. The padded armrests are comfy and provide a sure grip. The magazine rack on the side offers added convenience and can be adjusted to be placed on either side of the frame.

1. Hermell Easyfold Portable Toilet Safety Frames

Easyfold Portable Safety Frame

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For those working in elderly care facilities, this portable toilet safety frame can be an appealing and useful option. It features a unique design that doesn’t require you to install it onto the toilet seat via the mounting bracket. Due to this, it delivers superior portability compared to standard models. Instead, it uses the folding foot paddles that sit on the floor, so when you stand on it, it provides the necessary counter-balance to keep the safety frame stable. The height adjustment function allows it to fit comfortably over any type of toilet.

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