Best Adjustable Digital Timing Lights for Sale Reviews In 2021

Many people like to carry out small vehicle repair tasks on their own. The timing lights are very useful tools for them. Timing light can set the ignition timing of a combustion engine. It is a kind of DIY tool for automobile repair. For similar small repair tasks, there is no need to go to a garage. It saves you time, money, and effort.

For cars and other small vehicles, the timing lights are very popular. Moreover, when you want to adjust the ignition timing, timing light is very useful.  This helps to get the maximum engine performance. Also, it increases fuel economy.  Some high-end models come with advanced features. They are very useful for professional use. Furthermore, the speed in RPM is an important feature to consider. Go through the article below to choose the best digital timing light.

Table of the Best Timing Lights Reviews

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10. Actron CP7529 Digital Timing Light with Advance, Tachometer, Flashlight, and LED Display

Timing Lights

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In terms of advanced features, this Actron product is one of the best timing lights. It comes with a circuitry with control through the microprocessor. Moreover, it comes with a clear LED screen and mode indicator lights. Also, Xenon flashlight is available. This timing light is useful to measure the speed of the engine, in RPM. You can easily set initial timing and measure vacuum in advance.

Generally, this product works well on gas-based vehicles. It can work with vehicles with any controls like electronics or computers. Furthermore, the pack includes detailed instructions in 3 languages. With this timing light, you get constant performance and exactness.


  • Its digital LED can read speed ranging from 0-9999 RPM.
  • The display accuracy is 1/10.
  • It comes with RPM/advanced mode lights and an RPM advance selector buttons. Also, up/down buttons are present.
  • The Xenon flash helps you to see the timing marks in any light condition.
  • The external ABS body offers durability.

9. Houkiper Engine Timing Light – Xenon Ignition Timing Light Gun for Car

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These Xenon ignition timing lights can increase the car’s ignition performance. Usually, it works well for cars, motorcycles, and all the 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines. Moreover, it can work on the 12 Volts ignition systems. The unique feature is the overload protection. It protects the device when there is a change in polarity. A clamp-on type inductive lift is available. It provides a safe and easy hookup.

In this unit, the color of the wire is different. This makes sure the glue sleeve of the clip does not come out. Hence, it is easy to make a difference. The built-in bulb offers focused light for good visibility.


  • The performance is great at speeds up to 10000 RPM.
  • It comes with a pistol-type grip on the handle. It helps you to easily hold this unit in the handle. Moreover, the button is soft to press.
  • The sensor clip is black and red. Hence, it is easy to make a difference between negative and positive poles.

8. INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light

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INNOVA design these ignition timing lights to work with most ignition systems. This unit can also work for electronic, computer, and traditional ignition systems. Moreover, users can check the base timing. It is also useful for either mechanical/electronic advance or retard applications. A thin, rotating barrel is available. It provides a better target at the timing mark.

For the DIY people, this unit is a useful choice. Furthermore, the removable leads come with inductive pickup. With the handguard, this timing light can be used in one hand. This digital timing light can boost engine performance. Also, it can increase the fuel economy. It is possible to check the no-spark state in your vehicle.


  • The digital advance dial is adjustable from 0-60 degrees.
  • It comes with a split-screen type LCD screen. It shows a tachometer and other advanced functions.
  • The performance is high at maximum speeds of up to 9,990 RPM.

7. Engine Timing Light with Spark Plug Tester

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This Dirautos timing light is also famous as an engine ignition based coil tester. It is widely used for cars, motorbikes, motorcycles, RVs, airplanes, and marine vehicles. Moreover, there are no worries about power running off. Till the time you run your car, this timing light continues to work. Make sure it is connected to a 12V battery.

The design of this coil tester is unique. Its ergonomic design provides comfort to the user. Moreover, the button is soft to touch and makes the operation easy. Generally, this timing light can work with all types of vehicles with 12V batteries.


  • The length of the sensor clips is up to 4.54 feet. No worries about the cable being short.
  • It comes with a sturdy handle.
  • On this handle, a pistol grip is available. It helps you to comfortably hold this timing light.

6. OBDMONSTER 12V Automotive Ignition Timing Light Gun

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The light output is important in the timing lights for cars. This helps you to make repair tasks easily in any light condition. In this OBDMONSTER timing light, a bright bulb is available. It provides focused light for great visibility.

For vehicles like motorcycles, cars, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke gasoline engines, this unit is perfect. Also, it can work well on the 6V and 12V ignition systems. You can use this product for old cars, motorcycles, and marine vehicles. With this light, no need to visit costly mechanics. The length of each cable is up to 4.54 feet. Hence, it is easy to operate this unit.


  • The ABS exterior body is impact-resistant. It protects the light unit from outside damage. Also, it makes the unit durable.
  • A removable clamp-on style inductive pick-up is available. It makes the connection easy and safe.
  • The performance is great at speeds up to 10000 RPM.
  • The handle comes with a pistol-type grip.

5. Performance Tool W80578 Self-Powered Timing Light

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The W80578 timing switches lights are useful for a wide range of vehicles. You can use it for race cars, powerboats, mowers, tractors, motorcycles, etc. Moreover, it can work well with all gas engines. When the starter switch is connected to a circuit, a red light turns on. Moreover, high-current clips are present with protective boots.

The wire and remote starter button and wire guarantee safety. The wire is long enough to allow easy movement to the engine. Overall, it is durable and good working timing light for the price.


  • The push-button switch offers reliability and a long lifespan.
  • Its removable inductive pick up is easy to connect.
  • The operated needs two standard or rechargeable D cell batteries.

4. GUNSON G4113 Timestrobe Xenon Timing Light

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These are the best timing lights from GUNSON in terms of compatibility. You can use this unit for any vehicle with a petrol engine. Also, it can work well with 12V ignition systems. It can also work with a few electronic types of ignition systems. The output shows the ignition timing. Moreover, you can make some adjustments