Top 10 Best Tattoo Machines & Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews In 2020

Today, many people appreciate the importance of artwork in various ways. One of the most appreciated arts today is the art of inscribing a tattoo. Many people would want to drive a message by inscribing a tattoo in different parts of the body. With the increase in the number of people who fancy having tattoos, many tattoos parlours have risen. If you are an enthusiast looking to start this profession or a professional tattoo artist then you need to have the best tattoo machines.

Equipping yourself with these machines will enable you to carry your work without any hiccups. Furthermore, these machines will help you carry out your art with precision. Before making your purchase, it is always important to ensure that you pick the best model. In this review, we look at the top models that come with brilliant design and features that are aimed at delivering smooth performance.

Table of the Best Professional Tattoo Machines Reviews

10. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine – Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machines

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The quality of the DragonHawk shows right away thanks to the professional design and stylish look. The kit comes with all the crucial accessories so that you can do all the creative work with peace of mind. The tattoo machines come with a precision DC motor that makes things easier for you due to the continuous operation. Additionally, this model stands out when it comes to providing long-lasting stability and low noise operation.

Key features

  • Unibody and lightweight construction
  • It is compatible with almost all cartridge needles
  • Features a powerful DC motor that ensures continuous operation
  • Lightweight and low noise design
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9. YILONG Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun

YILONG Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Gun

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Having been crafted using best in class materials and latest technology, the YILONG tattoo machine offers you with advanced precision and effectiveness. Unlike the traditional models, the weight of this machine is distributed to the flow with the tub weight making it almost weightless. The machine also comes with a silent and less vibration making it enjoyable to use. Besides, this kit comes with various accessories including the pedal, ink and tattoo needles making it a great choice for both specialist and starters.

Key features

  • Multifunctional as it can be used for lining and shading
  • A powerful motor ensures consistency and accuracy
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Silent operation and Long-lasting stability

8. Dragonhawk Atom Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Atom Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The feature that makes the DRAGONHAWK tattoo machine exceptional is its reduced vibration and silent operation. It will still offer high puncturing power and frequency, enabling tattoo artists to complete their work faster. This model is designed to offer you with a close feel to an actual pen, boosting your comfort. Best of all this machine will enable you to do everything from lining to shading whole the elastic spring reduces hand fatigue allowing you work for long hours.

Key features

  • Lightweight design eliminates excessive hand fatigue
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Low noise operation
  • Powerful Japan motor for continuous operation

7. Dragonhawk 102YMX Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

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This Lightweight and ergonomic pen styled tattoo machine feature a high-performance motor and advanced gear system for a silent operation and reliable operation without any vibration. It features interchangeable 2.8 to 3.5 mm stroke length that allows for a customized experience. This enables you to accomplish a wide variety of techniques and style. Additionally, this machine also has a feel and grip that emulates that of an actual pen, making it more comfortable, thus bringing more precision than the traditional tattoo machines.

Key features

  • Quieter and less vibration when compared to other models
  • High puncturing power and frequency
  • Constructed to emulate the grip and feel of an actual pen
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
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6. Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine

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When it comes to construction of supreme quality tattoo machines, DragonHawk has made a name for them. This is yet another high-performance tattoo machine designed for ambitious tattoo artists. It comes with two professionally designed machines for shading and lining. these brass coil tattoo machines also come with 10 wrap coils that offer you with the efficiency that comes with the coil and rotary machine.

Key features

  • CNC cut billet brass frame
  • Ergonomic design for better control
  • Made using high-quality materials for exceptional performance
  • Uniform sped ensures precision

5. Dragonhawk Complete Standard Tunings Tattoo Machines

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Standard Tunings Tattoo Machines

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This is a complete tattoo kit making it a great choice for any serious tattoo specialized. The kit includes fine-tuned tattoo machines and accessories that ensure a superior performance. In this kit, you will find machines that enable lining and shading. Moreover, the tattoo pen comes with an aluminium body that makes it not only durable but also lightweight.

Key features

  • 50 pre sterile tattoo needles included
  • Comes with a large and lockable carrying case
  • Complete set with all the crucial accessories
  • 304L stainless steel and clean soldering construction

4. Dragonhawk Extreme V2 Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Extreme V2 Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine for Tattoo Artists

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As you can tell from the sheer number of DragonHawk tattoo machines that we have mentioned here, it is clear that the brand has done its best to bring something for everyone. The V2 DC rotary machine is no different from the others when it comes to performance. This rotary tattoo machine comes with a powerful, no vibration, and silent operation motor for exceptional performance. Additionally, the unit comes with consistent speed that ensures utmost precision and control.

Key features

  • Quiet and less vibration operation
  • High puncturing power and frequency
  • Ergonomic design for utmost accuracy and control
  • A powerful direct drive motor
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3. Solong Hybrid Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine

Solong Hybrid Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine & Permanent Makeup Pen

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Solong rotary tattoo machine is a hybrid machine designed to offer the user with a close feel to an actual pen. You can use the gadget to do almost everything including tattooing, lip line, eyebrows makeup as well as eye line. The pen is made from Aircraft aluminium with anodized finish. This ensures durability while remaining lightweight. Above all this machine is equipped with a powerful yet low noise motor that doesn’t get overheated even after long hours use.

Key features

  • High compatibility with various tattoo accessories
  • A powerful motor ensures continuous operation
  • Ergonomic design ensures accuracy
  • Made using aircraft aluminium allow

2. GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo – Tattoo Machine Guns

Tattoo Machine Guns

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If you are a looking for a great starter tattoo kit, the pirate Face Tattoo Kit is a nice selection. It is also a great kit for professional tattoo professionals who are always on the go. The kit includes simple yet high-performance machines that are easy to tune and easy to work with. They also have a reliable power supply, ensuring precision needed to cater for different needs. Additionally, these machines are versatile and easy to modify.

Key features

  • Includes fifty sterile needles
  • Four tattoo machine and 10 warp coils
  • A secure, spacious case for organizing the tools
  • Superior construction materials

1. Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Machine Set for Tattoo Artists

Rotary Tattoo Machine Set for Tattoo Artists

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As the name suggests, the DragonHawk extreme tattoo machine set is designed for enthusiast and experts tattoo experts that loves tackling sophisticated projects. The set includes machines that can be used in both lining and shading. They also boast of a lightweight unibody design that makes them easier to use. Additionally, these machines are also incredibly compatible allowing the user to use them with both standard and cartridge needles. What’s more, these machines also have a stable frequency and stronger rebound when compared to other models.

Key features

  • Equipped with superior features for efficient performance
  • Simple yet ergonomic design reduces user’s fatigue
  • Equipped with a strong yet energy efficient motor
  • Lightweight brass construction ensures stable frequency

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