Best Tactical Dog Harnesses | Tactical Dog Vests Reviews In 2021

Dogs are among the most treasured canines. They make perfect companions. No wonder, most can’t resist taking them along for a walk. But dogs can be quite unpredictable. There’s a chance they might break loose. Well, you don’t want that to happen, especially in traffic areas. For such a treasured companion, you also want your dog to be properly outfitted. To accomplish that, you need more than your average dog harness. A tactical dog harness is easily one of the best options. This is a multi-functional, military-grade harness. In fact, most allow you to attach bags and equipment. It’s no surprise they are becoming popular among hikers and extreme sportsmen. So, what are the best tactical dog harnesses on the market?

Choosing the best tactical dog vests is more than just the look and the price. There’s more to consider, such as the type, sizing, and durability. Thus, to make things easier, we present the top-rated tactical dog harnesses to consider.

Table of the Best Tactical Dog Harnesses Reviews

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10. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness – K9 Working Dog Vest

Tactical Dog Harnesses

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As much as it’s designed as a tactical vest, this harness has lots of uses. For instance, it makes an excellent choice for walks, trips, and hikes. That means you can use it anywhere your dog goes. Again, it fits all sizes and breeds of dogs. Though it looks simple, this dog harness packs a lot of features.

We love the quality of construction and material. The metal buckle has a load-bearing capacity of 1000 pounds. Hence, there’s zero chance that your dog will snap off the harness. The vest uses 1050D water-resistant nylon fabric that dries faster. More importantly, the fabric has a soft padded mesh. So, your canine friends have all the comfort they need. The no-pull front clip is another excellent feature. It makes it safe and effortless to control your dog.

Special Features

  • MOLLE attachments on each side allow your dog to carry training gear
  • A four-position adjustment offers a snug fit
  • An extra-large load-bearing capacity of 1000 pounds
  • A no-pull front clip offers absolute safety and control

9. EJG Medium and Large Tactical Dog Harness Vest for Service Dogs & Military Training Hunting Hiking

EJG Medium and Large Tactical Dog Harness Vest

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Buying this tactical dog harness comes with extra bonuses. Among other things, you get a collapsible bowl, spoon, and a patch. However, it’s the vest that stands out. It comes in 1000D nylon material. And like the ICEFANG harness, it has a padded mesh. Hence, your dog keeps cool, especially during intense training. Above all, the material is soft enough to prevent hair pinching and chafing.

Apart from providing comfort, the harness has velcro panels. Thus, you can attach a badge to showcase your unique personality. Again, the harness has a molle system for hanging pouches and equipment. It keeps your hands free during training.

Special Features

  • X-bungee cords provide storage for a water bottle and other items
  • The front handle allows for better lead and control
  • Quick-release buckles make it super easy to clip and remove the vest

8. Rabbitgoo Large Military Dog Harness Vest with Handle

Rabbitgoo Large Military Dog Harness Vest with Handle

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Rabbitgoo is another harness that offers value for money. Like the previous models we’ve reviewed, it’s an over-the-head harness. Hence, it slips right over your dog’s head. Again, the harness has buckles on either side. Should you choose, you can open and secure them around your dog’s neck. Also, the buckles have five adjustment points. Thus, getting a perfect fit is quite easy.

There are two leash attachments. One is for standard use and the other one for training. Another notable feature is the traffic handle. It gives you better control, especially in high-traffic areas. Furthermore, this harness uses military-grade 1050D nylon fabric. Together with metal hardware, it guarantees a long service life.

Special Features

  • MOLLE attachment system accommodates light loads
  • A 5-point adjustment makes it easier to get a perfect fit
  • A traffic handle offers absolute control
  • Heavy-duty, 1050D military-grade nylon material

7. OneTigris Beast MOJO Tactical Dog Harnesses for Small, Medium Puppy Dog

OneTigris Beast MOJO Tactical Dog Harnesses for Small, Medium Puppy Dog

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OneTigris is a brand that makes high-quality gear at great prices. One such product is the Beat Mojo tactical dog harness. It’s designed for small to medium-sized dogs, particularly puppies. For the record, it can fit dogs as small as 10 pounds. The harness has a grab handle on the back. So, you can carry your dog the same way you carry your suitcase. This is a useful feature for aiding mobility in service dogs.

We love the webbing keepers, something that lacks in most harnesses. They make it much easier to roll up and secure excess webbing. Despite the small size, this dog harness can take quite a beating. It’s made of 1000D nylon fabric, featuring reinforced stitching. Above all, it’s highly resistant to water and abrasion.

Special Features

  • Fleece padding prevents chafing and discomfort
  • MOLLE straps hold various items, such as dog treat pouches and dog bowl
  • Quick-release buckles allow for easy on and off
  • A grab handle on the back makes it easier to carry your dog

6. PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harnesses with Pouches and Patches

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Pet Artist tactical harness costs a bit more. But on the brighter side, it comes with a lot of extras. For instance, it includes an emergency bag, two pouches, and two patches. Plus, it has high-quality construction. The metal buckles, in particular, withstand a load of up to 1000 pounds.

Like the Beat Mojo harness, it has a back handle. Hence, you can lift your dog if needed. The waterproof oxford nylon offers premium quality. It’s not only durable, but also safe and comfortable. Moreover, the harness features adjustable sizing. Altogether, it has four adjustment positions. As such, it ensures a comfortable, abrasion-free fit.

Special Features

  • All-in-one packages include pouches and an emergency bag
  • 4 adjustment points accommodate medium to large dogs
  • Sponge layer and mesh lining offer a comfortable, breathable wear

5. VIVOI Tactical Military Molle Dog Vest – Training Service Harnesses

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Are you looking for a feature-rich tactical harness? Well, this dog vest is one harness you can’t resist. It has detachable pouches, something you rarely find in other models. Again, it’s hugely durable under all conditions. The 1050D nylon material, for instance, offers long-life performance. Also, this tactical dog harness offers superior ventilation. It achieves that through a mesh interior and laser-drilled holes.

Another adorable feature is the heavy-duty buckles. These offer superior tensile strength. In fact, it’s one feature that sets it apart from most models. Furthermore, the harness has fine stitching. Overall, this is one harness that doesn’t skimp on durability.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty POM buckles hold up well, even under high tensile strength
  • Laser drilled holes offer excellent ventilation
  • Three detachable pouches improve storage capacity

4. Tri Cloud Sports Dog Tactical Harness Vest

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Tri Cloud harness comes at twice the price of other models. But there’s a catch. It’s among the best all-in-one package. Upon purchase, you get three pouches, three patches, a bowl, and a leash. So, it’s easy to see where the extra cost comes from. Above all, this tactical harness is designed for more serious work.

Instead of Velcro, the harness has MOLLE straps. As a result, you can attach a variety of pouches and gear. Since it has pouches, this harness makes an ideal choice for long hikes. Again, this tactical harness ticks all the boxes in terms of durability. It boasts a durable and soft 1000D nylon. Above all, every part is reinforced for heavy-duty performance.

Special Features

  • All-in-one package includes a leash, pouches, and collapsible bowl
  • Quick-release buckles for easy on and off
  • Removable pouches make the trip easy on your dog

3. Hanshengday Tactical Service Dog Vest – Comfortable Military Patrol K9 Dog Harness

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Front-clip harnesses are gaining popularity. However, the usefulness of back-clip harnesses can’t be ignored. Well, this is one such harness. It’s the most recommended for walking. Above all, it’s easier for your dog to adjust to. But this isn’t the only feature that sets it apart.

First, this is an all-purpose harness that offers more storage options. It has a MOLLE system that holds extra pouches. Also, it has X-bungee cords. You can use these to hold your umbrella or water bottle. Another outstanding feature is the durable nylon material. It’s padded for comfort and stylish to draw attention your way.

Special Features

  • A lot of sizes to choose from
  • Back-clip harness makes an excellent option for walking your dog
  • A firm-grip top handle gives you better control
  • Multiple storage options (MOLLE system and bungee cord storage)

2. Motusamare Service Tactical Dog Harnesses with Handle

Motusamare Service Tactical Dog Harnesses with Handle

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The camouflage design makes this harness one of the best for hunting. However, there are three other color choices to suit your taste. Well, this is a front-clip harness that discourages pulling. Hence, you can control the movements of your dog effortlessly. Keep in mind; the leash attachment is a sturdy V-ring. So, there’s zero chance it will snap.

The vest is designed with four quick-release buckles. Thus, it’s easy to clip it in or take out. A firm, nylon construction makes it strong as well as durable. Again, this is a harness that gives more than one storage option. Should you choose, you can use the MOLLE system or bungee cords.

Special Features

  • Camouflage design makes it ideal for hunting
  • A lightweight construction (0.6 pounds) makes it easy on your dog
  • Soft interior padding offers comfort on pressure areas

1. Vevins Service Camouflage Outdoor Dog Training Harness with Detachable Pouches

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Vevins tactical dog harness is another excellent choice for hunting. It has a camouflage design, but with the choice of three other colours. We love the MOLLE design and three pouches. These make the harness ideal for long walks or hikes. The best part, the pouches are detachable should you want to relieve the load.

Fine threading gives this dog harness a neat look. Even more, it offers lasting durability. The fabric has a breathable mesh lining with a soft pad to reduce friction. Another useful feature is the heavy-duty metal ring. It offers solid attachment to withstand powerful force.

Special Features

  • Adjustable straps accommodate different breeds of dogs
  • Precise threading offers a neat look and longer service life
  • Three detachable pouches expand storage capacity

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