Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Water Slides for Above Ground Pool In 2020

A swimming pool slide can be a little expensive but a great addition to your swimming pool. The swimming pool water slides can stand on its own or be used to complete other swimming accessories. It is one of those few accessories that enhance your swimming pool experience making everything seem relatively easy and safe. It is a great addition especially if you have children who want to learn swimming.

Almost all people that love swimming will enjoy some water sliding. The slides provide amazing thrills for swimmers that want to experience more in their swimming pools. They come in different sizes and shapes with a plain and basic slide been the most common. For those looking for something more extreme, go with the wider and bigger slides.

The market is currently filled with all manner of swimming pool slide and one has to carefully select a slide that suits the needs of his/her swimming pool. Who are you buying the slide for? For adults, the slides must be wide enough and be able to hold a weight of between 200 to 300 pounds.  You also need to consider things like the amount of overhang needed and clearance required.

For those looking for the very best swimming pool slides, our selection below should be a good start. These are among the best and guarantee you good value for your money.

Table of the Best Swimming Pool Water Slides Reviews

5. Inter-Fab WRS-CR-SS White Water Pool Slide

Swimming Pool Water Slides

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The Inter-Fab is an 11-foot long deep flume that comes with both the right and left curve. It is a great choice to bring excitement to your swimming pool with a 6-feet and 5-inch runaway entry. It is a safe option for children with the stairs fully enclosed. For safe climbing, the stairs have handrails all-around for gripping. This is a very safe pick that will work well for children and big people. The high flow zoom flume ensures you enjoy a smooth slide all the way to your pool.  This wild slide is a great choice if you’re looking for endless fun at your swimming with family members and friends.

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4. S.R.Smith Sandstone Cyclone Right Curve Water Slide for Pool

S.R. Smith 698-209-58123 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide

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This is another compact pick that works well for places with limited space. The design of the slide is one of the best remoulded to bring out durability and strength. You can always be assured of a safe, smooth slide at all times. The slide comes with a flume length of 6-feet and 10-inches. The slide is CPSC compliant and friendly to salt pools. It comes with a three-year warranty, but users must do the installation.  This is a great choice that comes in three different colours to match your swimming pool colour.

3. Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB Above Ground Water Pool Slides

Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB City Slide Right Turn Slide Kit

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The City Inter-Fab is a 9-feet long slide that comes with both the right and left curve. It is 6-feet high just from the runaway entry. This is another great swimming pool slide that will give your family fun moments as they play with the water. It is safe for use with the sturdy ladder made from aluminium that does not rust. The handrails are nicely gripped for safe climbing even in the slippery water conditions. It is wide enough and gives a smooth flow of water.

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2. S.R. SmithRogue2 Left Curve Swimming Pool Slide

S.R. Smith 610-209-5823 Rogue2 Pool Slide

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Connect this SR to the garden hose water or the pool’s return line and enjoy smooth flow down the slide.  The Rogue 2 is a durable choice with a remoulded 8 feet tall design that comes with both the right and left curve. It is a safe option that is full CPSC compliant for swimming pool slides and one that will hold people up to 250 lbs. It is a versatile choice that can be mounted on deck or the surface with ease. The Rogue 2 SR Smith slide comes with everything required for installation and a three-year warranty.

1. Inter-Fab WRS-CR-SS Kids’ Water Pool Slides for Above Ground

Inter-Fab WRS-CR-SS Wild Ride Slide Right Turn Slide Kit

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This Inter-Fab is an 11-feet long deep flume runway that comes in both the right and left curves. It is a versatile choice to bring those fun moments for family members. The slide comes with a stable ladder that is fully enclosed on all sides for safe climbing. The water delivery system is great, and one will enjoy sliding all the way down. This is a big hit for the summer and one that can be installed with ease.

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