Best Minivan & SUV Tents for Camping Reviews In 2021

Camping gives great fun. You may plan to enjoy a camping trip with your family or friend. To enjoy a camping trip in SUV, the SUV tents are best. They help you use maximum vehicle space. Moreover, they provide a comfortable shelter for vehicles. Hence, multiple people can stay comfortable inside. The size is almost like rooftop tents. Also, the look is like truck bed tents.

Most of them are durable for lasting use. As a result, they can withstand rugged outdoor conditions. There is no damage due to rain. Also, the sun’s heat cannot damage. The size is the important thing to consider. To enjoy the trip with multiple people, these tents are useful. They provide shelter to multiple people at once. Some of them come with a feature to stop water leakage. The water-resistant feature is found in some of them. Let’s look at the details of the best camping SUV tents.

Table of the Best Camping SUV Tents Reviews

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10. Backroadz SUV Tents for Camping

SUV Tents

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The SUV tents reviews discuss the great features of this Backroadz tent. The sleeve offers quick access to the cargo area. There is no damage to the bug and weather. All things are in easy access from the interior. The design is a perfect addition to trips. Hence, you can carry this tent to trails or trek. Generally, this tent is suitable for minivans, SUVs, and CUVs.

The variable sleeve straps are available. They make sure there is no entry of bugs. Also, it comes with a watertight fit. This tent perfectly attaches to the cargo of your vehicle. Thus, it creates extra space for storage or sleeping.  Moreover, you can chare your devices. All your gears stay organized.


  • The 10 feet x 10 feet size makes it spacious.
  • It comes with more than 7 inches of headroom. Hence, it allows 5 adults to sleep.
  • A large door is present. There are 3 mesh windows available. They provide ventilation.
  • The corded fiberglass poles make setup quick and easy.

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9. Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tent

Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tents

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One of the best family SUV tents is this Napier tent. It provides a comfortable sleeping space. You can convert this space to cargo space. You can use this tent as a ground tent. For that, remove the vehicle sleeve. A carrying bag is present for storage. Moreover, it provides portability. This tent perfectly wraps across the cargo of the vehicle. Hence, it provides complete access to the vehicle.

There is no need to zip and unzip the tent doors. Hence, you can easily open and close the doors of the vehicle. The sleeve is adjustable. Thus, it offers a custom fit to the vehicle.


  • The 10 feet x10 feet size makes it spacious. Thus, it allows 5-6 persons to sleep.
  • It comes with rain protection. This makes sure people do not get wet.
  • The steel fiberglass pole provides durability.

8. Napier Sportz Easy Setup Small & Midsize SUV Tailgate Shade Awning Tent

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This SUV tent camper provides a universal fit. This makes sure it can fit small to average-sized vehicles. Generally, it can work for minivans, SUVs, and CUVs. A carry bag is available for storage and transportation.  The awning connects to the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, it offers shelter against rain and sun. This tent is useful for picnics, fishing, barbeques, and bonfires. The security is great. Hence, access to the vehicle is easy and quick.


  • The awning is over 2 feet in length. It offers good shelter against weather conditions.
  • The mesh screen stops bugs from entering the vehicle.
  • A built-in storm flap offers more privacy. Also, it protects the vehicle from the weather.

7. SUV Tailgate Tent Attachment 5-Person Tents for Camping

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This SUV tent attachment is easy to connect to minivan or SUV. This attachment is versatile. It comes in a free-standing dome style. Moreover, it provides shelter for 5 persons. Generally, this tent is suitable for picnic, sports events, fishing, hiking, etc. It is possible to use it with a micro trailer.

A rain flap is available at the rear side. It attaches to the trailer. Moreover, the door is available. The setup process completes in minutes.


  • A removable rainfly is present. It comes with seam tape for weather protection. Hence, campers stay protected and dry.
  • It comes with extra headroom. This offers a spacious interior. Thus, a maximum of 5 adult campers can sleep.

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6. Sportz Dome-To-Go Camping SUV Tent for Camper

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This tent in the SUV tents reviews is spacious. It allows 4 people to sleep comfortably. There is extra storage space available. Hence, the cargo area is spacious. In this dome tent, gear loft is present. Moreover, 2 internal pockets are available. They keep the items above the ground.

It is quick to transform hatchback into a comfortable space. Hence, campers get a comfortable place to sleep and sit. There are no worries about bugs. They cannot enter inside. It is easy to vary the size of the vehicle sleeve. As a result, it offers a custom fit for station wagons and hatchbacks.


  • It comes with 8.5 feet length and 8.5 feet in width.
  • The vehicle sleeve is removable. Simply unzip it to transform the tent to a separate ground tent.
  • The fiberglass poles provide easy and quick setup.
  • A rainfly comes with taped seams. It provides additional protection.
  • The 6 feet x 6 feet awning offers shade.

5. SportZ Napier Link Model 51000 Tent with Attachment Sleeve

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The SUV tent attachment provides ease of installation. This sleeve easily connects to the Napier truck tent. Hence, the camping adventure is fun-filled. Moreover, the interior is spacious enough for up to 4 people. This tent keeps you above from the ground. It does not zip inside the truck tent. A sleeve is available with flexible bungee. This bungee goes below the tailgate to make a seal.

The tents attach in a perfect size. As a result, installation is easy and quick. The height is enough for people to walk around. There is enough space to store gears.


  • It comes with 8.8 feet of interior space.
  • The headroom size is 5.6 feet.
  • There are 3 mesh windows available. Moreover, a big entrance door provides good ventilation.
  • It weighs 17 lbs for portability.
  • The polyester taffeta makes it durable.

4. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent for Camping

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This SUV tent camper from Napier is quick to install. The sleeve and poles make installation easy. It is easy to assemble it in the rear of the truck. As a result, the camping experience is comfortable. Generally, this truck tent is suitable for trekking, road trip, and beach. The people inside will stay secure. The pole is made up of fiberglass. The tent includes a gear pocket, gear loft, and lantern holder. They help you to keep your items organized.


  • 2 big mesh windows provide ventilation.
  • The headroom is spacious to provide more interior space.
  • It comes with rainfly to offer weather protection.
  • The storm flaps cover doors and windows.
  • The tent floor guarantee keeps the vehicle dry and clean.

3. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

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The SUV tents for camping provide protection. This Rightline tent keeps people protected and dry inside. The floorless design makes setup quick. There is no need to remove gear. The nylon buckles and durable straps are present. They do not damage the finish of the truck. The sky-view vent provides more light. Also, it provides more ventilation.

The interior is spacious for 2 people. They can comfortably sleep inside.  The pole pockets and poles are present. They make installation quick and easy.


  • The floorless design allows for easy setup and disassembly. There is no need to remove gear from your bed.
  • The dirt and grime will not collect on a truck bed.
  • The water-resistant fabric comes with seams. They protect in all weather.

2. Milliard Standard 6.5ft Bed Truck Tent

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In this Milliard tent, a sewn-in floor is available. It goes over the truck bed. Hence, it stops mud and dirt. This keeps your vehicle clean. A lantern hook is available. It allows you to add light. Moreover, the storage pocket is available. It helps you to store wallets, phones, books, and other things. An instruction manual is available. It makes setup quick and easy. A carry case is present to make transportation easy.


  • The sewn-in floor is available. It keeps away dirt from the truck bed.
  • A rainfly is present for use in wet weather.
  • The windows and mesh doors are available. They provide privacy and comfort.
  • The ripstop -grade material is durable.

1. Sportz SUV and Minivan Tent for Volkswagen Routan, Tiguan and Touareg

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The SUV tents for camping provide comfortable space in the vehicle. This tent transforms the large vehicle into a comfortable space. Moreover, it works well in minivan, SUVs, and CUVs. The tent attaches around the cargo of the vehicle. It provides easy access to the vehicle. The storage space is enough for gears. Furthermore, the sleeping area is enough for multiple people. No need to zip and unzip tent doors. As a result, it is easy to open and shut down the doors of the vehicle.

It is easy to attach to the vehicle. Hence, the maximum cargo area is available for use. There is extra sleeping space available. It is easy to vary the sleeve of the vehicle. This allows custom fit to the vehicle. You can convert the tent to a ground tent. Simply remove the vehicle sleeve. The fiberglass pole allows easy setup.


  • The interior is 9 feet x 9 feet. It allows up to 5 people to sleep.
  • The rain fly comes with a taped seam. It comes with 6 feet x 6 feet awning for shade.
  • Its headroom is 7 feet in the center and 6 feet at corners.
  • It comes with rain protection.


An SUV tent provides a spacious interior for the vehicle. It protects the vehicle from weather conditions. The installation is easy and quick.

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