Best Slip and Slides | Backyard Water Slides for Kids & Adults Reviews

Slip and slides prove to be an excellent way to provide your kids with fun while keeping them active during the hot summer months. They act like your kids’ personal waterpark in the backyard. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing one. Firstly, you need to be sure about the design and safety of the slide. Moreover, you also need to be very careful about the durability of the product such that it can easily support the weight of your child. Thus, it can be pretty tiring to get your hands on the best one.

So, here are some of the amazing online slip and slides that you can buy directly from the internet. We present the best selection of products that you would love to have for your party.

Best Slip and Slides Reviews

10. BANZAI 14ft x 14ft Homerun Splash Baseball Slide

Slip and Slides

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Your fun summer activities will be a lot adventurous when you this slip and slides for kids. It certainly has a PVC construction but that isn’t harmful to your kids. Having the geyser blasting home plate that you can inflate, your kids will have a lot of fun splashing water. In fact, avoid setting it up on any area that may consist of sharp objects. Instead, lay it on flat surfaces that come without any bump or depressions.

Interestingly, it ideal for any kids of 5-years to 12-years and they must be a maximum of 5-ft tall. Plus, the kids shouldn’t weigh more than 110-pounds. Lastly, you can simply deflate it for storage purposes when you are done using this.

Key features:

  • The 14-ft x 14-ft water slide will be a fun ride to slide on.
  • You can attach your standard garden hose to this and it will give the best experience.
  • The baseball and bat in this package will let your kid play freely and mimic the actual game.

9. JOYIN Slip and Slide Water Slide for Kids

Slip and Slide Water Slide for Kids

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As this is a double slip and slide, your kids and their friends can have the time of their life in this. With the presence of two bodyguards, one can slide down it without getting any hurt. In fact, it has a construction of heavy-duty PVC; this is thick and will not get punctured so easily. It certainly has a beautiful splashes-like design that looks cute.

Moreover, it features 2 inflatable sleds that are smooth and will not feel uncomfortable. This has a size of 20-ft x 62-inches for being a long ride of fun. So, they will remain safe and have a happy day on it.

Key features:

  • This weighs 6.47-pounds that will certainly not feel impossible to carry.
  • It is ideal for kids who lie in the age group 3-years and up.
  • This will not rip or tear so easily cause of the promising construction.

8. SOARRUCY Lawn Water Slides for Kids and Adults

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Indeed, an inflatable slip and slide that will never let your children miss the fun. Thinking about the safety of your child, this uses a thick super-slick PVC sheet for construction. It is strong and nearly impossible to puncture. As a matter of fact, the sprint racing water slide will keep splashing water and keep your kids excited. The entire stretch creates a water spout to get your kids completely wet.

Also, a crash pad is provided so that your kids have a safe landing even when they are on speed. The PVC sports a thickness of 0.25-cm that is pretty hard but feels soft. Above all, the rainbow colors look pleasing to the eyes and interest your child as well.

Key features:

  • Kids of 5 to 12-years can enjoy playing on this.
  • This is 15.7-ft long which is a long distance to cover.
  • Your child will not get scratched or hurt in any way as it is extremely soft.

7. TEAM MAGNUS Inflatable Slip and Slide XL

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Following the blue theme, this water slip and slide will engage any kids’ attention. Being a 31-ft long product, this will seem to be an endless ride that your kids will love. Having a 5-ft width, your kids can race on this without hurting themselves. This promises a 1-minute set-up as you need to connect to the hoses to make it functional. You can inflate the crash pad with an air pump, however, you can also blow it with your lung power.

Talking about construction, this water slide is of heavy-duty PVC material. To be precise, this is 38% thicker when you compare it to any competitors’ products. As a result, standing at 0.22mm thickness for comfort.

Key features:

  • Any child between 5 to 12 years can make memories using this.
  • The maximum weight recommendation on this is 50-kgs.
  • Once you are done using it, dry it properly and then roll it up to store.

6. Wahii Waterslide Backyard Lawn Water Slide

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Without a doubt, this is one of the largest slides out there in the market. It is a great way to entertain your kids in summer camps, kid parties, pool parties, and so on. In fact, it is so amazing that it has been bagging the #1 selling slide in America since 2009. To meet its safety standards, strength, and quality, it has a construction of formulated plastic. The surface is smooth and so, your body will not get any cut.

Besides, its fastening system is such a winner as the US-patented fastening system helps the product remain to cling to the grass. Finally, the hose that is present at the top will clearly make the surface wet without any struggle.

Key features:

  • This is for the kids who are living their teenage years. So, it is ideal for kids of 14-years or above.
  • The 50-ft length of the slide will feel like a ride in a water park.
  • Per square foot of this product can easily tackle 256lbs weight.

5. Wham-O Slip N Slide Quad Racer

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This is such a product that will allow 4 riders to have fun at the same time. Hence, can carry group activities in it and let your kids join the fun. There are as many as 4 lanes in this foldable slip and slide and all are of different colors. It is even 16-ft long and so, giving a lot to cover at once. To create the right amount of splash, there are streams installed on the ends and sides.

Moreover, it features hydro-glide technology for creating the right kind of experience. Above all, the vinyl side features a double water wall to ensure that no one gets hurt and this product stays in place.

Key features:

  • You are going to get 4-inflatable boogies when you buy this item.
  • Children who are 8 to 12-years will be perfect for this water activity.
  • As it weighs just about 1.76-pounds, its weight will not matter at all to install it.

4. Giant Lawn Silp Slide Play Center Slide Water Spraying and Crash Pad

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Spend your summer days like no other time. This 16-ft long slide will be one interesting ride. Next, as it is a double slide racing way, you will get a 4.7-ft width that is perfect to accommodate any kid. Construction has been done by thinking about environmental safety in mind. As a result, it has a construction of heavy-duty PVC that will cause no harm to the environment.

Furthermore, the surface is extremely smooth for keeping the risks of any accidents away. It features a crash pad that you can inflate to make it bouncy. So, it will withstand the impact of the hardest hits and still cause no harm to your child.

Key features:

  • It features one-side spray but that will be enough for a good ride.
  • You can use it for indoor gaming sessions or outdoor fun.
  • In order to eradicate the occurrences of air leaks, this has been strictly checked.

3. Wow World Giant Backyard Water Slide

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Instead of lining both sides with water sprays, this one has zig-zag water sprays throughout the product. You can connect it to any type of water hose and the sprinkler system will start working. Also, this is of PVC that is sturdy and easy to inflate. Having the extra-thick feature, it is twice thicker than any ordinary product.

Plus, the PVC has been super-slick embossed and so, you do not have to add soapy water as it is already slippery. The side-wall pontoon is 8-inches high in order to protect the users from going out of the slide. They will remain on the track and enjoy.

Key features:

  • It has a patented design that makes it different from others.
  • This features a customized connection system that will let you connect many slides at once and you can make your own 100-ft slide.
  • It is a 25-ft slide that will feel soft, slippery, and bouncy.

2. Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide

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The 3 racing lanes of this slide will let you have the fun your kids’ missing all this time. Even if they are having a competition and whatever the results may be, they will never lack fun. The water spraying bumper will keep the activity going. Next, the colorful lanes look attractive and the kids can pick their favorite colors to slide on.

Nonetheless, the risk of getting scratches or any sort of skin irritation is minimal as the fabric is soft. Even if the landing is impactful, the bodyguards are going to protect your kids at any cost.

Key features:

  • It might be 16-ft long but the game can become challenging.
  • 5 to 12-years kids can hop on it and use this.

1. Wow World of Watersports Super Waterslide with Sprinkler

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Making your watersports wild, this is twice thicker than any slides available in the market. The PVC will not burst midway and is super-slick embossed. This will make the surface slippery and no need of adding extra soapy water. Besides, the zig-zag sprinkler system will help in evenly sprinkling the water and covers the entire slide.

As a matter of fact, it includes two mega sleds that measure 36-inches x 24-inches individually. You can rest your body on this to ride smoothly. Finally, the side-walls are 8-inches high in order to avoid misplacements,

Key features:

  • You can build your own 100-ft slide with the help of a customized connection.
  • It is a pretty colorful ride that looks extremely attractive.
  • No chance of having dry spots as it offers 100% coverage.

So, which one do you like the most? Get any slip and slide for watersports and have an active day full of fun. The bigger the size, the better is the experience!

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