Best Fitness Slide Boards for Balance Training Reviews In 2021

There’s no better way to mimic ice hockey movements than with slide boards. However, slide boards are not only limited to ice hockey or skating. By helping improve balance, slide boards provide more dynamic workouts that benefit the thigh, hip, and gluteus muscles. The best part, you can reap the full benefits, even if you don’t have ample space to work out in. Due to the slippery surface, starting off can be a challenge. But once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to let go. However, choosing the best slide board for hockey, speed skating, or other sports is no easy task.

That’s where we come in. After hours of research, we’ve rounded up what we believe to be the best fitness slide boards on the market. For the record, our list comprises products that are long-lasting as well as customizable to improve your sliding experience.

Table of the Best Exercise Slide Boards Reviews

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10. SPRI Slide Boards with End Stops & Sliding Booties for Low Impact Balance Training

Slide Boards

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This slide board provides a low-impact exercise that’s easy on your joints and knees. At the same time, it offers a high-intensity workout that tones both the upper and lower body muscles. Above all, it helps improve balance and stability. The board has a smooth PVC surface for effortless glides.

Moreover, PVC material makes the board light and flexible. It weighs 4 pounds, and you can roll it up for easy storage and transportation. Also, each end of the board has a stopper for additional safety. Furthermore, the package includes a pair of sliding booties and a carry bag for transportation.

Special Features

  • Smooth PVC surface allows for effortless glides
  • End stops keep you from sliding off the board and injuring yourself
  • Roll-up design and carry bag enables easy storage and transportation
  • Exercise guide gives you a head-start

9. Obsidian Exercise Slide Boards – Fitness Board for Weight Loss and HIIT

Obsidian Exercise Slide Boards - Fitness Board for Weight Loss and HIIT

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At 4mm thick, Obsidian slide board is by far the thickest on the market. Hence, it’s extremely durable. Also, the board is made of high-density, Olympic-grade PE material. That gives it a rugged built that holds up well on any surface. But at the same time, the board is flexible enough to roll up for storage.

Moreover, this slide board is available in two lengths of 5 or 6 feet. Each supports over 100 exercises and enables you to burn calories twice as fast. Again, the board comes with high-quality sliding booties and mitts to improve your experience. For the record, this slide board is among the few models backed by a certified trainer.

Special Features

  • Rugged high-density PE enables the board to be used on any surface
  • Three workout DVD with over 30 exercises offer a reliable workout routine
  • Extra-thick design offers excellent support
  • Includes high-quality slide board mitts and booties

8. American Lifetime Slide Boards – Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy

American Lifetime Slide Boards

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The Lifetime slide board comes in two versions. First, there’s the 6 feet model that’s suitable for beginners. Then, there’s the 7.5 feet version ideal for advanced users. Besides giving a choice of two sizes, this slide board is available in three different colours to match your taste.

Also, the board has high-impact bumpers to keep you from sliding off. Again, it comes with high-end Lycra booties. The booties provide a good stretch for easy on and off. Furthermore, the board comes with a mesh bag for easy transportation.

Special Features

  • Two size options for beginners as well as advanced users
  • High-impact end stops keep you safe
  • Mesh bag allows for easy storage and transportation

7. Hockey Revolution Adjustable Sliding Training Tiles

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Instead of one-piece construction, this slide board is made up of interlocking tiles. The best part, it’s fully adjustable. For instance, you can remove or add tiles to adjust to any length. Overall, there’s a pair of 9 tiles with a total length of 118 inches.

Far from providing the desired length, the adjustable tiles enable the slide board to fit persons of all ages, height, and skills. Moreover, the board comes with an anti-slip rubber mat. The mat keeps the board from shifting as you slide over it.

Special Features

  • Fully adjustable design fits users of different age, height, and skill level
  • Anti-slip rubber mat keeps the slide board in one place
  • Removable interlocking tiles improve portability

6. 3G Ultimate Skating Trainer – Premium Thick Slide Boards

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This 6-foot slide board offers premium quality. First, it uses quality pine end stops. Compared to plastic counterparts, it’s multiple times more durable. Also, the board has two layers bonded together for lasting durability. Moreover, the backing has a non-slip formula. Hence, it keeps the board from shifting.

Again, this slide board comes with anti-slip booties. Thus, there’s zero chance they’ll slide off your feet. Instead of a mesh storage bag, the board comes with a solid bag. As such, it keeps your slide board safe from dust. Furthermore, the package includes a training DVD to get you started.

Special Features

  • Bonded layers provide superior stability
  • A non-slip formula on the back of the board keeps it from shifting
  • Silicone-coated booties grip your feet, keeping them from sliding off
  • A bonus carry bag protects the board from dust and enables easy transportation

5. Balance 1 Slide Board EX

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The Balance 1 slide board has two layers bonded together. There’s a super smooth gliding surface made of durable plastic. Then there’s a textured anti-slip bottom that keeps the board from moving during your workout. Also, the board has durable end stops. Unlike cheaper versions, they hold up pretty well against hard impacts.

Moreover, this slide board measures 6 feet long. That makes it excellent for beginners as well as advanced users. The package includes bonus Lycra shoe sleeves and a carry bag. Lycra material gives the shoe sleeves excellent stretch. As such, they can accommodate any shoe size.

Special Features

  • A textured bottom keeps the board from shifting
  • Durable bumpers withstand high impacts
  • Bonded construction provides superior stability
  • The carry bag makes the board easier to store or transport

4. Balance 1 Slide Board Pro-90 Super Smooth Board with Lycra Booties

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As the name suggests, this slide board is specially designed for advanced users. At 7.5 feet long, it’s larger than the standard 6-foot model. Hence, it offers more room on which to glide on. The gliding surface is made of super smooth polypropylene. Compared to other plastic, it has higher tensile strength and impacts tolerance. So, this is a board that can take quite a beating.

The bumpers alike are made of polypropylene. Thus, they are able to withstand high impacts. The back of the board is textured to provide a non-slip grip. So, there’s zero chance the board will move as you exercise.

Special Features

  • Flexible and high-impact polypropylene offers lifelong use
  • Textured bottom provides a non-slip grip
  • The extra-large 7.5-foot size makes it ideal for professionals
  • A bonus mesh bag makes the board easier to carry

3. Powerslide 10ft Slide Board Lateral Exercise Trainer

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At 10 feet, this slide board is one of the largest on the market. It offers an extra-large gliding surface, which is ideal for lateral exercises. Moreover, it comfortably fits tall users, standing more than 6 feet. But that’s not to say it can’t accommodate short users. For the record, the bumpers are fully adjustable. Hence, you can adjust the length of the gliding surface accordingly.

Also, the board uses heavy-duty bumpers that withstand high impacts. The board includes extra-large nylon sleeves that fit most shoe sizes. Apart from that, it comes with a carry case for easy transportation.

Special Features

  • Extra-large gliding surface for lateral exercises
  • Fully adjustable to different lengths to suit persons of all heights and skill level
  • Heavy-duty bumpers hold up well against high impacts
  • Extra-large nylon sleeves fit most shoe sizes

2. 3G Competitor Slide Board with Nano Buffed Surface

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Thanks to a nano-buffed surface, this slide board is up to 30% more slippery. Hence, it makes gliding exercises even more effortless. Also, it creates a semi-reflective surface that makes the board stand out. Again, the board has bonded layers. So, unlike single-layer models, it’s more resistant to warping.

The board uses pinewood bumpers. They don’t crack and are extremely durable to withstand high impacts. Furthermore, the board has a poly mat bottom with an anti-slip coating. It also includes a DVD guide for skaters.

Special Features

  • Bonded construction makes the board resistant to warping
  • The buffed surface makes the board 30% more slippery than competing models
  • Durable pinewood bumpers withstand high impacts
  • Anti-slip mat keeps the slide board in one place

1. Better Hockey Extreme Slide Board Pro with Pairs of Booties

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This slide board gives you a pro-like experience. No wonder it’s popular among NHL players. It targets specific muscles, enabling you to maximize the power of your strides. The board is 8 feet long. However, it’s fully adjustable to any length. Thus, you can train short as well as long strides.

Angled rubber bumpers keep you within the gliding surface. Moreover, the board comes with three pairs of booties. There’s small, medium, and large sizes to provide a perfect fit for all. Furthermore, it comes with a storage bag that enables you to practice wherever you go.

Special Features

  • Fully adjustable to any length for short or long strides
  • Pro-grade construction helps you maximize the power of your strides
  • Three pairs of booties provide a perfect fit for all
  • A bonus carry bag for easy transportation

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