Best Car Scissor Jacks | RV Trailer Stabilizers Reviews In 2021

The flat tires may create an unexpected hassle. The scissor jacks are the best products to come out of such problems. When you are driving, the flat tires may pose security threats. The scissor jacks are prepared with heavy-duty design. They provide great power which comes handy during emergencies. All of them are safe, compact, and durable. They are must-have accessories for cars. These jacks are operated using a horizontal screw. This screw raises or lowers down a frame of hinged, rhombus-shaped connections.

Compared to conventional car jacks, these jacks occupy lesser space. They come in a lightweight and compact design. They are sturdy enough to combat emergencies when driving. It becomes easy to lift a car and substitute the flat with the spare. It is vital to check the lifting capacity before making a purchase. They must meet the local standards of your residential area for extra assurance. Get to know more about these jacks as described below:

Table of the Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

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10. LIBRA 5000lbs Leveling Scissor Jacks & RV Trailer Stabilizer with Dual Power Drill Sockets and Mounting Hardware Set

Scissor Jacks

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The scissor jack heavy-duty construction ensures a powerful lift. This leveling scissor jack is made in heavy-duty construction. It is extensively used to stabilize your RV or trailer. You need to mount it either by bolts or by welding. Both of them convey safety. The pack contains steel jacks and a crank handle. A 0.75-inch hex magnetic socket is present. It facilitates the raising or lowering of the jack through the power drill.

In the package, you get mounting hardware set and two power drill sockets. These sockets come with a magnet. One is used for the stabilizers. The other one is used for self-tapping screws for easy mounting.


  • The extended height is 24 inches. The retracted height is 4 inches.
  • The length and width in the retractable position are respectively 26.5 inches and 7.5 inches.
  • It comes with 5,000 lbs capacity per jack.
  • It stays steady on soft surfaces due to a wide bow-tie base.

9. BIG RED T10152 1.5 Ton Torin Steel Car Scissor Lift Jack

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The scissor jack lift helps to conveniently lift a large load. This BIG RED scissor jack is designed considering a heavy lift. It is famous for its large weight capacity. It comes in a collapsible and compact design. This design allows you to perfectly store in the trunk of a car. You can use this product as an extra utility jack or a rugged replacement jack

The 1-piece handle provides quick response and speed. These aspects assist to accomplish the job safely and quickly. This jack is factory tested for safety and reliability.


  • This scissor lift jack is designed in a drop forged alloy steel construction. It ensures long-lasting use.
  • It comes with a lifting range of 4.125-15.125 inches.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 3000 lbs.
  • The wide base offers strength and stability.

8. Weize RV Trailer Stabilizer Jacks – Camper Jacks & Leveling Scissor Jacks with Handle

Camper Jacks

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Weize designed these scissor jacks considering easy raising and lowering mechanism. It can quickly accomplish the job of lifting heavy loads. The tooth gear design of the arms makes it unique. It guarantees a vertical extension and retraction. During the operation, the crank handle rotates easily. It makes the lifting job easier.

There are 4 leveling scissor jacks and a crank handle included in the pack. All these jacks can be used if your trailer is misaligned. They can be either bolted or welded to the frame of a trailer or RV. The massive footplates eliminate sinking and leaning. Using these jacks, it is easy to stabilize a piece of your trailer’s weight.


  • This camper stabilizer jack comes with 5,000 lbs capacity. It helps to keep a trailer stable.
  • The height is adjustable from 4-24 inches.
  • The bow-tie base ensures stability on soft surfaces.

7. Pro-LifT T-9456 3000 lb Automotive Scissor Jack

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If you are looking for a scissor jack lift with great stability, this jack is a good choice. Its extra-wide base offers extra stability. Whether the surface is soft or hard, this jack stays stable. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to place on a surface. This design helps you to move this jack anywhere.  You can carry it to a garage or store in your automobile. The unique handle design provides convenience during lifting.


  • It comes with 3000 pounds capacity.
  • The lifting range varies from 3.75 inches to 15.125 inches.
  • The wide base offers stability and safety.

6. Stromberg Carlson JSC24IND Car Scissor Jack

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Using the JSC24IND scissor jack, you can keep your RV level and stable. This jack fits perfectly and aligns well with the mounting holes over the trailer. The stability is excellent. It is an excellent replacement for those people looking for a 5000 lb RV jack. The included tight screw threads boast excellent strength. This suggests that it takes more time to extend. The laws of leverage indicate that it has more lifting power.


  • The height is adjustable from 4-24 inches.
  • It comes with 5000 lbs. capacity per jack.
  • The bow-tie base fits perfectly on hard or soft surfaces. Regardless of the surface, this jack stays stable.
  • It is easy to bolt it directly into the existing holes. Only a slight adjustment needed.

5. Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizer Scissor Jack for Campers and Travel Trailers 

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The scissor jack heavy-duty construction provides stability on any surface. EAZ LIFT designed this RV jack keeping in mind steadiness. It can work well on both soft and hard surfaces. It perfectly fits pop-up campers and travel trailers. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures durability.

The compact size and easy-to-use design provide storage convenience. You can easily fit it in confined spaces for future use. No problems when stabilizing RVs and bulky vehicles. The versatility allows it to be used for cars, RV, trailers, and other small or large vehicles.


  • This jack can withstand the vehicle’s load of up to 5000 lbs.
  • It comes with a powder finish. This coating resists corrosion. It makes the jack durable and weather-proof.
  • The height is adjustable from 4-24 inches.
  • The sturdy base offers stability and easy alignment.

4. 2 Ton Car Scissor Jack with Hand Crank & Portable RV Stabilizers for Sedan & Coupe

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The scissor jacks for cars are equipped with a large weight capacity. One of such jacks is this 2T car scissor jack. It comes with a hand crank that ensures ease of use. In addition to the car, it can be used for stabilizers, RV, and sedan. It provides an easy and safe lift of your vehicle to the required height.

A durable rotating shaft is present. It is designed to reduce manual effort and boost efficiency. With a simple button press, the jack turns on and off quickly. The high-quality steel ensures durability. If you find a flat tire, this jack offers an instant solution.


  • The 360-degree rotation offers the simplicity of operation.
  • The wide, sturdy base offers sturdiness and stability during dumping.
  • The maximum load capacity is 4410 lbs.
  • It supports a lift range of 4.125-15.125 inches.
  • Every joint is prepared from sturdy steel with precise grinding technology.

3. Quick QP-RVJ-S24 RV Stabilizing Jack & Leveling Scissor Jack

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To get rid of waking up in your RV whenever somebody moves, this jack helps. This Quick Products jack ensures stability and proper leveling. It can be easily raised under your parked RV. This gives extra support required to ensure there is no vibration.

This jack can be permanently mounted to your RV. Hence, it is never left behind. It will be always ready when needed. It is easy to extend the jack to the ground. This will stabilize your RV.


  • It comes with up to 24 inches of extended reach. It makes sure your RV stays steady.
  • A speed wrench is included. It ensures easy and efficient operation. You can drive this jack using a non-impact power drill.

2. CPROSP 2 Ton Car Scissor Jack with Hand Crank Trolley Lifter 

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CPROSP designed these scissor jacks for cars and other heavy vehicles. It comes with a hand crank and ratchet. Using this jack, you can safely move your vehicle to anticipated height. The included spindle and ratchet wrench makes wheel change easy. The mentioned spindle is easy to use. The sturdy base plate conveys a secure stand.

This versatile scissor jack is well-known for carrying capacity. It can sustain high pressure. Generally, it works well for cars, wagons, vans, minibusses, SUVs, etc.


  • It provides easy and quick height adjustment of the vehicle.
  • A multipurpose hand crank is included. This crank and spindle allow easy tire change.
  • The steel construction ensures long-lasting use. The body is corrosion-resistant.
  • The sturdy base plate guarantees a secure footing.

1. Lippert RV Leveling Scissor Jack

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Are you looking for a cost-efficient system to stabilize your RV/trailer? Well, this Lippert scissor jack is a good choice for this. This stabilizer jack comes with an easy, bolt-on installation. It saves time and manual efforts. The included mounting hardware streamlines the installation. There would be no more rocking and swaying.

The build quality is durable for lasting use. It comes in an advanced lug wrench design.  Though it is a heavy-duty jack, it is easy to operate. It perfectly holds your trailer in place. When it comes to pinball lifting, this jack works well.


  • The 30 inches length is excellent for stability and strength.
  • The built-in crank handle allows manual elevation and lowering down. This handle enhances the stability of the travel trailer or RV.
  • The powder finished surface resist corrosion.


The scissor jacks are cost-effective products to stabilize heavy vehicles.  Most of them come with superb weight capacity. They facilitate easy elevation and lowering down of bulky loads.

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