Best Hair Salon Chairs | Spa Chairs for Hair Stylist Reviews In 2021

Do you own a spa, salon, or both? Tell you what, it takes more than flawless skills to attract clients. Mainly, you need to pay close attention to the type and quality of furniture. The chances are customers will be sitting for hours for that shave or shampoo. Hence, a comfortable, stylish, and adjustable chair counts a lot. And for that, you need the best spa and salon chairs, specifically designed for the purpose.

But choosing the best chair for your salon or spa demands a lot of attention. After all, it needs to look presentable and provide comfort across a wide range of users. So, before you take the plunge, read through our best-rated spa and salon chairs for inspiration.

Table of the Best Salon Chairs for Sale Reviews

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10. Funnylife Styling Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hair Salon Chairs for Hair Stylist

Salon Chairs

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Funny Life salon chair affords luxurious comfort without the hefty price tag. It adopts a minimalist design but fully equipped at the same time.

PU leather and solid chrome are sure to upgrade your salon. Aside from aesthetics, they provide rugged durability and stability. The frame, for instance, supports a whopping 400 pounds.

Moreover, this salon chair provides flexible movement. It can swivel 360 degrees. At the same time, it’s height-adjustable via a hydraulic pump. Based on your needs, you can set the height from 20-26 inches.

The integrated footrest offers another dose of comfort. You can shorten or lengthen it at will. Hence, it’s accommodating, both for tall and short users. Oh, lest I forget, this salon chair has a seat width of 18.5 inches. So, there’s ample room for just about any client.


Funny Life chair is a salon classic. Except for the reclining function, it’s fully adjustable. It’s a deluxe choice for a budget spa and salon chair.

9. BELLAVIE Professional Multi-purpose Black Salon Chairs for Massage & Spa

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Figure out these two scenarios—first, a comfortable chair with endless possibilities for adjustments. And second, a spa table that allows you to stretch fully. Well, which offers the best spa and salon experience?

Well, both do. And to ensure you get the most, this salon chair combines the best of both worlds. Moreover, it goes the extra mile to provide a perfect solution for a massage therapist.

The backrest reclines from 120-180 degrees. Well, the same goes for the footrest. You can adjust it from 45-180 degrees. And thanks to a ratchet mechanism, it locks safely in position.

With both the backrest and the footrest at 180 degrees, the chair converts into a spa table. Also, it has an extended base to provide stability at such a position.

Double stitching and powder-coated steel frame guarantee durability. Deluxe leather, on the other hand, lends a premium look. One more thing. Your size shouldn’t be a cause for worry since this is a one size fits all salon chair.


This spa chair offers a multi-functional design and promises a snug fit regardless of your size. If you’re a ‘jack of all trades,’ say a barber, massage therapist, or facial technician, this salon chair will suffice.

8. BestSalon Styling Hydraulic Beauty Shampoo Barber Chair for Hair Stylist

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Affordable quality is pretty much what we all desire. And in the word of spa and salon chairs, few can match this heavy-duty barber chair. It looks more like the Funny Life salon chair. However, it differs in size and range of motion.

Using the hydraulic pump, you can adjust the seat height from 21-25 inches. Also, you can do a 360-degree turn. And with a built-in footrest, this salon chair promises luxurious comfort.

The seat offers plush padding and premium PU leather upholstery. And at 19 inches wide, it can pretty much fit plus-size clients. This salon chair provides a lot in terms of stability. It has an oversized chrome steel base and metal frame, all supporting up to 330 pounds.


Among budget buys, this salon chair is the epitome of comfort. It promises lifetime durability and comfort for users who are 5-6.2 feet tall. But contrary to what some claim, this spa chair doesn’t recline.

7. Artist Hand Rolling Reclining Barber Chair for Sale – Hair Salon Spa Equipment

Artist Hand Rolling Reclining Barber Chair for Sale

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There are many players in the spa and salon chair segment. And when it comes to trendy, modern chairs, few can match the Artist Hand brand. Among its many models, this hydraulic chair is one of the most versatile. Not to mention, it promises uncompromising quality.

Most chairs in this category lack the reclining feature. So, it’s a big boost that this spa chair can recline 90-135 degrees. Moreover, it can swivel 360 degrees and provide a height adjustment of up to 6 inches.

Well, there’s a ton of other comfort features. You get separate height adjustment for the headrest. More so, there’s a footrest that takes fatigue off your feet. The sizeable seat measures 20 inches wide and comes complete with high-density foam padding.

This spa chair is as durable as it’s comfortable. It has a stable chrome base and solid steel frame that support up to 330 pounds.


On my part, this spa and salon chair is entirely flawless. In particular, the reclining feature makes it one step ahead of other models in the same class.

6. Baasha Portable Beauty Salon Equipment Salon Chairs for Hair Cutting & Hydraulic Styling Chair

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Baasha is a brand with more than a decade of experience. And this salon chair is among its best contemporary pieces. When it comes to color options, this spa chair is at the top of the pack. You get more than six colors to match your decor.

Aside from the looks, this spa chair promises luxurious comfort. It has an adjustable, fully-padded seat that rotates 360 degrees. Moreover, you can adjust the height for up to 5.1 inches. And like most models on the list, it comes complete with a footrest. The backrest has a pretty thoughtful design. It’s split into two, creating a gap for excellent airflow.

Most spa chairs adopt cheap plastic arms. Well, this salon chair stays ahead of the competition by utilizing metallic arms. Also, every inch of its metal frame has chrome coating for a stylish, durable finish.


There are a ton of things to love about this spa chair. But what I like most is the rich color option.

5. BestSalon Profession Beauty Shampoo Salon Chair for Hair Styling

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The Best Salon brand is a solid contender. This time, it offers a spa chair with some pretty decent upgrades. The manufacturer does an excellent job, both for the upholstery and padding. You get an extra-thick foam and a ton of reinforced stitching. Hence, it scores highly in terms of durability and comfort.

Users have plenty of options to maneuver. The chair offers a seat height of 18.5-23 inches and swivels 360 degrees. Also, it’s redesigned to include an oversized non-slip footrest.


For an exquisite salon chair, this model fits the bill. Among other features, the double-reinforced seat makes it a deluxe choice.

4. Ainfox ABS Plastic Shampoo Barber Chair with Bowl Sink for Spa Beauty Salon 

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Shampooing is one task that calls for more than a standard spa chair. Well, this spa chair, a fully functional shampoo station, provides the comfort and relaxation that the task demands.

It has a fully adjustable seat complete with faucets and an oversized shampoo bowl. Despite the ton of features it has to offer, this spa chair weighs only 62 pounds. Hence, it’s not as difficult to move around.

The seat has double-reinforced stitching. So, it doesn’t rip or tear easily. Unlike other models on the list, this shampooing chair doesn’t afford a height adjustment feature. Nonetheless, it has an excellent reclining function. Not to mention, a rubber headrest for additional comfort.

This spa chair has a sizeable base. At 40.5 x 23.6 inches, there’s zero chance it will tip over. Furthermore, it has an exceptional weight limit of 450 pounds.


For a combo unit, this spa chair makes the cut. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a decent shampoo and backwash chair.

3. Artist Hand Red Salon Chair – Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

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All spa chairs on our list look stylish, no doubt. However, this tattoo chair takes things the extra mile. It has a sophisticated futuristic look that lends an expensive look.

The multi-piece footrest offers full leg support, from the knees to the toes. Also, it has high-density foam to cushion pressure point areas.

The seat utilizes the same high-density foam, even on the armrests. Also, it includes double-reinforced stitching. It can rotate 360 degrees and incline up to 135 degrees. Furthermore, you can adjust the height from 19-26 inches. Well, the frame is entirely chrome-coated steel. So, it has no problem supporting up to 440 pounds.


The design of this spa chair is nothing short of superb. Also, I like that every inch screams comfort and rugged durability. For ultimate leg support, few can come close to this spa and salon chair.

2. Artist Hand Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair with Salon Beauty Styling Chair for Beauty Shop

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From the look of things, the Artist Hand brand is a dominant name that never ceases to impress. This time, it offers a luxurious all-purpose chair for hairstylists.

This barber chair promises a wear-resistant easy to clean PU leather. Complete with high-density foam, it covers the entire seat, armrests, and a section of the footrest.

The seat is of a generous size. And with a 450-pound weight limit, it can accommodate plus-size clients with ease. You can swivel it, recline 90-135 degrees, or pump the height for up to 10 inches. Also, the headrest offers independent height adjustment.

Also, the footrest is sizeable for large feet and entire leg support. Moreover, you can adjust it or flip-up to fit your space.


You’d be forgiven to mistake this spa chair for a high-end massage chair. It’s comfortable, beefy, and built for a variety of tasks. If you’re a hairstylist and want to take things the extra mile, this spa chair will suffice.

1. BIARM All-Purpose Sampoo Salon Barber Chair for Hair Cutting Styling

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This all-purpose spa chair lends a modern and sleek look, particularly for a crispy white salon interior. Aside from appearance, this salon chair has a lot to offer. The seat is padded and adopts a contoured design for hugging comfort. Also, it utilizes the padding for the armrests and headrest.

Based on your needs, you can swivel it 360 degrees or recline 150 degrees. Also, you can adjust the seat height from 16.5-20.5 inches.

Despite the lightweight construction of 38 pounds, this spa chair has remarkable stability. And with a steel frame, it can support as much as 350 pounds.


I love the chocolate brown leather and black frame. It isn’t flamboyant, at least not like shiny pieces. Nonetheless, it adds a warm feeling and a modern appearance to any space.

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