Best Rearview Mirror Cameras for Car Reviews In 2021

Driving requires your undivided attention and concentration. One small mistake on the road can lead to disasters that you will regret for a lifetime. In order to save yourself from any disaster, getting hold of the right set of accessories is of utmost importance. Although driving does not require you to use a camera, the good rearview mirror cameras can save you from multiple unknowing hazards.

Also, these cameras come in really handy when you need footage to prove your point. If you are planning on buying one, have a look at the top 10 rearview mirror cameras in this list. Assurance of workability and reliability, every product on this list is of great quality and always performs as per your wishes.

Table of the Best Rearview Mirror Cameras Reviews

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10. TOGUARD Backup Camera Rearview Dash Cam Touch Screen Rearview 

Rearview Mirror Cameras

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Compromising with safety on the road has consequences that you do not wish to face. Every time you are out on the roads driving, there is a great deal of uncertainty. Carefulness and mindfulness are the prime most important things that you cannot lose out on. Although it is your concentration that makes you safer on the streets, in the current age, the contribution of technology is also very vital. Like this rearview camera that will help you with driving in numerous ways. Measuring at 7-inches, the IPS touch screen is extremely responsive. As a result, it rather rewards you with an extraordinary 1080P FHD recording.

The waterproof rearview mirror camera on the back is equipped to record videos at 480P clarity. Moreover, it has a parking monitor. Therefore, when you are parking the dashcam starts recording video automatically and without any extra efforts.

Key features:

  • Has a G-Sensor technology which auto-locks a recorded video if at all you encounter a collision.
  • 5 view modes are indeed interchangeable with just one switch.
  • Mirror glass is of 2.5D thickness and has antiglare abilities for added convenience and safety.

9. junsun Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera with Backup Camera G-Sensor Parking Monitor

Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera with Backup Camera G-Sensor Parking Monitor

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The bigger the better is the concept behind designing this rearview camera. For your car, you always use the finest products. Hence this camera cum mirror is a great choice that you can buy. With a huge 10-inches rearview mirror camera display and a 170° of viewing angle, all the details are captured perfectly. As it is an IPS screen, the touch response and viewing angle are quite delightful. As a result, you will enjoy even when you are fully focussed on the road ahead of you.

On the backside, you get great images and clips out of the 720P camera. It is rather blessed with a rearview angle to quickly change between driving and parking mode. Furthermore, complete assurance of convenience is guaranteed. For the detailed recording, you can always rely on the 1080P FHD front camera. It never compromises with the image you are expecting out of it.

Key features:

  • Certainly features a parking monitor that is capable of running for 24hours without any hold-up.
  • Supports loop recording for added benefits and workability.
  • Gets the support of a G-sensor for some amazing functionality and fun.

8. Directtyteam Full HD Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera for Car

Directtyteam Full HD Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera for Car

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Relying on the device that is eventually meant for safety is of the utmost importance when you are using it. With this brilliant backup rearview mirror camera, you can always focus on the road ahead and the traffic behind. The 1080P camera is powerful and clear enough to capture every detail with perfection. Therefore, you are indeed never at any risks of uncertainty or accidents. The 170° and 150° viewing angles on the front and rear respectively give you a much wider. Thus, a better view of the scene.

However, the camera on the back is IP68 waterproof. So that, even when it is raining you do not have to open it or risk it for damage. Even better, the camera includes AHD technology for providing super night vision for those risk-free night time driving.

Key features:

  • The lens on the front camera is flexible and rather pulled out for adjusting the angle.
  • G-sensor benefit automatically locks and saves the video during an unfortunate collision.
  • Capable of handling extreme of temperatures like -4°F and 158°F.

7. Campark R10 Rearview Mirror Cameras – Mirror Dash Cam Video

Campark R10 Rearview Mirror Cameras - Mirror Dash Cam Video

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For safety during both day time and night time driving, you certainly need some extra technology and innovation. This rearview camera features a superior night vision technology by the AHD low exposure camera on the rearview. As the glass used in the lens is F2.06, the night vision is hugely improved vision during night time driving.

In addition to that, the camera on the backside is indeed IP68 waterproof. Thereby allowing you to drive with it even during extremes of weather. As a matter of fact, the 1080P display provides extraordinary viewing to avoid any kinds of accidents or issues.

Key features:

  • IPS screen is very responsive and great at various viewing angles.
  • Smart adjustable rearview mirror camera view angle for certainly quick transition while reversing.
  • Has a marking monitor capable of functioning for 24 hours of continuous recording.

6. Dudubell Rearview Mirror Dash Backup Camera for Car with External GPS

Backup Camera for Car with External GPS

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When you are driving amongst the busy and uncontrollable traffic, this will keep up with its primary function of keeping you safe always. Firstly, it features a 7-inches media touch screen, all the important details and images are displayed in the right way. It even used AHD technology for the crispest and clear images.

Besides, both the camera lenses have a 6 layer of glass construction and up to 79+dB of dynamic range. Therefore, aids in the perfect balancing of the dark and bright parts of the image. Now, the end result looks appealing and perfect. Along with that, with this camera, you get the added benefits of reverse assistance. Lastly, you can rather drive carefully even when you are going in the reverse direction.

Key features:

  • Extremely user-friendly and hassle-free user interface with one key design convenience.
  • Continuous GPS recording records speed and location during driving.
  • Up to 3 minutes of loop recording indeed acts as a convenience.

5. Pyle Backup Car Camera Rearview Mirror Screen Monitor System

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A product of the reliable brand Pyle, this camera has rugged and durable construction for withstanding everything. It always guarantees true colour reproduction combined with an impressive low lux performance. The wide viewing angle of 170° is certainly going to cover a large part of the road behind you.

Plus, it is combined with a 43” of LCD mirror monitor screen. That’s why the video and images you will see will cover every small detail always.

Key features:

  • Slim bar style housing allows it to be installed at any given place of your car.
  • IP67 marine grade waterproofing makes it very safe to use in various weathers.
  • Distance scale lines rather help you understand the obstacle better and park accordingly.

4. Mirror Full HD Dash Cam Backup Camera

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Extremely easy and no brainer design to help you concentrate more on the road. It has a very useful smart rearview angle switch. As a result, you face no trouble while switching from driving to parking. As it is manually adjustable, you can always choose the angle you are willing to see in the camera.

Equipped with a useful and premium CMOS sensor, there will never be any over-exposure of the video. Furthermore, the F2.0 6-glass lens assembly indeed improves the night vision when you are reversing your car.

Key features:

  • As soon as an impact is detected, the parking monitor starts recording.
  • Big and useful 9.66-inches of the rear mirror camera touch screen to show you all the information.
  • Uses 1080P resolution on both the cameras for certainly better images.

3. AWESAFE Rearview Mirror Cameras for Front and Rear Dual Lens Backup Camera 

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Capable of recording from the front and rear camera, this will do the simultaneous recording. Therefore, the 10-inches full touch screen will provide you with a clearer video. Also, during the time of parking, your back camera detects it automatically and starts recording while you are reversing. The 140° of wide viewing angle rather provides a prominent and informative view of what is happening behind your car.

Moreover, it comes with added benefits of seamless loop recording that you can always rely on. Along with that, the G-sensor is intelligent enough to recognize any collision or shake and rapidly. Finally, it locks the footage it captured.

Key features:

  • 24H parking monitor is very useful for recording when your car is parked.
  • A couple of easy methods of installation.
  • Long 24 ft cable is indeed easily used when installing the back camera.

2. Be Angel Rearview Mirror FHD 1080P Dash DVR Cam Backup Camera

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A 1080P guarantee on the front and back camera, every video and scene you are willing to see will be shown to you with utmost clarity and brightness. As it works with a 128GB of micro SD card, it gives you the comfort of more recording time always. As a matter of fact, the user-friendly design allows it to recognise quickly and function accordingly.

In addition to that, it has the benefit of simultaneous recording from both the front and rear camera. Also, the 6-meter long cable certainly helps you in the easy mounting of the rear camera always.

Key features:

  • Package rather includes a free extension cable for the rear camera of 10 meters long.
  • Designed for crisp nighttime recording with the high-sensitive night vision camera.
  • Good 10-inches display for showing everything you wish to see.

1. Master Tailgaters OEM Rearview Mirror Cameras with Auto Adjusting Brightness LCD

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Topping the list, this rearview camera is well-designed and promises superior performance always. The 4.3-inches of high brightness LCD has benefits of auto adjustment of the brightness for your benefits during driving. However, the screen is TFT and guarantees great touch response and intuitiveness.

Powered by other interesting features, when you are reversing, the LCD Display turns on automatically. Therefore, you do not have to adjust it time and again.

Key features:

  • Designed to work with the majority of backup cameras.
  • Have a couple of video RCA inputs.
  • Has the safety of a 4mm thick glass.

Nothing will go unnoticed as the dashcam mirrors are here to capture each and every footage. You will certainly not miss on anything.

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