Best Outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pits Reviews In 2021

Spending a night outside with friends and loved ones can be fun. Just imagine, talking, laughing, and feasting under the night sky. What can ever go wrong? Well, things can take a nasty twist during chilly nights. Even thick clothing might not be enough to save you from the cold. What you need is a highly versatile heat source. Above all, one that doesn’t require you to tend to ashes. That’s where propane fire pits come in handy. They add beauty and life to your outdoor space. Moreover, you can use them nearly anywhere. But have you figured out the best propane fire pit for camping or home use?

Honestly, choosing the right gas fire pit can be tricky. To save you time, we’ve prepared a list of the best propane fire pit tables and fire bowls. Read more and select the one that suits you best.

Table of the Best Propane Fire Pits Reviews

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10. Outland Firebowl Deluxe Outdoor Round Propane Gas Fire Pits with Cover & Carry Kit

Propane Fire Pits

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A lot of users attest to the usefulness of this propane fire pit. In fact, it’s by far the best-rated on the market. So, nothing holds us back in recommending it as the best overall. Firepit tables, in most cases, offer up to 40,000 BTUs. In comparison, Firebowl 893 Deluxe has a heat output of 58,000 BTUs. Thus, it easily surpasses the heat output of most patio heaters. For the most part, you can feel the heat up to 7 feet away.

Again, low-profile design allows it to disperse heat better. Except for the stainless steel burner, this fire pit is made of steel. Hence, durability is no issue. Also, it includes a cover and fasteners for easy transportation. The fire pit uses a 20-pound propane tank. It offers up to 8 hours of use on the highest setting.

Special Features

  • Excellent heat output of 58,000 BTUs disperses heat up to 7 feet away
  • Low-profile design allows you to make the most out of the rising heat
  • Lava rocks enhance the flickering effect
  • A cover, fasteners, and compact design make it easier to transport

9. TACKLIFE Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

TACKLIFE Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

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We consider this fire pit to be one of the most versatile. When not burning, you can put on the cover to convert into a table or casual bar. Besides, it packs every single feature you need in a fire pit. First, it has a high heating capacity of 50,000 BTUs. Hence, it makes a great option for staying warm.

The table has a rugged steel construction. Thus, it doesn’t crack or damage under intense heat. The burner and the control panel come in stainless steel for longer service life. Furthermore, the fire pit has an automatic ignition. Therefore, it automatically relights the fire if it goes out.

Special Features

  • Doubles as a table when not in use
  • Heat-resistant rugged steel construction
  • Automatic ignition relights the fire if it goes out
  • Storage for a 20-pound gas tank and other stuff

8. BALI OUTDOORS Firepit LP Square Gas Fire Pit Table Propane – 50,000BTU

BALI OUTDOORS Firepit LP Square Gas Fire Pit Table - 50,000BTU

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This is another fire pit table with a flawless look. One feature that sets it apart is the triangle base. It makes the firepit table more stable. Hence, there’s zero chance something will knock it over. Like the Tacklife propane fire pit, you can convert into a table after use. The firepit has a heat output of 50,000 BTUs. Again, it includes lava rocks for a flickering effect. We love the hidden control panel that gives the firepit seamless beauty.

For the record, the firepit is 28 inches wide, the same as Tacklife. Therefore, it has plenty of space for full air combustion. Furthermore, it has bottom storage for the gas tank and other items.

Special Features

  • A triangular base improves stability
  • A hidden control panel gives a seamless appearance
  • A simple push-button ignition makes it convenient to use
  • Hidden storage for the gas tank

7. Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Fire Pits

Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Fire Pits

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If you need a fire pit with a natural stone finish, then this will suffice. It radiates a stylish and classy look. Overall, this is a fire pit that adds value to your outdoor space. It has a heat output of 40,000 BTUs. It might sound a bit less than what other models have to offer. Nonetheless, it offers efficient and functional outdoor heating.

Glowing pumice rocks provide beautiful, dancing flames. As a result, they create a fascinating burning effect. Also, the fire pit has a ProCoat system that guards against UV light, salt, and extreme temperature. Hence, it’s less likely to crack or fade.

Special Features

  • Pulse ignition makes it easier to light and extinguish the flame
  • Lightweight and durable natural stone finish
  • ProCoat system prevents cracks and offers a fade-free performance

6. Endless Summer LP Outdoor Oil Rubbed Bronze Gas Fire Table

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This superb fire pit table doesn’t compromise on heat output and design. A stamped wicker base and resin tile mantle give it an eye-catching look. The rugged steel construction, in particular, offers years of use. It’s not only weather-resistant but also offers fade-free performance. Hence, it keeps looking as good as news for years to come.

Hidden flame controls give a seamless look. At the highest setting, the fire pit has a heat output of 50,000 BTUs. Like other fire tables on the list, it comes with a cover. So, you can convert to a dining table or coffee table after use. Furthermore, this fire pit table has base storage. That means you can keep your gas tank tucked inside.

Special Features

  • Tapered legs for added stability
  • Eye-catching resin tile mantle makes it an outdoor centrepiece
  • 2-in-1 design (Converts into a table)
  • Base storage for your gas cylinder

5. Bond Manufacturing Portable Small Propane Fire Pits Firebowl

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Though not significant, looks matter. The antique copper metal surface gives this fire bowl a gorgeous look. But it offers more than good aesthetics. Copper, for instance, is an excellent conductor of heat. Above all, it has a very high melting point. So, this is a fire bowl that withstands the test of time.

It has an automatic ignition, which is a rare feature in portable fire pits. It not only allows for easy flame adjustment but also makes the fire bowl extremely easy to operate. A locking lid with a carry handle significantly improves portability. Again, this fire bowl weighs only 18 pounds. Therefore, it’s extremely easy to carry. For the record, this fire bowl has a heat output of 54,000 BTUs.

Special Features

  • A locking lid improves portability and allows for easy storage
  • Impressive heat capacity of 54,000 BTUs
  • Attractive antique copper surface improves longevity
  • Automatic ignition allows for instant use

4. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pits

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Do you remember the Newcastle propane fire bowl? Here is a solid alternative. Though it costs twice as much, this decorative fire pit is sure to impress. The top and bottom are made of grey steel. Lava rocks make the middle part of the fire pit. Hence, this is one heavy fire pit, weighing around 162 pounds. It might be an issue moving around too often. However, it’s aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

The fire pit has a heating capacity of 40,000 BTUs. It uses a push-button ignition, which is reliable and easy to use. Also, it includes a control knob that adjusts the size and intensity of the flame. This fire pit can run up to 20 hours on a 20-pound propane tank. Well, that’s more than what you get from most fire pits.

Special Features

  • Moulded detailing and stone finish upgrade the look of your outdoor space
  • Energy-efficient design lasts up to 20 hours on a standard 20-pound gas tank
  • Battery-operated push-button ignition makes it convenient to use
  • Comes fully pre-assembled

3. Hiland GSF-PR-PC Patio Propane Fire Pits with Fire Glass

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This fire pit table is another outdoor centrepiece. The hammered bronze finish lets it blend seamlessly with most patio layouts. Also, it has a clear fire glass cover that adds more elegance. We love the access door at the base, which conceals the gas tank. The tabletop measures 30 inches across. Hence, with the cover on, it converts to a spacious table.

This fire pit table has a heat output of 40,000 BTUs. Among its most outstanding features is the thermocouple flame failure. In case of any interruptions, it automatically shuts off the gas. Furthermore, this fire pit table meets safety standards. Thus, it gives peace of mind during use.

Special Features

  • Thermocouple flame failure shuts off the gas in case of any interruptions
  • A hammered bronze finish provides a rustic look
  • Elegant clear fire glass cover
  • Easy access door keeps the propane tank out of sight

2. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC 40,000 BTU Square Fire Pit Propane

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The rustic bronze finish of this fire pit blends well with other outdoor decors. Underneath is a durable steel construction that holds up well to outdoor elements. If you compare to the above models, this fire pit table has a larger top. It measures 38 inches with a burning area of 17 inches. With the cover on, it can make a spacious ding table. While most fire pit tables use lava rocks, this model uses fibreglass. It’s more reflective, which allows it to give off more heat.

The heat output is 40,000 BTUs. For the most part, it can warm an area of 15 feet all around. The fire pit uses piezo ignition. It’s more convenient and built to last for life. Moreover, it has an access door that allows you to keep your tank out of sight.

Special Features

  • New, improved packaging for safe delivery
  • Fibreglass makes it all the more elegant
  • Double access door conceals the gas tank and other stuff
  • Extra-large burning area disperses heat 15 feet all round

1. BALI OUTDOORS Rectangular Table Top Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

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Are you looking for a fire pit table with a spacious top? Or one with impressive heat output? Don’t worry since this fire pit table addresses both. It has the largest table top on our list, measuring 42 by 24 inches. That makes it a perfect choice to enjoy with family and friends. Also, it has removable ceramic tiles. Should you choose, you can easily change to another style.

So far, this fire pit table has the most heat output of 60,000 BTUs. Hence, it can disperse heat far and wide. Weather-resistant aluminium construction offers a long service life. Furthermore, it has a textured surface that adds style to your outdoor space.

Special Features

  • Excellent heat output of 60,000 BTUs reaches far and wide
  • Removable ceramic tiles allow you to change to another style
  • Large base storage conceals gas tank and accessories
  • Weatherproof aluminium construction

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