Best Professional Hair Clippers for Men In 2021

So you like to stay groomed always? and do you want to know how to cut hair with clippers? But don’t trust any random barber to give you a hair cut? Well, here come the professional hair clippers for men that give you full liberty in carrying out the perfect style for your hair. Coming with all the needed equipment, you can now style your hair as you please. Go for a faded hairstyle or a clean-cut, the clippers are going to give you the best look. It’s even appropriate for commercial uses.

Given a chance to pick the one that can provide flawless function, the men’s electric hair clippers review will not disappoint you. Find your ideal product right from the list.

Table of the Best Professional Hair Clippers Reviews

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10. OSTER Classic Universal Motor Hair Clipper

Professional Hair Clippers

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If there’s one motor clipper that has stood the test of time, once and always it is this ‘classic’ piece from OSTER! Inclusive of lubricating oil, blade guard, clipper grease, this is certainly perfect for effortless cutting. Its heavy-duty performance is quite surprisingly noiseless.

In fact, it is perfect for close shaves whether it is dry or wet hair that you are talking of. As a matter of fact, it is designed in the form of break-resistant housing, this is ultra-durable in nature. Given that, the double cryogen detachable blades come with size range between 000 to 1. It’s USP? The blade has an ample amount of torque to ensure a proper cut

Key features:

  • The motor hair clipper is 9-foot long heavy-duty power cord ensures avoiding of accidental cutting.
  • What makes it different? Ergonomic style with a single-speed universal motor.
  • Rather comes packed with instruction sheet and cleanliness accessories.

9. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

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Are you looking for a clipper that is stylish as well as ensures a proper grip? Wahl is the answer to your demands! With guide combs that are colour-coded, this pro clipper is known for its budget constraints and capabilities. Well, it quite in contrast to its competitors. Next, the soft hair clipper grip and colour-coded keys indeed make this better against its competitors.

Moreover, its high-carbon steel blades are extremely precise in nature with the self-sharpening capacity. Having a thumb-adjustable taper, therefore, it allows multiple lengths of cutting. Finally, smooth touching rubber grip with the utmost level of control maximising comfort level.

Key features:

  • Specifically, used minus the attachable combs for a close shave.
  • Inclusive of clipper blade cover, dual hair clips, blade oil, cleaning brush, neck duster and triple hair combs.
  • Certainly, comes cooped in handled storage case with an instruction manual.

8. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Home Electric Hair Clipper & Trimmer for Men

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Home Electric Hair Clipper & Trimmer for Men

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If premium, powerful and durable are your keywords, Wahl Elite Pro Clipper and Trimmer are the ones for you. As one of the most-opted clippers for home, this combo pack is known for its range of top-notch accessories. For that reason, it not only provides you with complete comfort but also ensure a perfect gift for one and all. Self-sharpening precision blades that are rather used to cut all types of hair.

The 8-foot hair clipper power cord is thick and maintains the utmost safety standards. Furthermore, the premium guide combs with secure fit and stainless-steel clips attached. Above all, it is integrated with durable motor for superior performance.

Key features:

  • Packed with premium accessories including scissors, blade oil, cleaning brush, comb, blade guard and cord wrap.
  • The motor is known for its 15% enhanced power level.
  • 10-combs indeed come with tapered level and tight fastening.
  • Have high-quality metal guards instead of plastic ones.

7. Wahl Professional Hair Clippers for Barbers & Stylists

Wahl Professional Cordless Hair Clipper for Barbers & Stylists

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With professionals, Wahl is the common name! Compared to its competitors, its products are cost-effective, durable and offer the best range of clips. Adding up to its range of positives, this Magic Clip from its domain is another winner in terms of its style, precision and product specifications. Its 5-star rating is a show-stealer. It certainly comes with specified zero-overlap blades for ultimate precious and superior speed.

The commercial hair clipper is pretty comfortable to work with and stylish to look at. However, its 6.25-inches long and facilitates in nice blending as well as fading.

Key features:

  • Has the 5-Star cordless magic clip with a taper lever for easy blending.
  • Works on a Lithium-Ion battery that rather works on a 90+ time limit.
  • Includes instruction manual, cleaning brush, recharging transformer and red blade guard.

6. WONER Quiet Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers – Body Hair Removal Machine

WONER Quiet Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers - Body Hair Removal Machine

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Extensively designed for professional hands, this hair trimmer from WONER. Coming in 16-pieces within a storage case, this hair trimmer consistently for 3-hours. Its ceramic blade ensures its professional touch that cuts through the toughest of hair at a sudden go. The operation of this cordless hair clipper has 2000mAh lithium battery with a 3.7V motor.

In addition to that, it is indeed carved out of titanium and ceramic, this blade combines both simplicity and sharpness. Next, it’s known for its 35 cutting ranges with a precision range of 5 categories. Above all, it has an ultra-quiet motor with minimal vibration

Key features:

  • Backed by the 12-month free replacement policy.
  • The package certainly includes 9-guards, charger adapter, cleaning brush, comb and scissors.
  • For universal usage, it works on 110-240V range.

5. CCEENWES Professional Electric Cordless Hair Clippers

CCEENWES Professional Electric Cordless Hair Clippers

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The primary reason for which CEENWES has made it to the list is its user-friendly approach coupled with a manual. With titanium blades and ion battery of the green-lithium variety, this set produces a noise level of 50dB. So, apart from adults, even kids can make use of it.

For years together this is the ideal setting to choose whether it is about durability or sharpness. Furthermore, the titanium blade is rather a combination of anti-corrosion/anti-bacterial as well as anti-allergy

Key features:

  • Comes with multiple guide combs ranging from 3-18 mm in multiples of 3.
  • Have a precision motor added with low vibration tone, as a result, efficiency in work is guaranteed.
  • To ensure maximum safety measures angle blade of the R-shaped obtuse format.

4. Wahl Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

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Sleek, light in weight and better-stocked kit compared to its competitors. This cordless clipper acts best not only for professionals but also ensures to be the best gift for all. Having a rich variety of accessories, this clipper has twice the power and surely provides you with the best service. However, with a 10-minute charging time, this works up to 2 hours of usage.

Next, it allows no-snag this has heavy-duty motor power of capacity of 50%.  Having 2 hours running time, it is indeed 40% faster than other products.

Key features:

  • Self-sharpening blades with multiple guide comb rather facilitate in making your own pick.
  • Precision blades ensure detailed trimming.
  • In case of emergency – comes with “quick charge” version.

3. Liberex Professional Electric Hair Cutter Machine Kit

Liberex Professional Electric Hair Cutter Machine Kit

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Coming with dual facilities of rechargeable and cordless, this clipper is one quality product that is trusted at all times. Minus heat production, this helps to cut your hair immediately ensuring consistent runtime of 180-minutes. With 4-hours of charging period, this hair clipper is one of the sharpest that you would have used.

Looking for safety measures? The R-shaped edge design is truly worth noting.  Known for its 4-attachment combs, it indeed offers 5 length control of ultimate precision. Nonetheless, it is ergonomic in nature with dual modes for charging.

Key features:

  • Has a lithium power battery of 2000mAh, as a result, will last long.
  • The combination of ceramic and titanium blades is self-sharpening in nature.
  • Compact, lightweight as well as low in terms of motor noise makes it an amazing buy.

2. Wahl Professional Ultra-Powerful Full Size Clipper Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Ultra-Powerful Full Size Clipper Hair Clipper

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A novice at trimming? In that case, this super taper clipper is just what you require. Its top-notch functioning is surely a winner but its aesthetic appeal is no less. Hence, for a smooth and precise haircut, this is the trimmer that you must choose for yourself!

An enhanced measure, this has a professional grade 8-foot long cord. As a matter of fact, it is a chemical-resistant part of the company’s professional range. Lastly, this delivers a sharp performance at every step

Key features:

  • Works on v5000 motor and is extremely durable in nature.
  • Heavy-duty in nature, this rather works well on thick hair types.
  • Comes packed with 8 attachment combs, clipper, cleaning oil and red blade guard.

1. Philips Norelco Series 7100 Professional Hair Clippers

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More of a shaver than a mere clipper, this clipper from Philips Norelco is one sleek device. With a comfortable grip, it is both durable as well as lightweight. Next, its battery has a built-in-turbo boost to ensure utmost efficiency as well as passes the test of time. Clearly, this is one of its kinds to try out.

Moreover, it is engineered to perform the best with a battery light indicator. Having a DualCut Technology, it allows double sharpened blade with a reduced amount of friction. Lastly, to enhance the cutting speed, this rather has a turbo power button. Therefore, no oil required. Also, it ensures easy storage as well as hassle-free cutting with 24-length settings.

Allowing maximum power, this has lithium-ion cordless power format. In conclusion, it’s known for its precision-based trimming option with customising availability.

Key features:

  • Have 120-minutes of cordless usage.
  • Self-sharpening in nature with titanium blades that are certainly washable.
  • Rechargeable battery with 1-hour charging time.

Now hold onto your personal style and give yourself a makeover whenever you feel like. The hair clipper kit consists of all the needed equipment that will keep you groomed.

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