Best Portable Tool Boxes for Tool Storage Reviews In 2021

Be it an electrician, craftsman, mechanic, or DIYer, we all value our assortment of tools just as much as we value our line of trade. We do everything possible to protect them from loss and damage. Not to mention, keep them organized in one place for easy access. Of all storage solutions imaginable, portable tool boxes are perhaps the most cost-effective. It’s compact enough to bring along wherever you go. And depending on the model, it can accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories.

The best toolbox isn’t the most expensive. Neither is it the most spacious or stylish. Instead, it should be durable, portable, and large enough for your assortment of tools. Moreover, it should keep the contents secure. Using such criteria, we’ve rounded up the best models to consider.

Table of the Best Portable Tool Boxes Reviews

10. DEWALT DWST17806 Tstak VI Portable Tool Boxes

Portable Tool Boxes

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Dewalt isn’t only at the forefront of power tool manufacture, but it also leads the list in the power tool storage segment. Take this toolbox, for instance. It’s by far the best-selling model at the time of writing. It’s a pretty deep toolbox with two cubic feet of storage. Well, that’s roomy enough to fit power tools, both corded and cordless. Moreover, it has a removable tray that offers easy access to essential tools.

Side latches and grooves make this toolbox stackable. Such flexibility provides room for different combinations.

This toolbox offers rugged durability. It comes in heavy-duty plastic, complete with metal latches and hinges. Such a tough construction enables it to support up to 44 pounds worth of tools.

9. Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box – Organization and Storage Chest for Power Drill

Portable Tool Boxes

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Keter might not be a familiar name in the power tool segment. But when it comes to tool storage, this brand ranks among the best. The Master-loader toolbox is among its best creations. It’s more like a portable shop, providing simple organization for tools and accessories.

This toolbox has two drawers, each with six removable bins for small parts and accessories. Not to mention, it has a sizeable chest for power tools. Plus, the box is lockable for security. Master-loader holds 66.15 pounds worth of tools. And thanks to 7-inch casters and extendable handle, it’s easier to wheel around such weight.

Sturdy polypropylene construction offers much-needed durability and strength. It neither rusts nor dents. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and provides all-weather performance.

8. DEWALT Tool Tote with Removable Power Tool Case

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Dewalt makes it to the list again. Well, it isn’t much of a surprise, considering its excellent reputation. This time, it’s a sleek tool tote with a removable case. This toolbox comes in two sections. It has a top case, large enough to fit power tools and small parts. Also, you can remove or install the case with the push of a button.

There’s a large compartment below the top case. It provides 175 square inches of storage. Not to mention, it’s deep enough to hold up to three power tools.

This time, Dewalt settled for a longer handle. Unlike shorter versions, it provides an excellent grip. Moreover, it comes in metal. So, there’s zero chance it will snap.

This toolbox has a heavy-duty, durable structure. It has rust-resistant metal latches for security. Not to mention, a heavy-duty plastic shell that’s virtually indestructible.

7. Apollo Tools DT5010 Heavy-Duty Steel Tool Chest with Drawers

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You can easily mistake Apollo DT5010 for a high-end briefcase. But it’s forgivable, considering its sleek, sophisticated look. Though it looks expensive, this toolbox is pretty affordable.

Apollo DT5010 has a deep storage compartment at the top. Not to mention, two drawers for maximum organization. And with ball bearings, opening and closing the drawers is smooth and quiet. Also, the drawers have non-slip liners that keep items from rolling as you open.

This toolbox comes in powder-coated steel for heavy-duty performance. It neither rusts nor dents easily. The chrome latch, besides providing security, also accents the black shell for added elegance.

Apollo DT5010 comes with a carry handle for easy transportation. Though it comes in heavy-duty steel, it weighs only 11 pounds. Hence, it’s pretty portable.

6. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

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WEN is a brand with years of expertise in power tools and generators. Unknown to many, WEN also ranks at the top in the toolbox segment. WEN 73015 toolbox is an all-rounder built for versatile storage, portability, and rugged performance. And with other extras, it ticks all the relevant boxes.

WEN 73015 combines two functions in one package. It’s a toolbox but also doubles as a stool. After all, it can support up to 350 pounds comfortably.

This toolbox takes tool storage and organization the extra mile. It has three drawers, each with 168 cubic inches of storage. Alongside that are two magnetic side trays for screws and bolts. The trays extend out or fold when the need arises. Well, it doesn’t end there. This toolbox also has 16 storage slots for screwdrivers, wrenches, and more.

As mentioned, WEN 73015 doubles as a seat. So, to improve user comfort, it has a padded top upholstered in vinyl. This toolbox comes with four heavy-duty casters that allow movement in any direction.

5. BIG RED Torin Hip Roof Style Portable Steel Tool Box with Metal Latch Closure

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Big Red TB102 adopts a straightforward, minimalist design. Not to mention, it’s the most affordable on our list. But as inexpensive as it is, this toolbox has a level of quality that deserves a nod.

The hip-style roof is a thoughtful design. Though a bit negligible, it adds an inch or so of space. Also, it ensures nothing comes in the way of the lid as you close.

The interior is one continuous open space. Though it doesn’t offer room for fancy organization, it offers ample storage, up to 500 cubic inches. It can fit most power tools up to 16 inches long.

Big Red TB102 has a latch for security and a grip handle for the lid. The latch is heavily plated. And with the heavy-gauge steel construction, it provides strong and solid performance. Also, the steel has a powder coat finish to resist corrosion.

4. Erie Tools Heavy-Duty Portable Toolbox Organizer with Auto-Locking Handle

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Most toolboxes on the list provide ample storage, no doubt. However, the Erie toolbox goes the extra mile, offering twice the storage capacity of other models. It has a top tier toolbox boasting a comfortable foldable handle. Inside are a removable 3-section tray and a storage bin nine inches deep.

The middle tier has three pull-out trays, each with eight sections for easy organization. The shelves hold nuts, bolts, and other accessories. The bottom tier has a fold-out storage bin, deep enough to accommodate power tools and protective equipment.

Overall, this toolbox provides up to three cubic feet of storage. Stainless steel latches keep the contents secure. And with polypropylene shell, this toolbox can hold up well in tough job conditions.

Moreover, the Erie toolbox has an automatic locking handle. Not to mention, you can extend it for added comfort. Plus, it comes with two wheels for easy mobility around the job site.

3. Akro-Mils ProBox Plastic Tool Box – Craft Storage Toolbox with Removable Tray

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Akro-Mils is a pretty compact toolbox but sturdy and with ample storage. It comes in two colors: red and clear see-through version. This toolbox comes in industrial-grade plastic. Hence, it can take quite a beating. Not to mention, it has rounded edges for safety.

There are two storage sections in this toolbox. It has a sizeable lift-out tray complete with a handle. Though not quite as large, it has a decent size for storing small parts.

Below the tray is a deep storage bin. It provides up to 700 cubic inches of storage. So, it can pretty much accommodate power tools, up to 13 inches long. Furthermore, there’s a latch that can fit a padlock to keep the contents secure.

2. DEWALT DWST08204 Portable Tool Boxes – Tough System

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Another decent toolbox from Dewalt. But this time, it’s larger and with rugged durability to match. As the name suggests, this is one sturdy toolbox. It has a robust 4mm thick wall made of structural foam. Not only can it withstand tremendous pressure, but it’s also eight times stiffer than the average plastic materials. Surprisingly, it’s lighter in weight for easy mobility.

Such a level of robustness gives this toolbox remarkable stability for stand-alone use. And with an IP65 rating, this toolbox is entirely waterproof, keeping the contents dry and rust-free. Like most Dewalt toolboxes, you can stack on top of each other. Hence, you can expand storage capacity but save space at the same time.

This toolbox is as rugged as it’s spacious. It has a removable top tray for small tools and parts. Not to mention, vertical storage for screwdrivers, wrenches, and more. But it doesn’t end there. This toolbox also has a sizeable bin for power tools.

For such an extra-large case, Dewalt DWST08204 can comfortably accommodate 110 pounds worth of tools and accessories. The good news is that it can fit the Tough-System trolley, making it easy to wheel around the bulk.

1. GEARWRENCH Black Steel Tool Box with Drawers

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Like Apollo, the Gear Wrench toolbox offers fancy looks with a sleek design. It’s truly a centerpiece and an excellent choice for the stylish mechanic.

Looks don’t matter a lot in a toolbox. At least not like durability and storage capacity. But then, it can make a good impression and draw attention your way. Well, that’s what Gear Wrench toolbox does, thanks to black powder-coated steel accented in chrome hardware.

But Gear Wrench is not all about fancy looks. As mentioned, it comes in powder-coated steel, making it sturdy and durable. And with chrome hardware, it’s less likely to rust in its lifetime.

Gear Wrench toolbox has ample storage. Not to mention, a ton of storage options. It has a top compartment that offers 320 cubic inches of storage. Alongside that are three pull-out drawers. The drawers slide on ball bearings, making them quiet and effortless to pull. Moreover, this toolbox has a keyed center lock. Not to mention, a pair of latches. As such, it keeps the contents safe.

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