Best Portable Steam Saunas for Recovery & Weight Loss Reviews

Spa membership, in most cases, can be quite pricey. Worse still, it can cost you valuable time. But here’s the thing. Portable at-home steam saunas can provide the same results. Plus, they’re more economical. Other than the normal benefits of a sauna, you can fold them into a small size for storage. There are lots of different brands out there. Again, they’re quite similar. Hence, it can be quite tricky to narrow down the best portable steam saunas.

To make it easier, we give a breakdown of the best-rated portable steam saunas. Therefore, take time to read through the reviews to see what each has to offer. After all, it will give you a good idea of what model matches your needs.

Table of the Best Portable Steam Saunas Reviews

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10. Sauna Rocket Home Steam Sauna Kit for Recovery, Weight Loss & Relaxation

Portable Steam Saunas

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For the record, this is the only portable full-body steam sauna kit. Hence, it makes an excellent choice for full-body relief. It has a floor area of 1024 square inches. Thus, it’s large enough for most body types. Again, this sauna kit is among the most powerful. Take the steam generator, for instance. It heats up pretty fast and steams in under 5 minutes.

The kit is soft-sided, allowing it to pack flat for easy storage. The remote control offers added convenience. Furthermore, this sauna kit has a mood light. It provides colour light therapy to restore balance.

Special Features

  • Offers full-body steaming experience in minutes
  • A high-powered steamer provides a good level of heat and humidity
  • A spacious interior fits most body types

9. Durherm Portable Therapeutic Spa Steam Sauna at Home

Durherm Portable Therapeutic Spa Steam Sauna at Home

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Durherm offers the benefits of a regular sauna in a compact form. So, if you don’t have a lot of space, this portable steam sauna is for you. Despite the size, this is one feature-rich steam sauna. The tent comfortably fits one person. Again, it has a PVC frame. Hence, it’s pretty light and requires basic assembly.

The tent comes with an 800W steam generator. It heats up fast and gets hot to around 45 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can take fast sauna baths if you have a few minutes to spare. Also, it comes with a built-in timer of up to 60 minutes. There are zippered outlets for your head and hands. As such, it eliminates the risk of suffocation.

Special Features

  • Lightweight and easy to fold for storage
  • 800W steamer offers gym-quality performance
  • Detachable PVC frame makes assembly a breeze
  • Temperature is adjustable in 9-degree increments to suit your taste

8. AW 2L Portable Home Steam Sauna Spa Folding Tent

AW 2L Portable Home Steam Sauna Spa Folding Tent

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We think the leg holds are one feature that sets this steam sauna apart. In fact, you rarely find them in other portable steam saunas. The leg-holds make the sauna more versatile. For instance, it gives the option of a full-body sauna or only a foot spa. Again, it’s an ideal choice for a sauna that can reach higher temperatures. For the record, it attains temperatures of up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

It produces plenty of steam, similar to the Durherm steam sauna. But it comes with something extra, a herbal box. It allows you to use essential oils and flowers without creating a mess. Furthermore, this steam sauna has a one-piece design. Therefore, it’s easy to set up or fold down.

Special Features

  • Two leg-holds give the option of only foot spa
  • A herbal box accommodates essential oils and herbs
  • One-piece design makes it easy to set up or fold away for storage

7. AW Portable Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna

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