Best Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kits Reviews In 2021

As the non-renewable sources of energy continue to deplete, it is certainly time to opt for clean renewable energy sources. And what is better than solar energy? In order to harness solar energy, you obviously need solar panels. Nevertheless, conventional solar panels are heavy and you will not be able to carry them with yourself. Hence, you need an alternative. So, it is high time you opt for the portable solar panel kits. These are indeed perfect for your mobile home or RV. And you can easily install them without any issue.

The concept may seem to be new to you but the users cannot be denied. Hence, here are the top 10 picks amongst all the products that are purchase-worthy.

Table of the Best Portable Solar Panel Kits Reviews

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10. Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kits

Portable Solar Panel Kits

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With this solar panel kit from Renogy, you can take your first step towards off-grid electricity or add to your existing off-grid capacity. You get a pair of microcrystalline solar panels that are of high quality and give you immense output in suitable conditions. Next, you can use them at your home, mobile home, RV and more. The panels come preinstalled with durable aluminium stands which keep the overall structure lightweight and lets you install them easily. Since the stands are from aluminium you don’t need to worry about rusting and it is quite resistant to corrosion.

For use at your boat, RV and trailer you also get a negative-ground charge controller for safe use. Another important component of the kit is the 20 amp solar charge controller that supports 5 stages. It also has safety measures to prevent overcharging and thus minimizes the risk of fire.

Key features:

  • Compatible with different types of battery packs, from sealed and gel to flooded and lithium batteries.
  • The charge controller is weather-resistant and doesn’t get affected by water splashes.
  • The portable solar panel suitcase comes with a hard protective casing for safety and durability.

9. DOKIO 80W 12V/18V Portable Foldable Mono Solar Panel USB Kit

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Dokio offers you an incredible foldable solar panel kit that comes with monocrystalline solar panels. As a result, offer more charge than traditional solar panels. Both the panels can give you 80 watts of power output. Ir is more than enough for plenty of small appliances and electronics while you are out camping or on the go in your trailer.

Moreover, the cells can function at extreme temperature ranges that go from -45-degrees Celcius to 80-degrees Celcius. So whether you are out in hot or cold regions, as long as you have sunshine you can get electricity.

Key features:

  • The controller has wide compatibility with both 24-volt systems and 12-volt systems.
  • Its LCD display on the controller shows all necessary information.
  • The panel has fabric protection that has high-quality sewing.

8. ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kits for Battery, Power Bank & Generator

ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kits for Battery, Power Bank & Generator

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This solar charging kit from Eco-worthy comes in a light and thin foldable form factor. Therefore, allows you to carry it wherever you want. It can fit under your bed and can leave most of the room in the boot space after you set it aside vertically. Just unbuckle the straps and unfold the four panels and set it in the best position you can get.

It comes with plenty of cables along with a charging controller. Therefore, lets you DIY a link to batteries or other devices within mere minutes. You also get 8 different types of adapters to plug into different DC inlets. Finally, you also get clips to connect to your car battery and give it the necessary boost.

Key features:

  • The outer shell has been made from durable oxford fabric that can stand the test of time.
  • Supports deep cycle AGM batteries and lithium battery power stations for best end results.
  • Monocrystalline solar panels are superior to their traditional counterparts.

7. TP-solar 60W 12V RV Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit

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TP-solar brings to you a solar panel kit that can provide you with high efficiency. You can simply keep charging from its monocrystalline solar panels that have 60 watts rating. You don’t need to worry about complicated permanent installations. Just fold it up to transport anywhere and unfold to set up on a flat or uneven surface without any issues. It also supports QuickCharge 3.0 that automatically identifies your device and charges it up with the appropriate output settings.

You don’t have to concern yourself about the longevity of these panels since they have been laminated with ETFE material.

Key features:

  • Solar panels are waterproof to handle unpredictable weather conditions.
  • The waterproof portable solar panel kit has USB ports as well for charging solutions.
  • Panels can last you for as long as 15 years.

6. CHAFON Portable 80W Solar Panel for Van RV Travel with QC3.0 USB Quick Charger

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Chafon has packed their solar charging kit in one neat and clean form so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. There are four solar panels of premium quality that are bound to the foldable case. That means you can fold up or unfold your whole kit within seconds and set it up within an equally short time. Carrying the case is also extremely easy since it has straps with PU handles that are soft on your hands and weighs just over 6 pounds.

Unlike other foldable solar panels, this one features a kickstand. You don’t need to pray for the sun to maintain its gaze on a flat solar panel. Instead, you can set it up at the desired angle for the best positioning and power output. This kit delivers 80 watts of solar charging and has high-quality solar cells so that you get a boost in efficiency.

Key features:

  • USB output from the controller supports fast charging and can deliver a massive output of 18 watts.
  • Since this is a low voltage system you don’t have to worry about shock hazards.
  • The portable solar panel charger is always ready to use and doesn’t require any assembly.

5. Texas Solar 12V 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit

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This solar panel kit from Texas Solar is from top quality components so that you can get the most out of your investments. The panel itself is from polycrystalline material that can stand the test of time and the tempered glass protects them. Unlike other manufacturers the tempered glass has low iron, is highly transparent and isn’t reflective at all.

So the tempered glass allows sun rays to penetrate easily without any distortions. Therefore, it doesn’t allow rain, hails and dust to damage the solar panels. Finally, it certainly runs on 100W to never compromise on the quality of the product.

Key features:

  • Each day this panel can give you a massive output of 580 Wh.
  • On material and workmanship, you get an industry-leading warranty of 5 years.
  • Apart from being stiff, it will successfully tolerate all sort of impacts.

4. ACOPOWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit

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One of the biggest advantages of this solar panel kit compared to others is its certified water resistance. Not like products from competing manufacturers, this one has an IP67 rating and can even work in water. The 20 amp charge controller you get with this kit is waterproof as well. Plus, it lets you connect to different devices and batteries.

You can also connect it with another kit and expand the output of your kit to a total of 200 watts. It certainly has two solar panels of 50Watts each for providing maximum performance. Lastly, it enables fast set-up, so you never have to spend too much time behind this.

Key features:

  • Have certifications from reputed organizations like CE.
  • The many portable solar panel LED indicators are for different components like load and charging status.
  • Supports sealed, GEL and flooded batteries, as a result, extreme diversity.

3. MEGSUN 200 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kits – Monocrystalline Solar Panel Charger

MEGSUN 200 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kits - Monocrystalline Solar Panel Charger

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Megsun has made a high output 200-watt solar panel kit that would allow you to extend your days out in the wild. In fact, the kit lets you cut down on the energy bill while you are on the go. The panels are protected in a fabric shell and have integrated carrying handles. Therefore, let you move them around easily. The kit is foldable as well and occupies a minimal amount of space in folded condition.

You don’t have to sacrifice a significant amount of your garage or boot space when you aren’t using it. Having a monocrystalline solar panel, you can charge all sorts of batteries.

Key features:

  • Comes with cabled crocodile clips to charge up your vehicle’s battery.
  • Can offer you a maximum current output of 11.12 amps that is sufficient for most electronic devices.

2. Zamp Solar 90 Watt Portable Solar Panel Kits

 Zamp Solar 90 Watt Portable Solar Panel Kits

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Another excellent solar panel kit that you can effortlessly use on your boat, RV, camp and more without any complicated installations. The solar panels are encased in an aluminium frame and have stands at the back. That’s why you can set them up at an appropriate angle. The aluminium construction makes the kit very durable.

As a matter of fact, the foldable nature brings you convenience in both transportation and storage. With this kit, you can increase the runtime of the batteries you have and never run out of power.

Key features:

  • Coincidentally, the battery life of the devices will be increased by 2 to 3 times.
  • It comes with a 25 year period warranty cover for power output.

1. Kingsolar 100W Portable Solar Panel Charger with 5V USB 18V DC Dual Output

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Kingsolar has designed this with an innovative design that makes it comfortable to use and delivers high efficiency. Some parts of the kit are of soft leather so that hard metal surface doesn’t dig into your skin. The case that you get for carrying the kit has been made from highly durable materials to last for a long time. It has silicon handles that don’t slip and plastic buckles that are unlatched with minimal motion. The solar panel is also rotatable 360-degrees. Therefore, allows you perfect positioning depending on the cloud cover and angle of the sun.

The dual voltage controller is at the front of the case and the external zipped liner protects it. It can give you an output of 18volts in DC and an output of 5volts via the USB port.

Key features:

  • In an ideal condition, the solar charging kit can deliver 100 watts of output.
  • Lightweight design at less than 6 pounds makes it easy to carry and transport.
  • You can charge several devices including inverters, batteries, phones, tablets, laptops and more.

Keep the charge of the devices fully intact. The portable solar panel kit for camping or home will not let you go out of battery even if there is no electricity to charge them.

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