Top Best Portable Gas Grills | Propane Grills for Camping Reviews In 2021

The hot summer and the warm days of spring allow people to get outdoors. You can choose to go on a weekend camping trip. Or maybe head out for a picnic. Whichever the case, portable gas grills will add fun and satisfy your cravings for grilled food. You can lug it to the beach, campsite, or park, giving you great flexibility and convenience.

We are here to provide a complete roundup of the best portable grills for camping and travel. We vote Weber Q1200 gas grill the best overall. It outperforms all the other competitors, both at slow grilling and high-heat searing. But for the lovers of smoky charcoal flavor, the Fire Sense Black Notebook charcoal grill will make your day.

Well, there are other top-of-the-line portable grills to consider. Without further ado, here are the ten best-rated portable grills.

Table of the Best Portable Gas Grills Reviews

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10. Cuisinart CGG-180TB Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Portable Gas Grills

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As small as it is, Cuisinart Petite cooks larger. It has 145 square inches of cooking surface. Hence, it can accommodate a lot of food to cater to the entire family.

A simple twist of the electric ignition delivers 5,500 BTU of heat. It’s not as much as other models have to offer. However, it’s among the best in its category. It heats fast and uniformly. And with the precision temperature gauge, provides excellent cooking results each time.

Petite is no nickname. This portable gas grill earns it. At 17 pounds, it’s compact enough to take anywhere. The legs provide a stable base while in use. But once done, they fold easily for transportation. Also, this tabletop grill has a briefcase-style handle to improve portability.


Cuisinart Petite gives the convenience of a compact design but with ample cooking surface. Not to mention, it’s from a world-famous brand. Hence, high cooking performance is an assurance.

9. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

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Cuisinart CGG-306 gives a lifetime of enjoyment. It’s an all-stainless steel grill, providing uniform heating and much-needed durability.

Two burners give enough firepower to deliver 20,000 BTU. Each has dedicated temperature control. Hence, you have more control over the heat. You can tone it up or down for warming, roasting, searing, and much more. For the record, you can crank up the temperature to as high as 350 degrees Celsius.

At 276.75 square inches, the cooking area is spacious enough for large cuts of meat, turkey, chicken, and more. And with the automatic ignition, this gas grill gets you cooking in an instant.

Cuisinart CGG-306 weighs only 22 pounds. It’s compact, and the legs fold after use. And with the built-in handle, you can take it anywhere easily.


Cuisinart CGG-306 combines raw grilling power and the durability of stainless steel. If you need a grill that gives you more control over the temperature, Cuisinart CGG-306 is your best bet.

8. Coleman Road Trip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

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The Coleman brand needs no introduction in the portable grill segment. Road Trip 285 is among its best creations. This propane grill is convenient to travel and cook with.

Road Trip 285 is a grill on wheels. Not to mention, it has quick-fold legs. Hence, it’s easier to set up and transport.

This gas grill has three independent burners. As such, you have three temperature zones. And with the built-in thermometer, it offers precision for cooking different types of food. The burners provide 3,250 to 20,000 BTU of grilling power. Not to mention, they give 20% better control.

Road Trip 285 has a cooking surface area of 285 square inches. The cooktops are swappable. For instance, you can swap the cast iron grill with stove grates or griddles. Thanks to the two sliding tables, this gas grill provides a place for utensils and cooking ingredients.

Moreover, the grill has a grease management system. It saves you a ton of cleaning work, making your life in the camp easier.


Road Trip 285 is a versatile gas grill with flexible cooking options. If you cook different types of food in one go, Road Trip 285 is your best bet.

7. Camp Chef Big Portable Gas Grills

Camp Chef Big Portable Gas Grills

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Camp Chef is easily the best large portable gas grill. And at 608 square inches, it holds the record for the largest cooking surface.

Aside from providing ample cooking surface, it has the most heat output. Three cast aluminum burners provide 90,000 BTU of grilling power. Each has fully-adjustable temperature control and built-in temperature gauge. Hence, this is a grill that cooks anything you throw at it.

Thanks to matchless ignition, this gas grill is ready to cook out of the box. Also, it uses pre-seasoned cast iron grate. It sears perfectly and retains heat better. Hence, you can cook with confidence.

Heat diffuser plates make quick work of the cleaning process. They convert the flame into infrared heat, vaporizing greasy drippings in an instant.

Camp Chef grill comes with a lid damper. It controls smoke and heat. At the same time, it locks in the flavor. The side shelf is a nice touch. It folds out to provide a place for your sauce and utensils.

Well, Camp Chef Big is a stand-alone grill. It has four legs, which you can adjust independently to provide rock-solid stability. Not to mention, the 3-position height adjustment makes it comfortable for most users, both short and tall. Once done, you can remove the legs for easy transportation.

Aside from the grill box, Camp Chef comes with a hose and regulator. After all, it’s a complete gas grill for a reason.


Camp Chef Big allows you to cook larger and effortlessly. Also, the package includes most of the things you need to get started. We vote it the best for large group camping.

6. Coleman RoadTrip LX Propane Grill

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Coleman has an assortment of portable grills. LX is another model that stands out among the Road Trip series. It compares favorably with Road Trip 285, but with one advantage.

Perfect flow technology is a feature that gives this gas grill and edge. It allows the grill to hold up well in extreme conditions. Hence, it promises consistent performance each time.

The LX has two burners compared to three in Road Trip 285. However, they have the same heat output of 20,000 BTU. Not to mention, a grilling area of 285 square inches.

Thanks to a swappable design, you can switch the grill grates for a stove grate or griddle. Also, the LX gas grill has an instant start ignition. Hence, you won’t be fussing around with matches.

Side tables hold your ingredients and cooking tools. Instead of wheels, LX only has a collapsible stand and feet. However, that doesn’t make it any less portable.


Coleman LX is among the best for extreme outdoor conditions. It provides steady heat each time and is fully adjustable to your needs.

5. Coleman Fold N Go – Tabletop Propane Grill for Camping

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Coleman doesn’t specialize only in large grills. They have this “mini” grill that ranks among the best in portability. Despite the size, it rivals other large models in terms of cooking performance.

As the name suggests, this gas grill opens and folds easily. It folds to a size smaller than a briefcase. Plus, it has a built-in handle for extra portability.

Well, let not the small size fool you. This propane grill offers 6,000 BTU of cooking power. At 105 square inches, the cooking surface is quite impressive for a grill its size.

Perfect flow technology is another cutting-edge feature. It provides steady heat output, even in extreme weather conditions.

The horseshoe burner is another significant feature. It’s adjustable for precise temperature control and uniform heating. Thanks to the instant start button, this gas grill ignites without needing a lighter or matches.

Cleaning is also easier, thanks to the removable grease tray. It catches all drippings and is dishwasher safe.


Coleman Fold and Go grill provides extra-portable convenience. Though small, it packs impressive power and cutting-edge features. It’s easily the best gas grill for anyone on a tight budget.

4. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

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Few grills can match the durability of Char-Broil X200. It’s built like a tank, providing ultimate durability on the go. Not to mention, it has incredible cooking power to match.

The firebox and the lid come in cast aluminum. The latches and the grates, on the other hand, come in stainless steel. So, this is a grill that can withstand rough handling.

The Tru-Infrared technology is a significant selling point of this gas grill. It has a ton of benefits. First, it eliminates flare-ups. Hence, it leaves the food juicer and with more flavor. At the same time, it eliminates hot and cold spots for faster and uniform cooking.

Push-button ignition allows the grill to light with ease. Plus, the temperature gauge mounts on the lid. Hence, it’s easier to monitor and control.

This gas grill provides 200 square inches of cooking area, which is more than average. It has built-in legs for stand-alone performance. Not to mention, built-in handles for portability.


Char-Broil X200 provides a level of durability like no other. It’s exceptionally resistant to impact with impressive cooking performance to match. If you need a decent, road-worthy grill built for easy travel, Char-Broil X200 will suffice.

3. Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grills

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Cuisinart CGG-059 is quite a beauty and with a compact footprint that sits comfortably on a small table. Also, it’s the most affordable among Cuisinart portable gas grills.

Aside from the compact, streamlined design, this gas grill comes light. It weighs only 10 pounds, making it easier to transport. Not to mention, it offers a tool-free setup in under 5 minutes.

At 146 square inches, the cooking surface isn’t the largest. But then it’s spacious enough to accommodate steak, burgers, chicken, and more. Also, few products in its category can match the heat output of 8,000 BTU.

This gas grill has porcelain enamel cooking grate. It offers non-stick performance, making it easier to clean. Again, it distributes heat uniformly, allowing your food to cook whole.

The hood lifts for total access. Once done, it locks down via latches for easy storage and transportation.


Cuisinart CGG-059 offers a sleek design with an exceptional, contained cooking area. For the price, CGG-059 is one grill that’s hard to beat.

2. Coleman Sportster Portable Propane Camping Grill

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Coleman Sportster is another stand-alone gas grill that you can wheel around with ease. All the while, it offers impressive grilling power and hassle-free cleaning.

The collapsible, wheeled stand and briefcase-style design make it travel-friendly. Also, it has a secure latch to keep the lid from popping open during transportation.

Coleman Sportster offers 225 square inches of cooking area, enough to cater to three people. Also, it has an impressive grilling power of 11,000 BTU.

Porcelain-coated steel grate allows for non-stick cooking. And as you grill, the removable tray catches all grease drippings. Hence, you get to grill more and clean less.

The brand claims an impressive runtime. On a 16.4-ounce cylinder, it can last 2 hours on high setting.


Coleman Sportster provides wheeled portability with a pretty good cooking performance. It doesn’t have fancy features like other wheeled models from Coleman. However, it does a remarkable job.

1. Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

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Out of the box, Weber Q1200 creates the impression of a compact, sturdy gas grill. Well, it meets such expectations with much more to offer.

The cook box comes in cast aluminum to provide much-needed durability. Not to mention, it requires minimal maintenance and holds up well to all grilling temperatures.

Aside from extra-durability, the cook box adopts a unique shape. It circulates heat evenly around the food. The best part, it accomplishes that with direct or indirect heating.

Weber Q1200 offers 8,500 BTU of heat with a cooking area of 189 square inches. Moreover, it offers infinite temperature control. Hence, you can fine-tune to your liking.

The cooking grates come in porcelain-enameled cast iron. As such, you get the best of both worlds. It has the superior heat retention of cast iron and the ease of porcelain enamel. Hence, it sears food evenly and is easier to clean.

Weber uses high-grade stainless steel tubes for the burners. They adopt a single-piece design with no welds. So, they’re stronger and with excellent resistance to rust.

Moreover, the grill comes with a removable grease tray to catch the juices that drip off the meat. The grill has two side shelves for cooking utensils and ingredients. It has a stand-alone design. However, you can place on a tabletop to achieve a comfortable height.


Weber Q1200 is a gold-standard for portable grills. It combines cutting-edge features to provide the best performance every time. And with a good brand name to back it up, we vote Weber Q1200 the best on our list.

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