Best Buy Portable Paper Shredders for Office and Home Use Reviews

We often go to greater lengths to protect sensitive, personal information. Whether in the form of paper documents, CDs, or credit cards, we all have something to protect. However, when it’s time to dispose of, such vital information can end up in the wrong hands. Are you looking for the best solution? Well, it’s high time you try out the best paper shredders. They reduce documents into cross-cuts, micro-cuts, or strip cuts, making it impossible for anyone to salvage sensitive information.

Whether for home, office, or small businesses, there are decent models out there that will meet your needs and budget. In this article, we break down the features of our top picks to help you narrow down your choices.

Table of the Best Paper Shredders Reviews

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10. Aurora AU870MA 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

Paper Shredders

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Aurora AU870MA shreds eight sheets of paper at a time. It isn’t the largest capacity out there. However, it’s excellent for light to medium tasks.

The high-security micro-cut makes this paper shredder stand out. Unlike typical cross-cut models, it shreds paper six times smaller. At 4mm x 12mm, it offers a P-4 level of protection, the highest possible. Aside from micro-cutting papers, it can also destroy credit cards, staples, and clips.

This paper shredder has an angled feed to keep your fingers safe. It runs 5 minutes non-stop and has overload protection to avoid serious paper jams. Thanks to LED indicators, it’s easy to know the status of the machine.

Aurora AU870MA has a 3.9-gallon wastebasket. It holds 230 sheets worth of shredded paper. Hence, it can go a long way before you empty. Also, this paper shredder has a built-in handle. It makes it easy to lift the top off the wastebasket for easy emptying.


Aurora AU870MA is quiet, efficient, and effective. It shreds paper into a size smaller than other competitors. So, despite the average capacity, it offers the highest level of security.

9. Bonsaii Commercial Crosscut Paper Shredders – Shredders for Small Office & Home Use

Bonsaii Commercial Crosscut Paper Shredders - Shredders for Small Office & Home Use

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Bonsaii 6-sheet paper shredder has the smallest capacity on our list. However, it’s an aggressive little machine for home and small office use.

Light-operated automatic function sets it apart from other models in its category. Hence, that explains the high yet affordable price tag. It senses paper that needs to be shredded, making it less of a hassle to operate.

This machine shreds paper to 4mm x 45mm, hence providing a P-3 level of security. It runs 4 minutes non-stop, shredding up to 150 sheets of paper. Also, it has a reverse button to clear out jams.

The waste bin holds 3.5 gallons. Not to mention, it has a large transparent window. Hence, it’s easy to know when to empty. A built-in handle offers easy portability.

Bonsaii C204 handles more than paper. It can destroy credit cards, ATM receipts, pay stubs, among other documents.


The light-operated automatic function is a significant selling point of this paper shredder. And with a see-through window, it performs way above standard 6-sheet paper shredders. Overall, Bonsaii C204 is a handy choice for small office and home use.

8. Fellowes Powershred Heavy Duty Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

Fellowes Powershred Heavy Duty Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

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Powershred 99Ci claims to be child and pet safe. The safe-sense feature, in particular, makes it one of the safest paper shredders out there.

At 18 sheets, the capacity of this paper shredder is more than average. Hence, it’s perfect for household use and beyond. Moreover, it has a maximum run time of 30 minutes. That makes it ideal for 1 to 3 users.

Powershred 99Ci cross-cuts paper to 4mm x 38mm particles. It offers a P-4 level of security. Also, it makes light work of CDs, DVDs, credit cards, staples, clips, and other documents.

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