Best Padded Shorts for Skateboarding and Snowboarding Reviews

Are you into long-distance cycling? Or maybe plan to ride on bumpy terrain? Among a rider’s wardrobe, a good pair of padded shorts is one thing you can’t afford to ignore. It not only saves you from saddle sores but also cushions against impact force. Also, most adopt a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric. As such, they’re breathable and with a close-fit design that contours to your body. That said, what are the best padded shorts for racking up miles this summer?

Well, there are a couple of things that define the best-padded shorts for cycling. Primarily, it should hold up well in any weather or occasion. What’s more, it should provide hours of comfort without saddle sores or chaffing. That said, here’s our roundup of the best-padded bike shorts. Just be sure to crosscheck the sizing for optimal comfort.

Table of the Best Padded Shorts Reviews

10. Triple Eight Bumsaver Padded Shorts for Skateboarding and Snowboarding

Padded Shorts

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Mountain bikers and skateboarders, in most cases, take quite a beating around the bum area. Well, these padded shorts are your secret weapon. It has strategically placed 10mm thick EVA foam pads for maximum protection. Also, it protects high-contact areas, including the tailbone, thighs, and crotch.

Though it’s heavy-duty wear, this pair of shorts uses lightweight Lycra fabric. Hence, it can be discreetly worn under clothing. Moreover, the fabric is breathable to eliminate sweat and odours. Above all, it has a good stretch for form-fitting. For the record, the EVA pads are housed in sewn-in pockets. Thus, it’s easy to customize the padding zones or remove them for washing.

Special Features

  • Thick 10mm EVA pads are strategically located to protect the tailbone, crotch, and thighs from impact
  • Form-fitting Lycra fabric is breathable and light for under-garment wear
  • Customizable padding zones provide personalized comfort
  • Removable pads for easy washing

9. Soared 3D Protection EVA Padded Short Pants

Soared 3D Protection EVA Padded Short Pants

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These 3D shorts provide more flexible wear. For instance, you can wear it underneath or over your pants. Also, it has fixed EVA pads that won’t move or get misplaced. Not to mention, the EVA foam padding is dispersed to distribute shock impact effectively.

At 25mm, the EVA pads are thicker than most competing models. Nevertheless, these shorts are not too bulky to wear. Again, it has an adjustable waist with easy on and off stickers. It, too, has a cushion padding to protect the hip. Furthermore, the fabric used in these shorts has a mesh vent strap that wicks away moisture to keep you fresh.

Special Features

  • Extra-thick 25mm EVA pads protect the lumbar, thigh, crotch, and butt from impact
  • A light, invisible fabric enables the shorts to be worn over or under your pants
  • Adjustable waist meets most size demands
  • Velcro closure for easy on and off
  • Vent straps wick away moisture to keep you dry

8. Bodyprox 3D Protective Padded Shorts for Hip, Butt and Tailbone

Bodyprox 3D Protective Padded Shorts for Hip, Butt and Tailbone

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The Bodyprox shorts provide exceptional comfort and protection to the hip, butt, and tailbone. It’s a lightweight, rugged armour that you can wear underneath your clothing. Also, it has a generous amount of shock-absorbent EVA cushions. The cushions are strategically placed to protect high-contact areas.

Moreover, the shorts use nylon and spandex blend. It’s durable as well as flexible to conform to body contours. Not to mention, the fabric has a mesh vent to keep your skin dry and fresh.

Special Features

  • Generous, strategically placed EVA pads cushion your butt, thigh, and tailbone areas
  • Ultra-soft breathable fabric provides flexible wear for optimal comfort
  • Near-invisible design enables you to wear underneath your pants
  • A custom-fit waistband meets most size demands

7. BenKen 3D Padded Shorts for Protective Hip Butt EVA Paded Short Pants Protective Gear 

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Instead of standard EVA pads, this pair of shorts uses hot-pressure 20mm EVA. Hence, it has more edge when it comes to absorbing impact force. Also, it has a generous amount of padding to protect all fragile areas. For the record, it protects your butt, thigh, lumbar, and crotch from impact.

These shorts use soft and flexible Lycra fabric. Moreover, the fabric is absorbent to wick away moisture. A strong non-slip Velcro and a zipper allow for easy on and off. Furthermore, the shorts come with a travel case for portable packaging.

Special Features

  • 20mm hot-pressure EVA pads cushion fragile areas
  • Flexible, soft, and breathable Lycra fabric provides a contoured fit
  • Velcro and zipper closure for easy on and off
  • Travel case for easy storage and transportation

6. Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Short

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Shock Doctor impact short provides a relaxed, anatomical fit without the compression. Hence, unlike other tight-fitting models, it provides more freedom of movement. Also, it uses a 5-pad protection system. It’s integrated into the fabric to provide a flexible, one-piece design. Apart from protecting the hip, thigh, and tailbone area, the pads are vented to keep you cool and dry.

The X-Fit built-in cup system is another unique feature. It’s made of flexible carbon and is multi-layered to shield and transfer shock. For the record, the cup system protects your body from impacts of up to 100 mph.

Special Features

  • Lightweight fabric and 5-pad system are integrated into one flexible piece
  • Vented pads prevent the buildup of sweat and moisture
  • Flexible and durable multi-layer cup system disperses impacts of up to 100 mph

5. Youper Protective Padded Shorts for Ski, Snowboard, Skate & Roller Sports

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Youper padded shorts are your best companion during fierce outdoor activities. The entire fabric has mesh material for maximum cooling. Also, the mesh fabric takes most of the weight off the shorts. As such, it’s pretty light and invisible for wearing underneath other clothing.

Nylon and spandex blend provides a good stretch for a contoured fit. It literally hugs your body to allow excellent mobility. All impact-prone areas have ample EVA padding that absorbs shock. Furthermore, the shorts have an elastic waistband that meets most size demands.

Special Features

  • 4-way stretch fabric moves with your body
  • Mesh fabric eliminates sweat
  • Shock-absorbing EVA pads protect high-contact areas

4. Tortoise Pads T2 – High Impact Padded Shorts

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Tortoise padded shorts adopt a more rugged design. It has multiple layers of foam but with different densities. The denser layer comes in handy during impact. It not only dissipates but also absorbs most of the impact force. As you fall on the ground, the soft layer provides excellent cushioning and added protection. In short, it provides two-stage protection, making it ideal aggressive applications.

Though they come in several layers, the foam pads are anatomically-shaped to enable flexible movement. Furthermore, this pair of shorts has advanced moisture pockets. The pockets aid the evaporation and cooling process to keep you dry and comfortable.

Special Features

  • Moisture management pockets keep you dry and comfortable
  • High-impact multi-layered EVA pads provide two-stage protection
  • Anatomically-shaped pads enable more flexible movement

3. TUOY Padded Compression Shorts

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This pair of shorts use silky soft polyester and Lycra blend. Polyester helps wick away sweat during sporting activities. Also, it makes the shorts extremely resistant to water and wind. Lycra offers a good stretch to provide a contoured fit as well as give more freedom of movement. Moreover, the shorts are sewn on both sides for added durability.

High-resilience EVA foam provides excellent padding. Furthermore, the waist has an elastic band to meet most size demands. This pair of shorts has non-slip silicone strips. Thus, there’s zero chance it will slide down, even during aggressive gameplays.

Special Features

  • Water-resistant and breathable stretch fabric offers comfort and excellent mobility
  • Non-slip silicone strips keep the shorts from sliding down
  • High-resilience honeycomb foam provides excellent protection from impact

2. Docooler 3D Ski Padded Shorts

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Except for the EVA padding, this pair of shorts are 100% cotton. Hence, it’s hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin. Again, it’s strong enough to resist abrasion. On the other hand, it’s durable enough to withstand repeated washing. That makes it safe for machine washing.

15mm thick EVA pads protect vulnerable areas, such as the hip, thigh, and tailbone. Though it fits close, these shorts don’t stick to your skin. Moreover, it has mesh straps to eliminate sweat when hot. Also, it comes with a carry bag for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Durable cotton insulates the body when cold
  • Mesh straps cool the skin when hot
  • 15mm EVA padding protects vulnerable areas from impact
  • A bonus carry bag allows for easy storage

1. 3D Padded Shorts Breathable Protective Gear for Ski Skate Snowboard Skating Skiing

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This pair of shorts provide secure 360-degree protection. It’s an upgraded version with thicker 16mm EVA pads. The pads provide excellent cushioning and impact resistance. Also, they’re shaped to fit the body curve. As such, they give more freedom of movement.

Moreover, these shorts use a light fabric to provide all-day comfort. Again, it has mesh straps that eliminate sweat. Drawstring waist and Velcro allow easy on and off. Furthermore, it’s adjustable to fit different waistlines.

Special Features

  • Breathable fabric enhances cooling
  • Thicker (16mm) EVA pads protect vulnerable areas
  • Adjustable drawstring waist and Velcro allow for easy wear and takeoff

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