Best Oil Extractor Pumps | Oil Change Pumps Reviews In 2021

When it comes to quick oil changes, the oil extractor pumps are very useful. They can remove out oil and many other fluids. For example, they can remove fluids like transmission fluids, coolants, engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids, etc. It is easy and quick to empty your tank. Generally, they are useful for car technicians and garage service experts. These pumps make sure the new oil stop impurity and perform well.

They work when you connect the clamps to the 12 Volts car battery. It is easy to draw out the oil with the help of an oil dipstick. Many of them come in a portable design. Hence, they are easy to maintain.  Typically, you will find these pumps suitable for stationary engines, marine engines, industrial machines, vehicles, etc.  Moreover, you can use these pumps for filling non-lubricants like water. Hence, they are suitable for fish tanks. Go through the article below to pick the best oil extractor pumps.

Table of the Best Oil Extractor Pumps Reviews

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10. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

Oil Extractor Pumps

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The versatility of the oil extractor pumps gives an idea of the usefulness. This Mityvac pump can dig out and allot various fluid types. The built-in manual unit works effectively for these tasks. Moreover, the large capacity of 8.8 liters makes it functional. It makes sure this pump can handle a huge capacity of fluids.

You can use the pump for handling transmission or hydraulic oil. Moreover, it is easy to clean its tank. Before cleaning, you can use a small amount of gasoline. As a result, it gives more efficiency. The length of the tube is 10mm.


  • It comes with a pour spout with a quick drain system.
  • The built-in reservoir uses polyethylene. It stops corrosion.
  • A flow control valve is available. It works automatically to stop the overfilling of the tank.
  • The control valve shuts off on its own at 8 liters of capacity.

9. EWK 6.5L Manual Oil Extractor Pumps – Pneumatic Oil Vacuum Pump

Pneumatic Oil Vacuum Pump

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When looking for an extractor pump for marine applications, this EWK product is great. It is highly suitable for oil extraction and allocation in boats, lawnmowers, marines, etc. Now you need not lift the car for fluid change.  Also, you need not crawl below your car. You just need to open the hood and place the tube for changing engine oil.

This pump includes 2 long nylon hoses. They can easily reach the base of the reservoir and take out each oil drop. Furthermore, the use of this pump is not limited to places. So, you can change oil anytime, anywhere.


  • It supports 3 options i.e. manual mode and pneumatic mode.
  • The pneumatic model offers a higher speed. The manual mode needs no extra tools to work with.
  • The speed of taking out the oil is 1.6 liters /min.

8. FOUR UNCLES Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor

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FOUR UNCLES design this vacuum oil extractor pump with 6.5 liters of capacity. This capacity is enough to take out oil and other fluids easily. A hose and pump tank remover is available. They make the process of oil change easy. No issues of leaks or overfills. Moreover, you can change the modes and use this pump according to the needs.

You can use this product to take out fluids from the engine oil.  It comes with 3 dipstick hoses and a flex hose. With the help of dipstick hoses, it is easy to reach the base of the reservoir. Hence, all drops of oil are taken out. Furthermore, there is no need to go below the car for fluid change. Also, the cleaning process is easy.


  • It comes with manual and pneumatic mode. The pneumatic mode offers high speed. The manual mode does not need extra tools.
  • The speed of taking out the oil is 1.8 L/min.
  • It includes 5 types of tubes of different diameters. These tubes go inside the base of the oil pan.

7. SUPERFASTRACING 7L Oil Fluid Extractor – Oil Suction Pump

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The manual mechanism of this extractor pump offers ease of use. This fuel transfer pump quickly performs oil change. The suction system is efficient for the easy removal of liquid.  Moreover, this extractor pump is versatile. You can use it to take out engine oil from a car, fish tank, and more. It can extract lubricant oil, brake fluid, etc.

Generally, this pump fits major applications needing fluid extraction. The built-in hose is durable. With this pump, no need to buy a gasket and oil pan.


  • The transparent hose allows easy checking of the fluid removal process.
  • It comes with additional hose placement for easy storage.
  • A metal pedal is available to set up the tank during the use.
  • It pulls the entire oil via the oil fill tube.

6. OEM TOOLS 5.3 Liter Oil Extractor, Oil, Transmission, Coolant Change Tool

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This OEM TOOLS vacuum oil extractor pump offers a mess-free experience. Without any waste of oil, you can easily perform an oil change.  Moreover, it is easy to take out fluid via the dipstick tubes. You can use this pump to take out engine oil, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, water, etc.

With this product, no need to go under a car for an oil change.  Furthermore, this pump is suitable for use in a fluid transfer pump on vehicles. The lid of the pump is removable for an easy oil change.


  • It comes with 5.3 liters of capacity.
  • The length of the suction tube is 5 feet.
  • A shut-off valve is available for a quick oil change.
  • The 41-inch long dipstick hose adapters are present. They provide long reach.

5. EWK Plus Version 6.5L Oil Extractor Pump Pneumatic Vacuum Extraction Pump

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This Plus Version extractor pump for marine is versatile. You can use it for garage, boats, lawnmowers, etc. With this pump, no need to get under a car for an oil change. Moreover, a brake-bleeding type hose is available. It makes this pump multifunctional.

One great benefit is there is no leakage. You can use this pump anytime, anywhere for an oil change.


  • There are 2 modes available –manual and pneumatic.
  • The pneumatic mode takes out fluid at speed of 1.6L /min.
  • In the manual mode, no need to use extra tools.
  • A sealing cap is available. It keeps the tank safe during movement.

4. FIRSTINFO Engine Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Oil/Fluid Changer Vacuum Extractor Pump

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If you need a large capacity oil extractor pump, go for this one. Its capacity is enough for most applications.  You can use it to take out brake fluid and engine oil. Also, it is suitable for taking out the fluid of vehicles. Usually, this FIRSTINFO pump works at all places. For example, you can use it outdoors, aquarium, etc.

The benefit of using it is it saves manual effort. You need not lift or go under a car for an oil change. Also, you don’t need extra tools. The kit includes a safety cup and a fixing valve.


  • In the pneumatic mode, the speed is around 1.7L /min.
  • The dust cover protects this pump from damage.
  • 3 air outlets with the check valve design are present. They quickly remove out air.
  • The storage hose saves oil hoses easily after the use.

3. Lumax LX-1314 Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor

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The 2-in-1 operation makes this Lumax extractor famous. It supports manual and pneumatic modes.  You can use this product for engine oil, gear oil, and brake fluid. Also, you can use it for water and transmission fluid.

It is easy to change the oil in boats, motorbikes, vehicles, farm tools, RV, etc. Also, you can use it for aircraft engines, watercraft, snowmobiles, etc. The entire process is without spark. Hence, it is completely safe.


  • It automatically stops the overflow of fluid.
  • This pump is suitable for use with coolant, oil, and hydraulic systems.
  • There is the use of polypropylene for durability. This material protects against corrosion.

2. Xtoil 6-Liter Oil Extractor with Vacuum Gauge

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This large capacity oil extractor pump is multifunctional. Its capacity allows you to use it for different applications. At the top, a gauge is available to check the reservoir vacuum. You can pump the handle when the gauge goes into a low area. Hence, oil continues to flow in the reservoir. Whenever the needle gets to the top of a good area, stop pumping.

The long size makes it suitable for outdoors. Less number of pumps is needed before the oil flows in the extractor. Moreover, there are no leakage and spill problems. Also, you need not connect wires. The entire operation is quiet.  Furthermore, it is easy to know the amount of fluid you remove. Also, it is easy to store this pump.


  • It comes with 6 liters capacity.
  • A suction gauge and sealed tube holder are available.
  • The pour spout provides ease of emptying.

1. Mityvac MV7300 Pneumatic Air Operated Fluid Evacuator with Accessories

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The MV7300 fluid extractor comes with many accessories. They help take out engine oil. Also, you can use it to take out the transmission fluid. With the help of dipstick tubes, this is possible. A brake bleeding kit is available. It helps to provide vacuum to clutch systems and hydraulic brake.

An air hose is available at the bottom for stability. The compact air makes a powerful vacuum for taking out fluids. You can take out fluids from reservoirs and tanks. Some other applications include coolants, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transaxle oil. The design is lightweight and portable.


  • The reservoir’s capacity ranges from 1.8 L to 8.8 L.
  • At the base of the reservoir, a foot stabilizer is available.
  • It automatically stops overflow. This is possible with a quick-drain type pour spout.


The oil extractor pumps are suitable for different types of engine oils.  They make the process of oil change easy and quick. There are no safety issues.

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