Best Professional Electric Nail Drills | Electric Nail Files Reviews In 2021

The regular cutting of nails is important for good looks. Long nails may create health problems. With the help of nail drills, it is easy to take care of your nails. You get professional results at the convenience of home. There is no need to spend more money on nail cutting at the salon. Many nail drill tools are electric. Hence, they make the nail cutting process easy and quick. The stability and efficiency of nail cutting are important features.

These tools make use of a roller to cut the layer of the nail. As a result, you get a smooth finish. Moreover, you can join an artificial nail. Many of these tools use quality materials in manufacturing. Hence, they offer longevity. You can easily polish your nails as per the need. In many of these tools, speed is adjustable. Thus, you can control the process of nail cutting. The below article helps you choose the best professional nail drill machine

Table of the Best Electric Nail Drills Reviews

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10. Manicure Pedicure Kit Electric Nail File – Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine

Electric Nail Drills

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Using these electric nail drills, you can quickly cut your nails. The tool can work as a pedicure, manicure kit. The electric operation makes sure there is no much manual effort. Moreover, the unique feature is it comes with stability. The entire process is quiet and easy. You can save your money and time at the salon.

The multifunctional is a unique feature. Hence, you can use the tool for acrylic nails, nails prep, gel nails, thick nails, and dip powder nails. Moreover, you can use it for polishing your nails. Generally, the tool is useful for beginners and nail professionals. You can find it at salons, beauty parlors, spas, and homes.


  • The body of this nail drill machine uses aluminum. This material makes the tool durable.
  • The nail cutting process does not emit much heat.
  • It works silently and without vibration.
  • There are 6 holes present inside for user convenience.

9. JEROZA Professional Nail Drill Removing Acrylic Nails, Gel Nail Polish

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This professional nail drill machine is durable and stylish. It is prepared from premium quality materials for lasting use. You can call this tool like an electric file manicure. Generally, people use it for nail cutting, buffing, shaping, and gel nail polish.  Also, it is useful for removing acrylic nails. The entire nail cutting process is free from noise and vibration.

You get the salon like professional results at your home. Generally, this nail drill tool is suitable for beginners and nail professionals. You can use both the left and right hand for this tool. The heat production is less.


  • The smooth curved edges help you to easily handle this tool.
  • The presence of cooling holes stops overheating.
  • It comes with a bright display to show all the features.
  • There are 4 functions included. They are on/off, reverse/forward, increase speed, and decrease speed.
  • It runs at 3500 RPM maximum speed.
  • The high torque makes nail cutting quick.

8. MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill Machine Removing Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails

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This nail drill tool is one of the lightweight nail electric drills. It comes with portability for ease of use.  There is support for high speed to make nail cutting efficient. Moreover, there is no heat production during use. Also, there is no vibration. Generally, people use this tool for nail cutting, shaping, polishing, etc. Furthermore, it is useful for taking out acrylic nails.

The entire operation is smooth and noise-free. Both beginners and professionals can use it. It includes twists lock mechanism. This system helps you to change the bit.


  • It comes with adjustable speed control. You can vary the speed from 0-30,000 RPM.
  • The use of quality aluminum alloy makes it durable. Also, this material reduces heat production.
  • It includes a small controller and there is a handpiece in the center. This offers space-saving design.

7. Makartt Electric Nail File Machine – Professional Manicure Drill for Acrylic Nails

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Makartt designs these electric nail drills to provide exact nail cutting results. The efficiency and speed of this tool are high. The working process does not make much noise. Also, there is not much vibration. The heat production is less. Generally, this nail file machine is perfect for use at home, studio, and nail salon.

The ventilation reduces the handpiece temperature. Moreover, you can take out nail gel very quickly. It is possible to change the nail art. You get professional results at a reasonable price. A foot pedal feature is present. It helps you to select hand or foot mode.


  • The speed is adjustable from 0-30000 rpm.
  • The speed signal shows up on the motor.
  • The twist-lock system allows the replacement of the grinding head.
  • It is suitable for both left and right-handed use.

6. Ejiubas Professional Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail

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This nail drill machine from Ejiubas is useful for multiple applications. It is an electric tool for user convenience. Generally, it is useful for nail buffing, shaping, and polishing. Moreover, you can use it for taking out acrylic nails. The unique feature is it comes with 6 grinding heads. They are perfect for easy replacements. Furthermore, this tool works with all types of 3/32 inches shank bits.

The working process is quick and smooth. You can use this tool for taking out dead skin of nails. Both for home and salon, this tool works well.


  • The ventilation design decreases the temperature.
  • It comes with adjustable speed control. You can vary the speed from 3,000 to 30,000 RPM.
  • The high torque makes nail cutting quick.
  • It produces low heat and vibration.
  • The space-saving design makes it portable.

5. AIRSEE Professional Portable Electric File Machine for Salon and Home DIY

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When looking for lightweight nail electric drills, this tool is a good choice. It offers professional-quality results from the convenience of home. The portability is good for outdoor use. This tool is useful for taking out acrylic nails and polishing of nails. Moreover, during the use, there is low noise and heat. Also, it does not make a vibration.

Anyone can use it at home or salon.  In addition to drilling, it is useful for engraving, polishing, and sharpening. The use of quality aluminum alloy offers durability.


  • This nail drill tool is cordless and rechargeable.
  • It comes with a bright LCD screen. This screen shows different functions.
  • The 2 hours of charging provides 10 hours of constant use.
  • It helps you to choose RPM according to the need.
  • This nail drill is suitable for left and right-handed use.

4. JEWHITENY Professional Nail Drill Machine – Light Electric Acrylic Nail File Kits

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JEWHITENY makes this nail drill kit with all the necessary tools. It comes with a foot pedal, handle, nail brush, and nail buffer. Moreover, it comes with 6 drill bits and 56 sanding bands. All these tools help you to cut and polish your nails. Generally, this tool is useful for cutting, grinding, polishing, and taking out of acrylic nails. Both for home and salon use, this tool is useful.

The design is lightweight and portable. Overall, it is multifunctional and easy to use. The forward or reverse rotation can change rotation.


  • It comes with a powerful motor. This motor produces less heat and noise.
  • This tool produces only 60 dB at maximum speed.
  • The aluminum handle produces less heat.
  • The speed is adjustable from 0-30,000 RPM.

3. BTArtbox 30000 rpm Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine

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Both for home and salon use, this nail drill machine is very useful. You can use this tool when you want to take out nail gel. The working process is smooth and quick. Generally, people use it for nail grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling, etc. There are two rotation directions available.  You can choose from hand mode and foot mode. The design is space-saving.


  •  The speed is adjustable from 3,000-30,000 RPM.
  • It works at low noise and vibration.
  • There is not much heat produce.
  • A small controller is present.

2. Beurer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

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Many different tools are present in this nail drill kit. They help you get perfect results. The kit includes 10 attachments of stainless steel. Moreover, you can buy the replacement pieces separately. The kit also contains 10 sanding bags, a dust protector, and a cord. A dust shield is present for safe and clean use.


  • It comes with 18 different speed settings. You can use these settings for manicure and pedicure.
  • The LED light provides exactness during the use.
  • A carrying case is available. You can store this tool and the attachments in the case.

1. Bestidy Rechargeable Nail Drill Kit – Portable Electric Acrylic Nail Tools

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This professional nail drill machine is a rechargeable tool. It comes with a powerful battery for quick nail drilling results. The presence of the battery makes this tool portable. Moreover, this tool is multifunctional. Hence, you can use it for polishing, grinding, and nail removal. For easy use, there is support for the forward or reverse direction.

The speed control helps you to grind nails exactly. There are no worries about the injury in the nails. Moreover, a hook is available on the tool. Hence, you can hang it n clothes. Also, you can put it in a bag or pocket. A charging port is available for phone charging.


  • The speed is adjustable from 0-30,000 RPM.
  • The time for a full recharge is 3-4 hours.
  • This nail drill can work continuously for up to 8 hours.
  • It works quietly and smoothly. No vibration.


The nail drills help you to smoothly grind and polish your nails. They are safe to use and they can be used in salons.

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