Top 5 Best Professional Electric Nail Drills & Machines Reviews In 2020

Nail art is a perfect way of making your nails look gorgeous. Gone are the days when you had to use conventional means to accommodate new styles and designs. In short, a perfect pedicure and manicure involve more than just coating your nails in a favourite colour. You need to transform from the basics, something that might require the services of a technician. However, not all of us are ready to part with that small fee. The good news is that you can take it upon yourself to do manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your home. And the tool of choice here is none other than electric nail drills. Getting the best electric nail drill matters a lot in case you want to add some element of professionality in your work.

There are different options out there. But who doesn’t want a nail drill that’s reasonably priced with a performance you can rely on? To help you get that, we look at the best electric nail drills that will present you with the professional look you always want.

Table of the Best Professional Nail Drills

5. Makartt 30000RPM Nail Drill Machine & Electric Nail File

Nail Drills

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This nail drill comes in handy to accommodate all types of nail art. It’s a high-speed drill sporting a variable speed of 0-30,000 RPM. The great power means that the drill works fine even at lower speed. There is a reverse, forward, and pause option for direction change and motor protection. There’s a foot pedal that works to control the starting and stopping of the drill. Vibration and noise are in the low and the heat generated is the minimum for added user comfort. This electric nail drill is designed to fit 3/32-inch drill bits. It has a twist lock chuck system that gives you an easy time when replacing the grinding head.

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4. Professional Nail File Drill & Electric Mini Nail Polisher Machine for Acrylics

Professional Nail File Drill-Electric Mini Nail polisher Machine for Acrylics

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This is a mini size electric nail drill designed to tackle most professional jobs. The drill provides the convenience of an adjustable power. It has a variable no-load speed of 18,000-20,000 RPM and a load speed of 16,000-17,500 RPM. The variable speed adds more precision to your work. The drill supports both forward and reverses operation. The motor runs extremely quiet with no vibrations to deal with. This drill has an aluminium shell, a feature that makes it lightweight and improves heat dissipation. It comes with 6 types of drill bits.

3. Vogue Professional Electric Nail Drills

Vogue Professional Electric Easy to use Nail File Drill

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This drill comes slim and lightweight yet powerful enough to accomplish most professional jobs. It’s a 7-bit speciality electric nail drill. The drill uses a switch instead of a foot pedal so you get to focus more on your nails. This feature makes it a handy choice for beginners. With a variable speed of 2000-35000 RPM, it’s much faster compared to traditional nail drills. That means you get to cut down on time without compromising performance. The drill packs away easily in the included storage box that has a scratch-proof protection.

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2. Professional Electric Nail Drills for Finger Toe Nail Care Manicure

Professional Electric Nail Drill File Kit, Finger Toe Nail Care Manicure

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Add more flexibility in your manicure and pedicure jobs with this nail drill set. The set includes 6 optional bits and 30 pieces drill bits. The drill is designed to draw less power yet generate a high speed that matches most demanding manicure and pedicure jobs. The speed is variable from 0-25,000 RPM and adjustments are made via a handpiece or foot pedal. The drill rotates on the forward and reverses directions. It’s built to last, thanks to its powder-coated metallic construction optimized for durability. The low noise and vibration allow for smooth, long-time operation.

1. Rechargeable Electric Nail File Drill Bit Manicure by iMeshbean

Rechargeable Electric Nail File Drill Bit Manicure

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One aspect that makes this electric nail drill amazing is the rechargeable design. That means that you can charge and use anywhere, even when on the move. It comes with a control box that you can use to charge your smartphone, a feature that makes it a versatile nail drill. The speed of the drill is adjustable from 4,000-20,000 RPM to allow for more precision in your work. While it generates a high power, this drill still manages to run quietly with minimum vibration. The result is one smooth operation you can rely on. The drill comes with 6 optional bits that need no tools to change.

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