Best Waterproof Motorcycle Trunks for Travel Reviews In 2021

When you go on the journey, you need to pack accessories. Some large things are hard to carry in a bag. To lift large items easily, the motorcycle trunks are useful. These devices provide enough storage capacity. Hence, you can travel easily with a motorcycle. It is easy to carry big items on your motorcycle. Moreover, most of them come with large carrying capacity. The durable construction provides lasting use. These trunks help you during a roadside emergency.

They are easy to mount. It is easy to open and close. For comfortable travel, these trunks are useful. The choice depends on your application and budget. Furthermore, many models come with backrest. Some extra features include an LED light and a stand. These features provide convenience during use. Some trunks are scratchproof and waterproof. The below article discusses these trunks:

Table of the Best Motorcycle Trunks Reviews

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10. EGO BIKE Black Luggage Motorcycle Trunks – Motorcycle Tour Trunk Tail Box

Motorcycle Trunks

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EGO BIKE designs the best motorcycle trunks. This device comes with molded construction. Moreover, there is a backrest. A steel rack is available at the top. The trunk comes with enough space. Hence, you can store plenty of items inside.  It is possible for two large helmets. The overall design is beautiful. The bright black offers a beautiful look. You can gift it to someone.

You can install this trunk on a bike. For that, you need a luggage rack. You can get help from professional installation.


  • The backrest and top rack are present. They are made up of ABS plastic.
  • The 2 keys offer a good locking mechanism.
  • There is wrapping around the dual-cushion backrest.
  • The finish is beautiful and rust-resistant.

9. Comie Motorcycle Luggage Tour Hard Trunk with Soft Backrest and Handle

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Comie offers good quality motorcycle trunks with backrest. This trunk comes with a storage carrier in case. There is enough storage space available.

The pack contains mounting hardware. Hence, the installation process is easy and quick. Moreover, the size of the top case is large.  There are no problems when mounting in a luggage rack. It is very comfortable to use the handle. Hence, you can carry this trunk anywhere. The fashionable look makes a great gift product.


  • The capacity is 48 liters. Hence, you can store a large number of items inside. You can store the helmet.
  • The handle and backrest are present.
  • This trunk is lockable. Using 2 keys, you can lock it.

8. Emgo Travel Motorcycle Trunks

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This Emgo travel trunk comes in a durable construction. It guarantees long-lasting use. This trunk is tested for high efficiency.  The pack contains a lock, 2 keys, and mounting hardware. The size of the trunk is larger compared to moped trucks. The interior is wide enough to hold different items. The locker system guarantees security.

There is padding available. This is present in the case passenger. It provides a comfortable sitting experience. Moreover, advanced design offers a beautiful look.


  • The construction uses ABS plastic
  • It is easy to mount the trunk on most of the luggage racks.
  • The mounting hardware and keys are present.

7. Fortunershop Luggage Motorcycle Trunk with Tail Box Rack Backrest for Touring Cruiser

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The motorcycle trunks with backrest offer spacious storage. This luggage box comes with a durable backrest. It is useful for cruisers. The backrest comes with cushion. There is a deluxe wrap available. The interior is spacious. Hence, you can place 2 helmets inside. The pack contains mounting accessories. Also, you get washers, nuts, and screws.

The size fits all motorcycles. You can fit on the luggage rack. The price is good for the features. The locking mechanism works well. The latch is shatterproof.


  • It comes with a custom-paint glossy finish.
  • The use of quality ABS offers durability.
  • This trunk fits cruisers from Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Harley, and Kawasaki.

6. AUTOINBOX Universal Motorcycle Luggage Trunk – Motorcycle Hard Case

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The motorcycle rear trunks offer enough space for storage. AUTOINBOX designs this truck with this feature. It comes with a large interior. This helps you to store large items like helmets. The mounting hardware is present. This hardware helps you to mount this trunk inside the luggage rack. The universal size fits most motorcycles. It can store a full-face helmet. Also, you can store two open-face helmets.

The crossing strap is available. It fixes the helmet or other objects. This will stop instability problems. Generally, this tail trunk is suitable for storing clothes and helmets. Also, it is useful for storing other big accessories.  It is comfortable to take it out anytime. After packing your accessories, there is some space left. The pack contains a motorbike backbox and 2 safety keys. Also, the installation instruction is present.


  • The volume is 47 liters.
  • It weighs 11.2 pounds. Hence, it feels lightweight to carry around.
  • The mounting hardware kits offer an easy installation.
  • It is quick to remove when unlock.
  • The high-quality PP material is present. This material is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. Also, it is waterproof.

5. Motorcycle Tour Tail Box Trunk – Storage Luggage Carrier Case

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The capacity is important for all motorcycle tail trunks. This tail box trunk comes with 48 liters capacity. You can include large items inside. A soft backrest is available. Moreover, the interior is spacious enough to store helmets and clothes. Generally, you can store 2 large helmets inside. Make sure to check the motorcycle brackets. This helps to fit your motorcycle.

A handle is available. It helps you to conveniently carry this trunk anywhere. Three color choices are available. They are black, white, and silver. The pack contains a top case and a luggage rack. Furthermore, 2 safety keys and install instructions are present.


  • The high-quality PP material offers durability. This material is waterproof. Moreover, it is wear-resistant and impact-resistant.
  • 2 keys offer a perfect lock. When unlocked, it is easy to remove.
  • The top case is suitable for large motorcycles and scooters.
  • The trunk is wide enough to store two large helmets.

4. ECOTRIC King Tour Pack Touring Pak for Motorcycles

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ECOTRIC design these motorcycle tail trunks in black finish. This finish offers a beautiful look. The interior is wide enough. It offers a large storage space. This tail box is perfect for bikers. It allows them to add storage space. You can mount this trunk on the 2014-UP Harley motorcycles.

A metal plate is present. It connects to the base on the exterior of the pack.  Moreover, it is removable. The pack has enough support without a plate. Plastic is present on the plate. It makes the construction durable. Furthermore, the mounting hardware is solidly built. It is easy to make adjustments.


  • The length and width are 20 inches and 25 inches. The height is 13 inches.
  • It comes in a glossy black finish.
  • ABS plastic is present. It makes the construction durable. This material makes transportation safe.
  • The luggage capacity is 5,800 ci.

3. KUAFU Motorcycle Large Pack Trunk with Backrest

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The compatibility is important for the motorcycle trunks. This trunk fits Harley Davidson motorcycles. The model number support is 1997-2008. The interior is wide enough. Hence, you can store large items inside. The locks are available. They provide extra security. There are no problems regarding fitment. It can fit with the mounting rack. Make sure to check the 1997-2008 Harley models. Also, check the upper models. You may need to drill the bottom holes. Moreover, you may need to change the mounting rack.

The pack contains this large trunk, backrest, and mounting hardware.  Also, you get lock, keys, and latches. The built-in backrest is durable and soft.


  • It comes in high-quality ABS plastic construction. Hence, it offers durability.
  • The exterior comes with a smooth surface. The glossy finish offers a beautiful look.
  • The locks offer good security.

2. MMG Large Motorcycle Hard Trunk – Touring Luggage Box

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The universal motorcycle trunks provide a perfect fit. This MMG motorcycle trunk fulfills this need. It can work well for different types of motorcycles.  The interior is wide. Hence, you can store 2 helmets inside. This trunk is reflective on the rear. The process of installation is easy and quick. Necessary mounting hardware is present.  Moreover, this trunk is compatible with a plate from a motorcycle shop. It can fit small and big bikes.

The plastic construction is durable. This ensures stability. You can pack large items inside.  It is possible to include some helmets inside. No need to use the bottom brackets. Furthermore, you can mount this trunk to a rack of scooters. The case mount comes with many slots. Hence, they can store small and large items.


  • It comes with 46 liters of capacity.
  • The 2 keys provide a perfect lock.
  • The base provides safe support.
  • It comes with a quick-release system. This system is removable.
  • The use of thick, strong plastic offers durability.

1. Cavalry Universal Trunk Case for Motorcycles and Scooters

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All universal motorcycle trunks provide a perfect fit. This trunk case is compatible with many motorcycles. Also, it can work well for scooters. The length is 20 inches, width is 17 inches, and the height is 11 inches. Moreover, the black color offers a beautiful look. The rich colors make it look beautiful. There are multiple designs printed. The use of dense Italian ink makes design beautiful.

The pack includes two keys. These keys provide great security. The mounting hardware is also present. You can mount it on a luggage rack of scooter or motorcycle. The passenger backrest is available. It provides superb comfort.


  • The backrest pad is present. It makes transportation comfortable.
  • The body is resistant to scratch and corrosion.
  • The strength to weight ratio is high. This trunk is suitable for everyday use.
  • There is the use of polyester fabric. This fabric is lightweight and anti-wrinkle.


The motorcycle trunks come with a large weight capacity. Hence, this helps to carry large items easily. Generally, they are durably built and stay stable.

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