Best Waterproof Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bags Reviews In 2021

Motorcycles are one of the best forms of transportation. You may need to carry a lot of things with you. The available motorcycle backpack is not enough for storage. Hence, motorcycle tank bags are useful for this need. It is easy to attach tank bags to a motorcycle. You can do using magnets or straps.  Also, you can use tank rings for attachment. Now it is easy to transport small or large items on a motorcycle. It is good to buy a tank bag with a large storage space.

They are available in different shapes and sizes. The material construction is important to consider.  The mounting options decide how easy it is to attach. You can store a map, phone, keys, and many other items. Many tank bags come with zippers. They help to keep the items secure inside. In some models, a magnet is available for extra security. The below article helps you choose the best motorcycle tank bags.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Tank Bags Reviews

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10. Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Motorcycle Tank Bags

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Coleman designs the best tank bags with large storage space. This tank bag helps you to carry your items safely. You can use it to store and carry your gears. Moreover, it is easy to attach this bag to your motorcycle. With the help of strong magnets, attachment is easy. The bottom is non-slip. Moreover, it is scratch-resistant. Hence, it stays in place and does not damage the tank.

A transparent map pocket is available. Hence, you can check the map without taking it out. This bag helps you to keep small items. At the top, lights and speedometer are available. It is easy to rotate the built-in handle.


  • The 1680D polyester makes this bag durable.
  • It comes with roomy interior space. Moreover, a large cargo compartment is present.
  • The magnets connect the fuel tank to this bag.

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9. OHMOTOR Strong Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bag for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki

OHMOTOR Strong Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bags

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The waterproof motorcycle tank bags can work in all weather conditions. This OHMOTOR tank bag can work in all weather situations. The 4 strong magnets are available. They help you to tightly attach this bag to motorcycles of different brands. For example, it can work with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley, and Kawasaki.  Moreover, 5 pockets are available. Hence, you can arrange different accessories inside.

You can place this bag on the fuel tank. This bag can work as a hanging bag or handbag.  All the zippers are smooth. In the side pockets, the rainfly fits perfectly.


  • It comes with 10 liters capacity.
  • The 1680D oxford fabric makes this bag durable. This fabric is waterproof.
  • A band of reflective lines is available. It covers the bag to provide safety during the night.

8. Lozom Motorcycle Gas Oil Fuel Tank Bag & Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

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The motorcycle tank bag magnetic provides a strong attachment. This fuel tank bag perfectly attaches to motorcycle from different brands. Hence, you can use it for motorcycles from Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Harley. There are multiple pockets available. The bag comes with a main pocket and a secondary pocket. Moreover, a small pocket is useful for storing small items. The cellphone pocket is transparent.

After attaching to the motorcycle, you can ride freely. You can store things like cards, keys, wallet, and phone. An extra belt is available. Hence, it attaches perfectly to the bag.


  • It supports cable port access.
  • A transparent map window is available.
  • There is storage space for eyewear and cell phone.
  • The strong magnets are available on all 4 sides. They perfectly attach to the tank of the motorcycle.

7. Vechkom Oxford Waterproof Travel Magnetic Saddlebag 

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The motorcycle tank bag magnetic feature allows perfect attachment.  This tank bag is basically a magnetic saddlebag. It comes with a large window. You can store and carry large items inside. There is the presence of 4 magnets. They are present on the back of the strap. Hence, they perfectly attach to the fuel tank. It is easy to attach and take off.

There are no worries about losing the items. Generally, this bag is suitable for motorcycles from most brands. You can use it for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Halle, and Kawasaki.


  • The 1680D Oxford cloth is thick and waterproof. It allows a safe riding experience when it is raining.
  • An extra shoulder strap is present. You can mount or hang on the shoulder. Hence, it is easy to carry for travel.
  • All 4 pockets come with large capacity. They can hold keys, wallets, phones, etc.
  • The phone pocket is transparent. It helps you to see the items inside.

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6. The Nekid Cow Waterproof Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

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These motorcycle gas tank bags come with strong magnets. As a result, it perfectly attaches to your motorcycle.  The heavy-duty construction makes it durable. A waterproof cover is present. It protects the bag. Moreover, it makes it beautiful. This tank bag is suitable for motorcycles from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, and Kawasaki.

When perfectly installed, it does not slide off. The powerful magnet perfectly attaches the bag to the tank. An extra belt with a buckle is available. Hence, it keeps the bag in place. The design is smart and sleek. It can hold large items. There is easy access to phones and wallets. The straps and magnets provide extra security.


  • The bag uses oxford fabric. This fabric is water-resistant.
  • It comes with a transparent PVC compartment. This compartment comes with a touchscreen. Hence, it helps you to see the phone or GPS.
  • The non-slip padding protects the paint finish of the motorcycle.

5. Givi EA106B Black Easy-Magnet Tank Bag

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The best motorcycle tank bags come with large capacity. This Givi EA106B bag comes with 6 liters capacity. The universal fit is the main feature. Hence, it allows the bag to stay in place.

You can store an iPhone 6+ inside. The main compartment can store 2 water bottles.  For long or short trips, this bag does not slide off.


  • The 2 magnets are powerful to hold the bag tightly. There is no need to use the head tube strap.
  • The magnetic flaps are foldable. Moreover, they attach to one another. It is easy to remove them.
  • The bag comes with one small compartment. It can store lighter keys, cleaner wipes, etc.

4. The Nekid Cow Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tank Bag

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In these motorcycle gas tank bags, quality material is present. It makes the bag durable. The magnets are powerful enough for a tight fit. A waterproof cover is present. Moreover, the design is smart and sleek. It looks beautiful on any motorcycle.  There is easy access to phones or wallets.

It comes with straps and a magnetic system. They tightly connect the bag to the motorcycle tank.  You can use this bag as a gas tank bag or sportbike tank bag. Moreover, the heavy-duty magnets provide powerful force. This provides a tight fit. The main compartment comes with double zippers. Furthermore, the end pocket and phone holder has one zipper.


  • This bag uses oxford fabric in construction. This fabric is water-resistant.
  • A transparent PVC compartment is present on top. It comes with a touchscreen. It helps you to see the phone or GPS.
  • The non-slip pad protects the paint of the motorcycle.

3. Nelson-Rigg NR-150 Journey Highway Cruiser Magnetic Tank Bag

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The leather motorcycle tank bag is famous for its durability.  This bag works for both short and long-distance ride. The tapered fit makes it suitable for the majority of the Cruiser tanks. The panels come with zippers. They keep dirt and dust away. This tank bag maintains its shape. The protective base stops slipping. The strong magnets offer a tight fit.

A transparent map compartment is present. The top is transparent to help you see the map. It is touch-sensitive. The interior is large to store different items. The zippers are smooth to pull.


  • The height is 9 inches and the width is 6 inches.
  • The touchpad is easy to access.
  • It comes with a universal fit.
  • The top pocket is suitable for touchscreen devices. Hence, it helps you to see a smartphone or GPS or maps.

2. WOSAWE PU Leather Motorbike Tank Bag

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In a leather motorcycle tank bag, durability is good. This WOSAWE tank bag uses high-quality leather. A phone pocket is available. It helps you to store phones and small items.  The waterproof body protects the bag in all weather. Moreover, you can use this bag as a shoulder bag. A handle and carrying strap are available. They provide portability. A rain cover is present. It protects gear from rain.


  • The waterproof PU leather makes this bag durable.
  • There are 3 powerful magnets available. They perfectly hold the bag in place.
  • It comes with 6 liters capacity. This helps you to store small and large items.
  • The tank straps help for highway riding.

1. Dowco Rally Pack Water Resistant Magnetic Mount Motorcycle Tank Bag with Window

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In this tank bag, a magnetic mount is available. It helps you to perfectly attach to the motorcycle tank. Also, you can attach using a strap. Moreover, this bag is easy to attach to metal tanks. The interior space is large. Hence, you can store a wallet, cell phone, map, glasses, etc.

The map pocket is large. It helps you to store tablets and phones.  A small pocket is available in front. It can store keys and small electronic items. All the magnets are powerful. They keep the bag in place.


  • The 600D polyester is present in the bag. This fabric is fade-resistant and elastic. It keeps the bag firmly attached to the tank.
  • The map pocket is transparent.
  • It comes with a neoprene padding in a magnet.


The tank bags for motorcycle provide extra storage space. Hence, you can store and carry all your belongings. They come with many pockets for neat storage.

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