Top 10 Best Motocross Neck Braces for Adults Reviews In 2018

Whether you are a professional racing rider or just someone who loves touring on the road with their motorcycles, getting the best motocross neck braces is necessary. These braces bring increased protection to your neck as well as collarbones in case of a crash. They are comfortable to wear and come with a lightweight design offering the user with the flexibility they need. Since there are hundreds of products on the market, it is not that easy to find the best model. after careful analysis and comparison of the neck braces available on the market, we have narrowed the list to the top ten models that are durable, comfortable as well as easy to put on and take off.

Table of the Best Motocross Neck Braces for Adults

10. EVS R4K Race Collar for Adult

Motocross Neck Braces

If you are looking to get increased safety while riding your motorcycle, then getting the EVS R4K neck brace is exactly what you need. This neck brace is made of sturdy and lightweight materials that will stand the test of time. It also includes all the features that allow optimal protection in case of a crush. To ensure maximum comfort this unit comes with a low profile design so that you don’t have to feel any hindrance when wearing it.

Key features

  • Koroyd Engineered Core makes it lightweight yet sturdy
  • Offers Superior Energy Absorption
  • Side clearance design makes it easy to fit
  • Advanced design that displaces energy across the shoulders
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9. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar – Adult

EVS Sports R4 Race Collar

The EVS Sports R4 neck brace is built to offer you with a solid protection and comfort during your bike rides. It is constructed with sturdy materials that are reinforced with polyamide to offer a rigid structure that provides long-term protection. We love the adjustable design that allows it to be properly fitted for all body sizes. Again, this brace also comes with high tensile PU core that absorbs impact energy ensuring your safety.

Key features

  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Features a Bio-foam that offers extra impact absorption
  • Hard moulded upper ensures optimal protection
  • Well padded and adjustable

8. Motocross Neck Brace for Adult – Body Protection Gears

Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector Guard Off-road Riding Body Protection

Whether you are a racing enthusiast or professional racing ride, then the Ridbiker neck brace will offer you with the best physical security protection you need. Having been crafted from high-quality nylon and environmentally friendly XPE foam, the brace will offer you with a safe and comfortable riding experience all the time. Besides using it while riding your bike, you can also use it when skating or skiing.

 Key features

  • The sturdy backplate that is crafted from carbon fibre
  • The underside is made using Ultra-lightweight EVA foam that offers comfort and impact distribution
  • Includes a rear stabilizer system that ensures that it remains in a secure position
  • Adjustable design allows it to fit your neck perfectly

7. EVS RC2 Race Collar MotoX/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor

EVS RC2 Adult Race Collar MotoX

For more than twenty-five years, the EVS sports brand has become a leader when it comes developing protection products for extreme sports. While it started out as a knee brace manufacturer, it has evolved to become one of the best manufacturers of the neck brace. The EVS RC2 neck brace cleverly designed to offer your neck with the best possible protection in case of a crash. On the other hand, the outer part is made using sturdy impact resistant materials. In the inside, the brace is well padded with materials that distribute impact and absolve shock.

Key features

  • Sturdy yet lightweight construction offers superior protection
  • Features a moulded aerodynamic design
  • Low profile and form fitted design
  • Secure fitting thanks to the adjustable design
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6. Ridbiker Motocross Neck Brace for Adult

Motocross Neck Brace For Adult

Here comes another high-end neck brace that is designed for enthusiast bike rides looking for excellent protection from neck injuries. The back of this brace is made of a moulded polymer that doesn’t snap in case of impact. Thanks to the anatomic profile that allows for proper helmet movement, your freedom of movement is guaranteed. Additionally, this model comes with a rear stabilizer system that distributes the impact across the shoulders ensuring that your spine’s safety.

Key features

  • The moulded polymer frame is Impact resistant
  • Superior neck protection to prevent hyperflexion injuries
  • Comes in a comfortable inside liner
  • Ultra lightweight EVA foam on the underside provides extra comfort

5. Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace

Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace Motocross Motorcycle Body Armor

Engineered to smartly prevent any injuries to your neck as well as minimizing the collateral damage risk, the Alpinestars neck brace is a great choice for both enthusiast and professional riders. The brace is constructed from advanced carbon polymer that provides optimized frame strength coupled with lightweight performance. The brace comes in award-winning features including a rear stabilizer that protects your spine and a simple locking system. Other features that make this unit stand out include the lightweight construction and shock-absorbing underside.

Key features

  • Made using high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection
  • Lightweight and adjustable design
  • Comes with a shock absorbing and comfortable liner
  • Rear stabilizer protects the spine

4. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar for Youth

EVS Sports R4 Race Collar

The EVS sports R4 neck brace is a perfect combination of functionality and style. Besides its attractive design, this unit also boasts of a durable construction that ensures a long lasting service. The upper surface is hand molded with tough materials that direct the energy to the PU core. It also provides extra protection thanks to the bio-foam liner. What’s more, the unit comes with an adjustable rear strut that boosts your comfort, as it is easy to customize the fitting details.

Key features

  • Features an adjustable rear that allows for a customized fit
  • Has a Rapid foam liner that offers extra impact absorption
  • Quick-lock closure facilitated simple front entry
  • Sturdy construction materials ensure durability
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3. Leatt DBX 5.5 Large/X-Large Neck Brace

Leatt DBX 5.5 Neck Brace

With a rich history of producing high products for sports professionals, you are guaranteed to get the best protection from this neck brace. It features a smart design for easy fitting as well as providing you with superior protection. What makes this unit stand out is the one-piece core flex rear thoracic strut that ensures superior comfort. This design also snaps off fast in case of a severe crash, releasing the pressure. In addition, the user will get ample support from the lower rear padding that offers extra comfort to your neck.

Key features

  • Well padded rear for superior protection and comfort
  • Unique CoreFlex thoracic strut offers extra protection
  • Fast locking system ensures easy fitting
  • Snaps off quickly in case of a severe crash

2. Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Large/X-Large Neck Brace

Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace Motocross Motorcycle Body Armor

There are many reasons why the Alpinestars BNS Tech neck brace stands out from other models in the market. First, this unit comes at a reasonable price making it a decent choice for individuals working with a tight budget. Secondly, the brace is made using durable PU plastic that is impact resistant for a solid protection in case of a crash. Next, thanks to the lightweight design, this is a great companion for everyone including those who ride for long distance. Besides, the unit comes with a soft and comfortable interior lining that minimizes user fatigue.

Key features

  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Comes with a rear stabilizer system that spreads the impact
  • Uniquely design backplate provides superior protection
  • The ultra-lightweight design ensures optimal comfort as well as ease of use

1. EVS Sports Carbon Fiber R4 Pro Race Collar

EVS Sports R4 Pro Race Collar

Having been launched recently, this race collar brings you with the latest features and technology to ensure advanced protection. Actually, this model is an improvement to the existing lightweight model by integrating carbon fibre plus high impact bio form to bring excellent performance. Other exceptional feature that comes with this unit includes the bilateral torso strapping system and new innovative air bladder shock absorption system.

Key features

  • Sturdy Carbon fibre top cap
  • Innovative air bladder shock absorbing
  • The rear strut is adjustable
  • Ultra lightweight and low profile

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