10 Best Metal Storage Shelves for Kitchen Use Reviews In 2018

Nowadays, the lack of space in day to day life can be felt more than ever and more people are shifting into smaller apartments and cozy spaces. One of the most crucial challenges in this kind of lifestyle is insufficient storage space for everyday items and tools. Metal storage shelves have been there in the market for a long time and their amazing storage space has always impressed a wide range of consumers. It is a storage solution that can solve a multitude of purposes like storage of books, garage tools, office files and other needful stuff.

But as this is a popular storage solution for many people, a lot of manufacturers have come up with different models of metal storage shelves, thus leaving you in confusion to choose the right model. Our list of the top best metal storage shelves will show you the very best models of storage racks that have trust and reliability at par excellence.

Table of the Best Metal Storage Shelves Reviews

10. AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Black Shelving Unit

Metal Storage Shelves

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Metal shelves have a multitude of purposes in different places at your home or office. It can smartly sit by a wall and store all your important stuff without any challenges. This shelving unit from AmazonBasics is crafted to perfection having a total of four shelving units that serve well in the home, kitchen or even in your office. The great holding capacity of 1400 pounds in total and 350 pounds per shelve assure effortless storage from your end. Also, it can be adjusted at an increment of an inch as it has a wire construction.

Key Features

  • Constructed out of durable steel and finished with black coated chrome.
  • The height on each shelf can be adjusted as per your need.
  • Easy assembly requires no tool.

9. AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Black Shelving Unit

AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Unit

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The advantage of having 5 shelves as a storage solution for your home or office and even your garage, the 5 shelf shelving unit from Amazon Basics is undoubtedly one of the finest choices in terms of meta-storage shelves. In this unit, each of the 5 shelves can hold up to 350 pounds with ease and the wire construction can be adjusted as per requirement. The unit rewards you with unmatched strength, reliability, and convenience in everyday usage.

Key Features

  • A huge total weight capacity of 1750 pounds.
  • Adjustable height of each shelf.
  • Long-lasting construction of heavy-duty steel combined with black chrome finish.

8. Whitmor Supreme Chrome 4-Tier Shelving W/ Adjustable Shelves

Whitmor Supreme 4 Tier Shelving

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The smart and intelligent storage solution from Whitmor is packed with features that are meant to make life easier for you. It is extremely easy to install and set-up, without any need for tools or craftsmen. The steel construction ensures long-term durability while the wire shelving opens up space for adjustment of the shelves. Moreover, you get the reliability of NSF approval and a good weight capacity of 350 pounds on each shelf.

Key Features

  • Comes with levelling feet for convenience.
  • Heavy-duty chrome finish rewards you with style and safety.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • After sales service available.

7. BestOffice Chrome 6-Layer Steel Wire Metal Shelving Rack

Adjustable Steel Wire Metal Shelving Rack

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The Bestoffice storage shelf comes with top-notch functionality as it has a huge a capacity of six shelves with adjustable design and triple-truss wire construction. Furthermore, you also get an amazing weight capacity of 600 pounds on each of the shelves whereas the non-rolling stationary base adds to the convenience of usage. Constructed out of heavy-duty steel, now store all your important office documents and files on this shelf for utmost safety.

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Key Features

  • Adjustable height on each shelf for added convenience.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 3600lbs.

6. AmazonBasics Black 4-Shelf Shelving Unit on 3-Inch Casters

AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Unit

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This comes with a little different design as the storage shelf from AmazonBasics has the added benefit of casters or wheels at the base for easy movement in your office, home or garage. It comes with a total of 4 shelves for storage made out of wire, thus allowing easy adjusting at 1-inch increment. Furthermore, you also get adjustable levelling feet which you can replace with the 3” industrial rubber casters when you feel the need of relocating. Certainly, a smart thinking put into reality as it also features a black coated steel construction.

Key Features

  • Can hold 99 pounds of weight on each shelf when the unit is in motion.
  • The height of each shelf can be adjusted when needed.

5. LANGRIA Garage Metal Shelving Racks

Heavy Duty Metal Shelves

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If you are on the looking out for a rack that has extremely durable construction along with a huge weight capacity for your belongings, the Langria model is just an amazing choice to make any day. First and foremost you get the convenience of 6 shelves in one unit and then you have an exceptional storage capacity in grid style which is supported by fresh air flow. Furthermore, each of the shelves is made out of durable metal and has wire meshes as well as strong posts, so that you can be totally assured of the storing capacity.

Key Features

  • Water and rust proof.
  • Holds 300 kgs.
  • Has slide shelves.

4. Muscle Rack Steel Shelving in Silver Vein with Board

Steel Shelving in Silver Vein

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Yet another heavy-duty storage rack from the trustworthy brand of Muscle Rack, this metal storage rack is designed to deliver optimal performances in terms of storage and safekeeping. The coated wood grain shelves guarantee long-term running without any risks of breakage while the steel beams assure an impressive sturdy and stable frame. Also, you get a silver vein enamel finish that will keep it safe from corrosion and also keep it shining as new forever.

Key Features

  • Trust and reliability of double-riveted beams and braces along with particle board.
  • Adjustable in 1-1/2 inch increment.
  • Post connectors make installation extremely easy.

3. Seville Class 4-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving

Seville Classics 4-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving

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This metal storage rack is extremely impressive both in terms of looks and functionality as it is finished off with an ultra-zinc plating to save the rack from unforeseen risks of corrosion. Also, it is constructed out of industrial strength steel wire for unmatched durability for everyday use. Besides, the attractive design comes with four 1.5” wheels with two lockable wheels thus making it both stationary and dynamic when needed. More: Best wine glass racks

Key Features

  • Each of the four shelves can hold 300 pounds with ease.
  • Can be used for multi-purpose storage.
  • Adjustable shelves at 1” increment.
  • Eliminates the needs of tools in installation.

2. STORAGE MANIAC Heavy Duty 3-Tier Shelving Unit

 Heavy Duty Storage Rack Utility Shelf

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The storage maniac model has a large footprint meant to store many of your belongings all at once. It is provided both with casters for movement and levelling feet for stationary application. Also, it has a total of three shelves for storage with 350 pounds weight capacity for each of shelf which is quite impressive. Plus, you get the benefit of a smart design that allows you to adjust the height of each shelf as per your requirement. Use it for a multitude of purposes like storage of files, tools, books or even shoes at your home or anywhere you please.

Key Features

  • Durable construction combined with a black coated finish for safety against corrosion and rusting.
  • Two of the four industrial casters are lockable for stationary use.

1. Seville 5-Tier NSF Steel Wire Shelving with Wheel

Seville Classics 5-Tier NSF Steel Wire Shelving

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At the topmost position, you get the Seville Classics 5 tier metal rack that comes with highly impressive features for superior storage solution at your home or office. Firstly, you get the reliability of the industrial strength steel wire construction that will last long without any challenges. Then you get the trust and certification of NSF/ANSI which means you are not compromising with the quality of the amazing features. Furthermore, both caster wheels and levelling feet can be attached at the bottom that will allow you to keep it static or move it easily when needed.

Key Features

  • 3” caster wheels for effortless movement anywhere.
  • Huge weight capacity of 800 pounds on each shelf.
  • Can be positioned anywhere with ease.

Excellent metal storage shelves will accommodate all your necessary belongings and provide a tidy look to the rest of your house. Give it a read and you will know which model satisfies your needs the best way.

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