Top 10 Best Meditation Cushions | Meditation Pillows Reviews In 2020

Meditation works big time. The best part, you can do it anywhere and on anything. However, meditation is more like a workout. As such, you need to build a dependable routine. That means finding a dedicated spot that’s comfortable and easy on your body. After all, no one likes the idea of meditating on a hard surface. Meditation cushions might be your best bet. It improves posture, which is ideal in any meditation session. Above all, it provides cushioned support. That means you get hours of comfort that keep you motivated in your practice. But then, what are the best meditation cushions to buy?

Well, finding the best cushion for meditation is no easy task. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Again, the level of comfort and portability tends to vary. Not to mention, it’s quite common for some brands to give misleading information on their products. But worry no more. We’re here to keep you safe and help you get a cushion that’s worth every penny. So, without further ado, here are the best-rated meditation cushions to consider. On a side note, we’ve selected the most versatile models. Hence, whichever you choose, it will be ideal for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Table of the Best Meditation Cushions Reviews

10. Seat Of Your Soul Buckwheat Round Zafu Meditation Cushions – Yoga Pillow

Meditation Cushions

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This cushion uses GOTS certified organic cotton. Hence, it meets the highest standards of quality. Also, the soft cotton cover has heavy stitching. As such, it’s less likely to tear. The cushion uses buckwheat filling. Should you choose, you can remove the filling to adjust both the height and firmness of the cushion.

Moreover, the cushion provides firm support for people of all shapes and sizes. The cover unzips for cleaning. The best part, it’s machine washable for easy care. Furthermore, the cushion comes with a stitched-on handle for easy transportation. The cushion is available in 7 colours and 3 sizes.

Special Features

  • Sewn-in handle for easy transportation
  • Removable buckwheat filling enables you to adjust the height and firmness of the cushion
  • Durable and certified cotton cover
  • Assorted sizes and colours for both kids and adults
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9. Florensi Large Meditation Cushions – Velvet Meditation Pillow & Premium Yoga Pillow for Women and Men

Florensi Large Meditation Cushions - Velvet Meditation Pillow & Premium Yoga Pillow for Women and Men

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This is one of the best-rated cushions on the market and for a good reason. First, it has a multi-functional design. So, it’s more than just for meditation. For instance, you can use it as a yoga mat. Though it’s available in one size, the cushion has an adjustable buckwheat stuffing. Hence, you can adjust to different thickness or firmness. Also, the fill material offers solid support that doesn’t flatten over time.

Again, the cushion uses heat-treated buckwheat. Thus, it’s more resistant to pests. In addition to the fill material, the cushion comes with 1-inch foam. It provides extra support whenever you need it. Furthermore, the cover is made of extra-soft velvet, making it gentle on your skin. What is more, you can remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Special Features

  • A durable and ultra-soft velvet cover feels gentle on your skin
  • An easy-grab handle makes it easier to carry the cushion
  • Heat-treated buckwheat fill doesn’t sag and is resistant to pests
  • 1-inch foam provides extra support

8. REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushions Filled with Buckwheat, Zippered Organic Cotton Cover

REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushions

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The Reehut cushion has a simple and basic design but in a good way. For instance, the design makes it an excellent choice for beginners. Most budget cushions offer little or no variation in terms of size. Though a lower-priced model, this cushion comes in three sizes. As such, it suits all heights and weights.

Again, the cushion uses heavier and denser buckwheat filling. It’s easier to remove and refill, allowing for quick adjustments. Also, the cushion uses an invisible zipper that creates a seamless appearance. As with most meditation cushions, it has a sturdy handle for easy transportation.

Special Features

  • Three different sizes accommodate a wide range of users
  • Denser buckwheat provides solid support for years
  • Invisible zipper offers a seamless appearance

7. Unique Wellness Large Meditation Cushions – Round Zafu Floor Pillow with Removable Cover

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As the name suggests, this cushion is pretty large. Hence, it ensures a comfortable fit, no matter your size. Also, the cushion is fully adjustable to provide a personalized experience. For instance, enables you to remove or add the fill to adjust the height and firmness.

Moreover, the buckwheat filling is contained in a separate liner. Thus, you won’t interfere with it every time you wash the cover. A built-in handle and a bonus tote bag enable you to take the cushion with you wherever you go.

Special Features

  • Extra-large size enables versatile uses no matter your need
  • Adjustable buckwheat hulls enable you to enjoy a personalized experience
  • Integrated handle and tote bag for easy portability
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6. Ajna Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion with Zippered Organic Cotton Liner

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The Ajna meditation cushion is extremely versatile. As such, it’s suitable for all types of meditation. Apart from providing a wide range of uses, this cushion has one of the best quality. Take the reinforced stitching, for instance. It ensures the cushion doesn’t fall apart or pop open at the seams.

Again, the cushion uses heat-treated buckwheat. Hence, it’s free of bugs and other pests. Furthermore, it comes with a tote bag, making meditation more portable than ever.

Special Features

  • Heat-treated buckwheat makes the cushion free of bugs and other pests
  • Bonus tote bag for easy transportation
  • Lavender fill provides a soothing scent ideal for aromatherapy

5. Peace Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

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Peace Yoga cushion is easily the best-rated model on the market. It’s a high-end cushion, but at a budget-friendly price. In fact, it’s among the models that offer the best value for money. Like most cushions on our list, it uses buckwheat stuffing. Not only is it sturdy and firm, but also pliable and comfortable. Not to mention, it offers natural weight and support.

Also, the cushion has zipper access. Hence, you can remove some of the fill material to make the cushion a little softer. Thanks to a built-in handle, you can move the cushion from one room to another with ease. Furthermore, the cover is washable, enabling you to keep the cushion spotless.

Special Features

  • Adjustable buckwheat stuffing is firm and pliable
  • A grab-and-go handle for easy transportation
  • Available in two sizes with a variety of colours

4. Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure for Stress Relief

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At 6 inches, this meditation cushion is among the tallest. Nevertheless, it can be lowered to accommodate almost all body shape and sizes. Instead of a plain surface, the cushion has acupressure points that mimic the lotus flower. It keeps your muscles relaxed and improves circulation for total stress relief.

For the record, the acupressure points are on one side. So, if you find it too intense, you can flip the cushion over. The cushion uses adjustable buckwheat stuffing and has an easy-grab handle for portability.

Special Features

  • Acupressure spikes provide total stress relief
  • Adjustable height and firmness suits all types of meditation
  • Grab-and-go handle improves portability
  • Attractive lotus flower design
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3. Waterglider International Yoga Meditation Pillow

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Most cushions claim sustainable materials. However, few live up to the standards. One such model is the Waterglider cushion. Unlike most models, it’s overstuffed. Hence, you have more freedom to choose the right level of firmness. Also, it uses organic cotton and buckwheat husks directly from the farm. All these give the cushion unmatched quality.

The fill material is removable for washing. Not to mention, the cushion has an easy-grab handle that improves portability. Despite the high-end features it has to offer, the Waterglider cushion is decently priced. For the record, it’s among the few models that offer the best bang for the buck.

Special Features

  • Sustainable organic cotton and buckwheat husks guarantee lasting quality
  • Available in 6 colours to match your taste
  • The extra-large size makes it ideal for all yoga and meditation levels

2. Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion – Yoga Floor Pillow Bolster 

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So far, this is the only cushion that comes with extra buckwheat fill. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for those that prefer a firmer cushion. Nonetheless, it offers the freedom to adjust the height and softness. Apart from the bonus buckwheat stuffing, the cushion comes with a free travel case for easy portability.

Again, the cushion includes a bonus meditation book. As you might have guessed, this is a cushion with a lot of bonuses. Furthermore, the cover has elegant prints that make it an excellent showpiece.

Special Features

  • Extra buckwheat fill enables you to increase the firmness of the cushion
  • A bonus carry bag allows for easy portability
  • A free ebook gives you an easy start

1. Existentials Buckwheat Meditation Cushion

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Though it’s available in one size, this meditation cushion is large enough for all needs. Also, it has adjustable buckwheat stuffing. Hence, you can choose the right level of firmness and support. Instead of plain cover, the cushion has beautiful floral prints. So, it adds to the look of your yoga room.

Most models on the list come with free accessories. Well, this meditation cushion is no exception. It comes with an eye mask that blocks out any light. Also, there’s a meditation necklace that helps improve your focus. Above all, you get an ebook to get you started.

Special Features

  • Extra-large size accommodates all needs
  • Bonus eye mask and Mala beads improve meditation experience
  • Adjustable buckwheat stuffing offers the right level of firmness and support

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