Best Massage Balls for Back, Feet and Pain Relief Reviews In 2021

Masseurs are expensive and gym partners due to various reasons like time or comfort level aren’t always reliable. However, the stubborn pain throughout the body tends to kill our stamina. Thus, massage balls were invented and made life easier for individuals. This affects as well as treats various parts of your body. It rather includes deep tissue massage, heat and ice therapy into a product. Plus, it is extremely versatile in nature.

There are different types of these balls offering different weight capacities available in this market. In order to help you know which product is right for you, take a look at the massage balls list.

Table of the Best Massage Balls Reviews

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10. Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max Massage Ball – Therapy Ball for Trigger Point Massage

Massage Balls

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After a good workout, you can use this massage therapy ball which would always be with you anytime, anywhere. Muscles get really tensed up when you have performed the heavy workout. Plus, this ball helps you to release that for avoiding injuries and improving blood circulation. It is highly-dense and is rather made from all natural rubber instead of synthetic materials. Therefore, it doesn’t emit any harmful substances and can bear a lot of weight.

As a matter of fact, it has a convenient size that is somewhere in between a softball and a tennis ball. So even if you don’t carry a bag to the gym you can always put it inside your pocket. It isn’t limited by the storage space since it takes a ridiculously low amount of volume. Hence, lightweight enough to be carried on the person.

Key features:

  • It has grooved design and protrusions that dig deep into your tissues and muscle fibres for relief.
  • Comes with a drawstring carry bag for keeping it clean.
  • Can certainly withstand 500 pounds of weight or less without getting damaged

9. Vulken Acusphere Vibrating Massage Ball for Muscle and Fitness

Vulken Acusphere Vibrating Massage Ball for Muscle and Fitness

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Vulkan offers you one of the few vibrating massage balls in the market that has self vibration. For getting good SME action, you can use its big dotted surface combined with the vibration level of your choice. Due to the vibration action, your muscles can also get warmed up faster. In fact, it indeed helps you quickly get into the routine for fast and efficient results.

Besides, it is portable in nature and is light in weight for carrying purposes. Lastly, it aids in fast warming up sessions and aids in giving flexibility in your muscles.

Key features:

  • Has a decent sized 1200 mAh battery for powering the vibration motor.
  • LED lights that rather indicate the level of the battery.
  • Four different vibration levels that can reach the highest RPM of 3000.

8. Kieba Trigger Point Massage Balls for Myofascial Release

Kieba Trigger Point Massage Balls for Myofascial Release

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Now you can enjoy a soothing therapy for your sore muscles at the comfort of your home with these balls. If you have a sore foot, keep the ball under your foot and just roll it around exerting pressure. This channels the pressure into the ball and brings some of it back to your foot via the soft rubber surface. Then, it releases the tension in your sore muscles. Furthermore, it is also used in many other ways. These include relief from upper and lower back pain, stimulating the muscle fibres and releasing knots.  Therefore, your muscles are in healthy condition for you to be at your optimum physical state.

Other than having a session of massage therapy with yourself, use the pair of balls for having a Lacrosse practice. The massage ball weight and size is at par with the one that is officially used in the sport. Hence, it can certainly provide you with entertainment as well as relaxation.

Key features:

  • It is completely made from natural rubber, no plastic or nylon.
  • Due to their small size, you can indeed carry them anywhere you want.
  • Have immense load-bearing capacity due to their natural shock absorbing attribute.

7. TRATAC ActiveBall Vibration Ball – Back Pain & Recovery Massage Ball

TRATAC ActiveBall Vibration Ball - Back Pain & Recovery Massage Ball

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Tratac brings to you an efficient recovery massage ball that enhances relaxation via vibrations. You can use it before the workout for warming-up muscles or after workout to soothe them and trigger quick recovery. However, it has a simple one-button action that does a lot more than being just a power button.

It shows your battery levels and lets you change the intensity of vibrations as well. Perfect for using in office, home or anywhere else, the portability is certainly unquestionable.

Key features:

  • At level 3 it gives you the highest vibration at 4000 RPM.
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty period.
  • With a diameter of 3.5 inches, it is rather compact enough to be carried around anywhere.

6. Buddy Dynamics Massage Ball – Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Massage Ball to Fight Sore Muscles

Buddy Dynamics Massage Ball

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Biddy Dynamics ships this massage ball in an attractive and graphics-rich packaging which works as a great gift. The ball also has patterns protruding out which helps you to penetrate the tissues with adequate pressure. In fact, it increases blood flow for improving muscle recovery.

Moreover, if you drag it along the length of a muscle group in recommended motions, you can also maintain good muscle flexibility for the quick twitch. Having a German ergonomic design, it has a Thermoplastic Rubber construction. Above all, you would rather not slip while using it.

Key features:

  • Comes with a carry bag for easy portability and hassle-free maintenance.
  • You indeed get a complimentary wrist band.
  • Capable of tolerating a maximum weight of 500lbs.

5. ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball for  Instant Muscle PAIN RELIEF

ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball for  Instant Muscle PAIN RELIEF

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Unlike competitors, ActiveProZone has full confidence in its products. Therefore, it has backed this set of massage balls with a lifetime warranty. So you can make this purchase without any worries. The balls have a lot of versatile use. You can use them individually or together to trigger two muscle groups like shoulders or glutes at the same time. And that too in a synced motion in synced motion.

Being 2.75-inches in diameter, you certainly get maximum grip including comfort. It will keep serving results for a long time and that too effective.

Key features:

  • With the provided mesh bag, you can rather use them as peanut balls.
  • Made of natural rubber without any synthetic products.

4. Sporty Healthy Habit 5-Inch Deep Tissue Mobility Ball & Large Spiky Ball

Sporty Healthy Habit 5-Inch Deep Tissue Mobility Ball & Large Spiky Ball

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Sporty Health Habit brings you 3 balls that are used for different purposes in one affordable price. For stimulating rigid joints and small bit crucial body parts you have the 2.5-inch rubber ball. It has a smooth texture and works well on your hands and thinner tissues on your wrist or palm. Moreover, the bigger 5-inch lacrosse ball made from highly dense foam is rather used for targeting larger muscle groups. These include hamstrings, deltoids, calves, glutes and more.

You get to increase the blood circulation in these muscles so that they can recover quickly after a good workout. Finally, the spiky ball which is made from PVC material can penetrate deep for giving you a comprehensive massage therapy. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional hire for making your muscles release their tightness. With this used in the right way, you would be able to quickly recover from muscle injuries and soreness.

Key features:

  • The whole set indeed weighs around 13 ounces.
  • You get an E-book and exercise videos for free where you can learn efficient result yielding ways for using these.
  • The complimentary carry bag is made from porous, breathable material that is easy to clean.

3. Sporty Healthy Habit Massage Balls Deep Tissue

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You can use 3 different balls for targeting and stimulating your muscle groups differently. For a gentle massage of muscles under your feet, glutes, hips and more, you can use the firm yet springy rubber ball. And it is indeed made from silica gel.

Furthermore, the trigger ball which is made of EVA foam has protrusions in the shape of prisms and cubes. As a result, it protrudes and triggers sore muscles. Overall, these lacrosse balls aid in improving the mobility factor.

Key features:

  • Spiky ball has PVC construction and has immense firmness.
  • All the balls certainly have a diameter within the range of 6.5 cm to 7 cm.

2. Gillsun Fitness Massage Ball Set

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Gillsun offers you a deal that is hard to refuse for any fitness enthusiast. In this, you get a lacrosse ball and a peanut ball for using them in various ways on different muscles. The lacrosse ball is made from high-quality rubber that is ultra-dense and has high resistance against corrosion. With a diameter of 5-inches, it fits right in your palm. That’s why it has the perfect size for targeting all the muscles that are affected in high-intensity workouts or sport.

It has small hexagonal carved patterns all over them. As a matter of fact, you can use them to dig into the tissues and rejuvenate the blood flow by stimulating the blood muscles. It indeed improves your muscle reflex. With the peanut ball, you can reach places that are hard to access, like your spine. Above all, this uniquely shaped ball helps to soothe and relieve pain without relying on direct pressure application.

Key features:

  • You can buy this product without any worries due to the lifetime warranty period.
  • The balls rather weigh just over a pound, very light and portable.
  • Comes with a carry bag for maintaining them in good condition.

1. KT TAPE Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball for Muscle Pain & Stress Relief

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This massage ball from KT Tape combines different muscle relief methods. It has a steel ball which can contain either of the gel cores or used on its own. Get the gel cores for heat or ice therapy and apply pressure appropriately at the area of pain. However, do it in a circular motion or pull it along the muscle length. This releases muscle knots and helps in better blood flow through your blood vessels. Use the steel ball on the ground for massaging your feet and create a relaxation effect at the pain points.

You can also use it on your glutes, hamstrings, back muscles and more. The soft rubber encasing on the outside makes for the good hand grip. Therefore, it lets you easily grab the ball and work on your muscles after an intense workout session.

Key features:

  • Within a minute inside the microwave, heated gel core is ready to use.
  • A pound weight is considered to be light as well as portable.
  • Due to strong stainless steel construction, it wouldn’t rust easily and can take a lot of pressure.

Now keep pains away and practice your exercises in comfort. The massage balls for pain will treat every part of your body and you will surely feel comfortable.

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