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Have you run out of kitchen space? Or maybe fancy keeping your knives within easy reach but safe from kids? If so, then it’s high time you invest in a magnetic knife holder. Thanks to the super-strong built-in magnets, it offers endless mounting options. You can choose to attach to the refrigerator, cabinet door, or mount flush on the wall. Though they serve the same purpose, there’s a huge difference between the average and the best magnetic knife strip. So, that brings us to the question, what are the best magnetic knife holders to buy?

Though they look simple, selecting the best magnetic knife block is no easy task. So, we’re here to makes things easier for you. This article gives a detailed review of the best models to consider.

Table of the Best Magnetic Knife Holders Reviews

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10. HMmagnets Professional Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holders – Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic Knife Holders

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This is an upgraded stainless steel knife bar. It has a sleek appearance, especially when mounted flush on the wall. Also, it uses super strong magnets to ensure it doesn’t lose its magnetic force. So powerful is the grip that it can secure any set of knives. Above all, your knives won’t wobble, shift, or slide off the magnetic holder.

For the record, the knife bar comes in high-quality 304 stainless steel. Unlike most brands that use 201 stainless steel, this knife holder provides higher resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, it has smooth, easy-to-clean edges. Hence, it’s less likely to collect germs and junk.

Special Features

  • High-quality 304 stainless steel bar guarantees lifetime durability
  • Super strong magnets secure all types of knives, both heavy and light
  • Mounts flush on the wall to create a sleek appearance
  • A flat space-saving design fits any kitchen style

9. Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holders – Wall Knife Magnet – Magnetic Knife Rack Bar

Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holders - Wall Knife Magnet - Magnetic Knife Rack Bar

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Instead of one magnetic strip, this knife bar has two. Thus, it can hold your largest knives safely and securely. Also, it uses a powerful Neodymium magnet. It neither rusts nor loses its magnetic power. So, there’s zero chance your knives will slide and fall off the bar.

Moreover, the bar and all hardware are made of high-grade stainless steel. Hence, they won’t corrode or rust. Again, this knife holder comes with six hooks. Therefore, it holds not only your knives but also other kitchen utensils.

Special Features

  • Long double-sided surface saves valuable kitchen space
  • Powerful Neodymium magnet holds your largest knives securely
  • 6 hooks provide extra storage for other kitchen tools
  • High-grade stainless steel keeps the knife bar safe from corrosion

8. Ouddy Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Block – Magnetic Knife Rack for Kitchen Utensil Holder

Ouddy Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Block - Magnetic Knife Rack for Kitchen Utensil Holder

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This magnetic knife strip has an extended length that enables it to hold more knives. But at the same time, this knife strip is small enough to fit into most nooks and crannies. The bar is made of top quality stainless steel. As such, it’s extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. Again, it has a sleep appearance that accents any kitchen decor.

Moreover, it has a powerful built-in magnet. It provides immense grip to keep sharp knives away from your kid. But for grownups, it only needs a gentle tug to pull out the knives for use. The best part, it doesn’t lose its magnetic charge. Therefore, your knives will forever be safe and away from kids.

Special Features

  • Sleek space-saving design accents any kitchen decor
  • Rustproof top quality stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty magnets provide immense grip

7. Modern Innovations Kitchen Magnetic Knife Bar

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Though stainless steel provides excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, this knife bar takes things the extra mile. Instead of the bare stainless steel surface, it has a satin finish. It gives the knife bar an added layer of protection against dirt, stain, and mildew. As such, this magnetic knife holder is super easy to clean. Also, the elegant satin finish makes it ideal for display.

Moreover, this magnetic knife rack has a heavy-duty magnet. Not to mention, the magnet doesn’t lose its power. That means it can hold the heaviest set of knives. Furthermore, it comes with all mounting hardware for easy installation.

Special Features

  • Elegant stain finish keeps the stainless steel bar free of dirt, stains, and mildew
  • A heavy-duty magnetic bar secures even the heaviest knives
  • Rustproof stainless steel offers lifelong use

6. Kurouto Walnut Magnetic Knife Holders with Multi-Purpose Functionality

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So far, all magnetic knife holders we’ve reviewed come in stainless steel. Well, this model has a different take. It’s made of walnut hardwood. Hence, it won’t rust, dull, or chip your knives. Above all, it’s built to last.

At 12 inches, this magnetic knife bar is pretty compact. However, it’s large enough to hold a whole set of knives. As such, it saves valuable space in your kitchen. Heavy-duty magnets are embedded into the wood. They have an immense grip to keep your knives from shifting or sliding off the bar.

Special Features

  • Durable walnut hardwood is rustproof and doesn’t chip your knives
  • Embedded magnets provide ultra-strong grip to hold even the heaviest knives
  • Compact and elegant design accents most kitchen decor

5. Eco friendly Premium Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holders

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This magnetic knife holder has a beautiful bamboo texture. As such, it will easily upgrade the look of your kitchen. Moreover, bamboo makes it multiple times durable than other hardwood knife holders. For instance, it’s harder and absorbs very little moisture. Hence, it won’t dull or decay over time. The best part, it doesn’t scratch your knives.

Even then, it’s much lighter than other hardwood knife holders. Also, the bar has powerful magnets on one side to keep your knives safe and secure. Furthermore, it has an extra thickness of 1-inch. It enables you to pull and put the knife back easily.

Special Features

  • Ultra-durable bamboo wood is more resistant to moisture
  • The extra thickness of 1 inch enables you to pull and put back knives with ease
  • Beautiful bamboo texture enhances the look of your kitchen wall

4. Unique Effects Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder for Kitchen Knives & Utensils

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As the name suggests, this magnetic knife holder gives your kitchen space a unique upgrade. The rustproof brushed stainless steel gives it a sleek appearance. To top it all, it has an elegant satin finish. It not only resists dirt and stains but also makes cleaning a breeze.

Moreover, the knife strip measures 24 inches. So far, it’s the longest on our list, enabling it to hold more knives. Again, it has a double-strip design to create extra storage for other kitchen tools. For instance, it enables you to attach storage hooks on the lower strip. But you don’t have to make a separate purchase as the package comes with 8 stainless steel hooks.

Special Features

  • Extra-long size (24 inches) holds more knives
  • Double-strip design allows you to attach storage hooks for other kitchen tools
  • The elegant satin finish keeps the knife holder free of dirt and stains

3. Woodsom Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

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Of all magnetic knife strips on our list, this model has the most size options. It’s available in 12 different sizes, ranging from 8 to 36 inches long. Not to mention, there’s the option of a custom length. The strip comes in walnut hardwood. It’s gentle on your knives but durable enough to last a lifetime.

Moreover, it has super-strong magnets to the very ends. So, there’s more surface on which to place your knives. Again, this knife strip comes with wooden caps to hide the screw heads.

Special Features

  • Hidden screw heads create a seamless appearance
  • Durable walnut hardwood doesn’t dull or chip your knives
  • Super-strong magnets are placed to the very ends to eliminate “dead” zone

2. HOMEMAXS Double Knife Bar with Removable Hooks Knife Rack Tool Holder

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This is a double-strip magnetic knife holder. Hence, it offers extra storage, not just for your knives but also for other kitchen utensils. So, it’s going to save valuable kitchen space. Also, it comes with 8 removable hooks for added storage.

Like most knife bars on our list, it comes in rustproof stainless steel. It offers an elegant look that won’t tarnish over time. Built-in magnets create a strong grip to ensure nothing falls off.

Special Features

  • Double strip design expands storage capacity
  • Removable hooks enable you to customize storage space
  • High-grade stainless steel offers long-lasting quality that doesn’t rust nor tarnish

1. Kitchen Selections Pro-Grade Magnetic Knife Holder

Kitchen Selections Pro-Grade Magnetic Knife Holders

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So convenient is this magnetic knife holder that you can mount it anywhere, even on your refrigerator. Hence, it’s ideal for home as well as office use. Also, this knife strip is 100% stainless steel. As such, it won’t rust, tarnish, or fall apart.

Also, the strip has a fully magnetic surface. It uses powerful neodymium magnets. They provide immense grip to hold even the heaviest pans. Thus, you don’t have to worry about added weight or the positioning of your knives.

Special Features

  • Attaches to a refrigerator to save you installation work
  • All-stainless steel surface doesn’t rust nor tarnish
  • A fully magnetic surface keeps kitchen utensils exactly where you want them

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