Top 10 Best Rolling Hardside Luggage Sets for Travel Reviews In 2020

For casual vacation or professional trips, travel accessories are important. The quality luggage sets are important for a short or long trip. You can store all the necessary accessories neatly. For limited or bulky luggage, these sets are very useful. Moreover, there are improvements present in design and functionality. The size is important to consider.

Many of these sets are expandable in design. This feature helps you to store more accessories when needed. Furthermore, the durable luggage suitcases will last longer. They resist scratches. Many of these sets include wheels for easy rolling. This enables you to easily carry all your belongings anywhere. Also, the zippers offer security for your items. You can buy them in packs of multiple sets. The article below discusses the details of the best luggage sets.

Table of the Best Luggage Sets Reviews

10. Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Rolling 3 Piece Luggage Sets

Luggage Sets

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This luggage sets best feature is durability. It comes in a lightweight design. The pack contains 3 pieces of hardside suitcases. The sizes are 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. Each case contains spinner wheels. These wheels are multidirectional. You can move the luggage on any terrains.  Moreover, a large mesh compartment is present in the interior. It comes with a zip for easy access to items inside.

One key benefit is portability. It feels comfortable to move them to different places. Excellent security makes you worry-free about your belongings. Hence, you can pack your precious items inside.


  • 8 spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees. They provide easy maneuverability.
  • The interior is spacious enough to store more items.
  • The cases stop you from paying extra weight surcharges at airlines.
  • The ergonomic aluminum handle is expandable. Moreover, it is durably built.
  • When not in use, the handle can be stored inside. A push-button is present.

9. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets with Wheels

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets with Wheels

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The 3 piece luggage sets samsonite is famous for easy mobility. This hardside expandable luggage set is easy to carry wherever you like. The set includes 20 inches carry on and 24 inches/28 inches spinners. The spinners increase packing capacity. Moreover, they are suitable for long-distance trips.

The material choice is important. This set comes with a polycarbonate texture. It resists scratches and offers durability. After multiple trips, the set is free from damage. Furthermore, the expansion allows you to pack multiple items. The compression makes sure your clothes stay neatly pressed.


  • At the base, 4 large spinner wheels are available. They are multi-directional for easy mobility.
  • The TSA locks are mounted on sides. Hence, they stop theft activities. Only you get access to your belongings during traveling.
  • The built-in handles come with push-button. These locking handles offer maneuverability.
  • When not in use, the handle can be stowed away inside.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds Lightweight Spinner Luggage Set

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The best luggage sets are functional and stylish. This 3-piece set meets both this requirement. You can now pack all your accessories for a casual or business trip. For professionals and travelers, this set is very useful. The wheels at the bottom roll smoothly. Hence, it feels lightweight when you carry luggage.

These suitcases’ body comes with water-resistant hardshell. It offers durability. It is easy to clean. Moreover, the corner guard absorbs shock. This offers superb impact resistance. The lightweight construction offers portability at the airport.


  • The 4-wheel spinners are multi-directional. You can carry luggage on any terrain.
  • There are 4 molded feet at the sides. They allow luggage to stand erect.
  • The adjustable telescoping handle comes with push-button. There are two lock positions available. This provides complete control.
  • It comes with two spacious compartments. They support double-sided packing.
  • A large interior zipper pocket can store tiny items.

7. AmazonBasics 3-Piece Geometric Hard Shell Luggage Set

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AmazonBasics designed the luggage sets 3 pieces with a spacious compartment. You can easily pack large and small items. From the prestigious brand, these sets are reliable and durable. Hence, you can travel with confidence and style.  They are durable as well as beautiful in appearance. The large storage space and various compartments easily store huge luggage.

For professional trips or vacation, these 3 sets are suitable. Moreover, you can pack daily essentials, clothes, books, electronic devices, etc.  The spinner wheels roll smoothly on most terrains.


  • It comes with an expandable compartment. The zippered sleeves and tie-down straps are available. They provide safety of accessories stored inside.
  • There are 4 spinner wheels available on each case. They provide a smooth transport experience.
  • The adjustable telescopic handles are included. They help you to easily transport large luggage. The molded grips are present on the handles.

6. Murtisol Travel 4 Piece Luggage Sets – Hardside Lightweight Durable Spinner Suitcase

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The material construction matters a lot when choosing a luggage set. These sets from Murtisol use ABS material. This material is lightweight yet durable. It protects against high pressure, heat, and water damage.

The internal and external parts come in unique designs. Hence, there is enough space to store your accessories. The finish is beautiful and stylish.


  • There are 4 spinner wheels at the base. They can smoothly roll in all directions. They are strong enough to carry a large weight.
  • The built-in telescoping handle allows easy opening and closing. It is ergonomically designed with a push-button.
  • The 3 digits of passwords available for extra security.

5. COOLIFE 3 Piece Luggage Set – Spinner Hardshell Suitcase Set

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The luggage sets 3 piece allows transporting large luggage. There are 3 hardshell luggage cases present in the set. They are available in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches size. To save space, you can store one on another. The set comes with 4 TSA locks. They guarantee the security of your belongings. The use of quality ABS material offers durability. Moreover, the interior compartments include zippers for extra security.


  • The hard shell is impact-resistant.
  • There are spinner wheels available. They smoothly rotate in all directions.
  • No noise during transportation.
  • The built-in telescoping handle uses aluminum. It comes with durable construction. The design of the handle is ergonomic for comfortable use.
  • The guard reinforcements absorb shock.

4. Samsonite Winfield Hardside Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels

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All luggage sets samsonite guarantee durability and ease of use. This product includes 3 pieces of different sizes. It comes with a 20-inch carry on case, 24-inch spinners, and 28-inch spinners. Choose a suitable size based on your needs and trip type.

These cases are famous as full-capacity luggage cases. There is enough number of organization pockets. There are 10 zipper pockets present. The beautiful brushed pattern stops scratches during the journey. No damage to the exterior of the luggage. The interior comes with straps for privacy.


  • The four rotating wheels make these cases lightweight and mobile.
  • The 1.5 inches of expansion enables you to store plenty of items. The compression keeps the clothes pressed neatly.
  • There is an adjustable carry handle presently. It automatically comes down when not in use.

3. Wrangler Smart Hardside Travel Luggage Sets with USB Charging Port

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The luggage sets hardside are usually durable yet lightweight.  Wrangler prepared these 3 pieces of luggage sets to use high-quality materials. They offer durability for many trips. The design offers convenience and style. You will stay confident when transporting luggage. All the sets can transport small and big luggage.

The set includes a 28-inch large suitcase and a 24-inch medium-sized suitcase. A 20-inch carry on suitcase is present. The interior is wide enough to store important accessories. Hence, you can pack clothes, makeup bags, devices, bottles, purse, etc. Moreover, a cup holder is present. It gives a stylish look.


  • The phone holder and a USB port are available. They are present at the back of each case. You get travel convenience.
  • There are rotatable wheels at the bottom. They can smoothly rotate in all directions.
  • The wheels reduce the load on the wrist of the traveler.
  • The expandable design increases the packing capacity.
  • The handles are present at sides and top.

2. American Tourister Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels

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With the luggage sets hardside, there are no worries about durability. American Tourister designs this 3-piece luggage set with durability.  It comes in a strong ABS shell. The polyester lining is present.

Each of these cases can expand for more packing capacity. A large interior pocket includes a front panel. It is suitable for neatly arranging different accessories. Moreover, the main compartment is wide enough. It comes with mesh pockets. As a result, you can keep personal items. The compression straps neatly store your clothes.


  • The ergonomic handles are present at the side and top. They come with a push-button.
  • The comfortable grip provides convenience to travelers.
  • The hardside exterior texture offers durability.
  • The beautiful design helps you travel in style and confidence.

1. Samsonite Centric Hardside Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels

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One of the luggage sets best features is transportation ease. This hardside luggage set allows easy transportation of large items. You can increase the packing capacity. This helps you to store a number of accessories. The use of polycarbonate offers durability. Moreover, scratch-resistant exterior increases durability. For a long or short trip, this product is useful.


  • A TSA lock is present on the side. It guarantees the safety of your belongings.
  • The built-in wheels can rotate in 360° directions.
  • The carry-handles at side and top are adjustable. When not in use, push the handles inside.


A luggage set is an excellent investment for short and long trips. You can neatly store your belongings. There are no security hassles. The wheels offer portability.

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