Best Folding Luggage Racks | Suitcase Stands Reviews In 2021

Though they make a perfect travel companion, storing suitcases and travel luggage bags can be a challenge. It gets even worse when you have guests around. But you can avoid all these by simply purchasing a luggage rack. Thanks to this piece of furniture, you won’t have to bend a lot as you pack or unpack. Also, they can hold a great deal of weight, making them ideal even for large suitcases. On the other hand, there are those models that fold for travel. But then, what are the best luggage racks for guest rooms?

Instead of recommending only one product, we think it’s best to give you a variety. After researching high-quality models on the market, we believe these to be the best luggage racks for home.

Table of the Best Luggage Racks Reviews

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10. Winsome 92436 Luggage Racks with Shelf

Luggage Racks

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Winsome makes top-quality products for its customers. Well, this luggage rack is no exception. It has a sturdy, well-thought design. Take the single espresso color, for instance. It perfectly blends with any room interior, making it more than a mere storage system. As for the frame, it’s made of all-natural wood. Hence, it can stand up to the pressure of large suitcases.

The top is made of heavy-webbed straps. These have quality fibers that can withstand normal weather exposure. Not to mention, the straps are sturdy enough to support up to 75 pounds. Moreover, this luggage rack has a bottom shelf that holds 25 pounds. That makes it ideal for small bags and personal essentials.

Special Features

  • Dark espresso finish gives a sleek and elegant appearance
  • Weather-resistant straps hold suitcases up to 75 pounds
  • Lower shelf accommodates smaller bags and holds up to 25 pounds

9. SONGMICS URLR64B Metal Luggage Racks

SONGMICS URLR64B Metal Luggage Racks

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This luggage rack isn’t the most stylish out there. But come to think of it, functionality and durability are the prime priorities. Well, this rack offers a solid and durable construction. Instead of wood, it uses powder-coated metal tubes. Hence, it’s sturdy as well as rustproof. Plus, it can withstand scratches and other damages.

Five nylon straps offer excellent support to avoid sagging. For this reason, they can handle heavy bags, up to 100 pounds. Above all, this luggage rack can fold after use for easy storage. Also, the folding mechanism has gaskets that make the process easy and quiet.

Special Features

  • Riveted straps hold 100 pounds without sagging
  • Rustproof metal tubes provide rigid support
  • A quiet folding mechanism allows for easy storage
  • Include Allen key for easy assembly

8. Casual Home Wood Luggage Rack with Shelf

Casual Home Wood Luggage Racks with Shelf

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Luggage racks with metal frames are often considered the most durable and with higher load capacity. However, this wooden stand changes all that. It offers the heavy-duty performance of metal frames. Not to mention, it has the decorative appeal of wooden luggage racks.

The transparent varnish displays the beautiful texture of wood. Also, the stand has strong nylon straps on the top level. These provide rigid support for suitcases that weight up to 150 pounds. Again, the stand has a lower shelf that holds 50 pounds. Overall, if you need a luggage rack with extra-large capacity, this model will suffice.

Special Features

  • Impressive high load capacity (150 pounds for the top level and 50 pounds for the bottom shelf)
  • Heavy-duty wooden construction for added durability and support
  • Available in three color designs (Natural, Espresso, and Walnut) to match any interior style

7. King’s Brand Furniture Metal Foldable Luggage Rack Stand with Nylon Belts

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Some luggage stands from this brand come with an extended handle. Nonetheless, this model is just as good without the handle. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable on our list. The stand is made of black metal tubes that are rustproof and resistant to scratches. Not to mention, it has strong nylon straps for extra support. Overall, it can support suitcases that weight up to 70 pounds.

As the name suggests, this stand can fold for easy storage. Furthermore, it has non-skid rubber feet. These keep the stand in one place and protect the floor from scratches. Also, the top level of this luggage rack is fairly flat. Hence, anything with a flat base can comfortably rest on it.

Special Features

  • A weather-resistant black metal frame is safe for outdoor use
  • Non-skid rubber feet safeguard the floor from scratches
  • Strong nylon straps hols up to 70 pounds
  • Foldable design saves storage space

6. Tangkula Luggage Rack – Folding Metal Suitcase Luggage Stand – Double Tiers Luggage Holder with Shoe Shelf

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The Tangkula rack allows you to organize your luggage quickly. It’s a two-tier rack for large suitcases and smaller items, such as shoes. The top has four nylon straps that support the heavy luggage. Smaller items, including shoes and smaller bags, go on the lower shelf. Overall, the straps and the bottom shelf can hold up to 130 pounds.

The frame comes in heavy-duty iron metal. It’s coated in black powder to withstand rust and weather elements. Despite the heavy-duty structure, it weighs only 9 pounds. Thus, you can move it with ease. Above all, this luggage stand can fold after use to save space.

Special Features

  • A bottom shelf and nylon straps support luggage weighing up to 130 pounds
  • The frame has a sturdy iron structure to withstand high loads
  • Folds easily and quickly to save space and time

5. WELLAND Wood Folding Luggage Rack with Shelf

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Some luggage racks can be too bulky. Hence, moving them around can be a challenge. Well, this luggage stand saves you the strain. At 7 pounds, it’s easier to move as well as carry around, even by kids. In fact, if you’re looking for a lightweight luggage stand, this rack is your best bet.

Though lightweight, it can support up to 100 pounds. The top has nylon straps for the bigger suitcases. As for the small bags, they comfortably rest on the bottom shelf. Thanks to a light cherry finish, the natural wood texture is fully exposed. So, this stand not only holds more but also makes an excellent decor piece. As with most luggage stands on the list, it can fold to save space.

Special Features

  • Foldable space-saving design
  • Sturdy wooden construction holds up to 100 pounds
  • Bottom shelf and straps on the top keep your luggage organized
  • Lightweight construction makes it effortless to move around

4. Lipper International Right Height Folding Luggage Rack

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Low-profile luggage racks have one major drawback. More often than not, you’ll have to do a lot of bending when packing or unpacking. Well, this luggage rack stands at 27.5 inches. Hence, it’s tall enough to save your back. It has one luggage rack with three straps and a bottom shelf shoe rack. Though rated at 50 pounds, this luggage stand can support 100 pounds.

The stand is made of durable Brazilian pinewood. Plus, it has a deep espresso finish that complements any decor. Furthermore, this luggage rack folds for easy storage. And before we forget, it doesn’t require any assembly. Therefore, it’s good to go once you unpack.

Special Features

  • Luggage rack has three nylon straps that hold more than 50 pounds
  • The bottom shelf doubles as a shoe rack
  • A taller design (27.5 inches) allows you to pack and unpack without bending a lot

3. Wooden Mallet Designer Luggage Rack

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Unlike the straight legs version, this model has curved legs. So, it adds more design flair to your room. Together with the mahogany finish, it offers a vintage look. That makes it a decorative item, both for the classic and traditional-styled interior. Also, the frame is made of solid wood, ranging from light to dark oak. Hence, this is a luggage rack that’s going to last a long while.

Tear-resistant woven straps hold the luggage on the rack. Altogether, the straps can support 100 pounds. Thanks to the folding frame, you can easily store the stand when not in use. By the way, this luggage rack requires no assembly.

Special Features

  • Four tear-resistant woven straps hold the luggage securely on the rack
  • Solid oak construction withstands heavy-duty use and supports up to 100 pounds
  • Available in four designer colors to complement any interior
  • Folds easily for storage

2. BirdRock Home Bamboo Luggage Rack Stand

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Instead of solid wood, this luggage rack uses bamboo. However, that doesn’t make it less durable. As a matter of fact, bamboo is more resilient to pests. Above all, it can last many years under good care. The rack offers the options of a dark espresso or walnut finish. Hence, you’re free to choose the one that best matches your interior style.

Apart from the straps on the luggage rack, the stand has a bottom shelf. This offers additional organizing space. You can turn it into a shoe rack or use it to store personal items. Also, this stand weighs 10 pounds. That means it’s not on the heavy side. Regardless, it can support an impressive 70 pounds of luggage.

Special Features

  • Pest-resistant bamboo construction
  • Lower shelf provides extra organizing space
  • Excellent weight capacity for a bamboo luggage rack (70 pounds)

1. Gate House Furniture White Contoured Leg Luggage Rack

Gate House Furniture White Contoured Leg Luggage Racks

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The Gate House luggage rack might seem a little pricey. However, it boasts high-quality materials. In fact, this is a stand that’s built with durability in mind. Take the spindle construction, for instance. It can support 200 pounds. That makes it the luggage stand with the most weight capacity on our list.

Well, this luggage stand isn’t all about durability. The contoured legs, for example, give an appealing look. Also, the stand can collapse after use for storage. For the record, this stand is made of wooden and hand-assembled for life-long use.

Special Features

  • Stylish curved legs make it an excellent decor piece
  • Spindle construction offers an extra-large weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • Individually hand-assembled for lasting durability

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