Best Lego Tables with Storage for Kids and Toddlers Reviews

Every child loves to play with Lego blocks. With Lego tables, your child will have a dedicated space to play with their Lego blocks. The surface of the table is perfect for making different patterns. Furthermore, it comes with special block buckets. Thus, the children will be able to easily keep their favorite blocks within their reach. But you can even use these tables as an activity area where they can read, write, draw and do anything. These are an all-in-one option that is a saver for every parent.

For helping you to teach your child everything in a fun manner, these Lego table sets will be most interesting. So, see the features and get the most colorful option.

10. UTEX Activity Table and Chair Set with Storage

Lego Tables

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It is a Lego table with chairs that will make your kid’s playtime fun. The table has a construction of a double-sided playboard that can easily become a smooth surface table once you turn it around. The construction panels are so made that it becomes compatible with blocks from any big brand. For safe-keeping the blocks in a dedicated space, you will get two drawers.

Moreover, this has an espresso finish that looks classy and beautiful. As it has wooden legs, your kids can be rough with it and this will still not break. This weighs 32.4-pounds and so, it isn’t easy for a child to meddle around with it.

Key features:

  • This is ideal for kids of 3-years or more to use.
  • You get two chairs so that your kids are properly seated.
  • Your kid can read, write sit, draw and even play on it.

9. UTEX Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers

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This Lego table’s size is so made that even young children can use this. Your kid can kneel or simply sit to access the table. Having a double-sided playboard, the playtime table will become a normal table whenever needed. You just need to flip it to use it. The building bricks might be of any brand, it will sit perfectly on this table.

Since it weighs 11-kgs, you can be sure that your kid will be safe from getting hurt due to turnovers. Finally, this comes with two storage compartments. After your kids are done with their activities, they can store them inside.

Key features:

  • Kids who are a year or more can play on this.
  • As the assembly is simple and hassle-free to set up, you can start using it immediately.
  • It has legs that will support the structure of the table.

8. KidKraft Activity Table with Board

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Having a natural finish, this Lego reversible table looks like a piece of art. This has a square table that is pretty cute. With rounded corners, it will not hurt your child’s leg or hand when bumping into it. Also, on the two-sided play surface, you can build bricks on one of the sides whereas the other part features illustration. The material used is MDF T molding melamine that is strong and unbreakable.

Furthermore, you need to have a bit of assembly to make it ready for use. The detailed instruction will guide you on what and how to install. Your kids of 3 –years or more can move closer and bring it up to eye level for a precise understanding.

Key features:

  • This is an appropriate match for beginner-level activities and helps in gradual development.
  • Comes with 195-blocks so that your kids can become creative.
  • There is a dedicated section to store the items right under the board.

7. YouHi Wood Activity Table with Board

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The brand YouHi assures full solution to any problem in 12-hours and that’s what makes it unique. This Lego activity table’s size is made considering the height of age group 3 to 7-years. As it is a strong table, your child can get crazy with their ideas when working on it. This has a construction of Finnish pine that gives it stability and strength.

As a matter of fact, it comes with a cover that you can remove to build an architectural masterpiece. You can build your Legos on it. But when done playing, you can use the cover to transfer it into a table.

Key features:

  • There are two storage sections in it and you can, in fact, move the second drawer for proper storage.
  • This is large enough to allow a group of kids to play in it.
  • The construction clearly hints at how environmentally conscious the brand is.

6. Play Platoon Activity Table Set for Kids

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You will be surprised to know that this is a 5-in-1 entertainment table for your kids. They can use this wonderful table as a building block table, sensory table, water table, arts and craft table, and even a storage unit. So, your kids build their imaginary gaming world where they can splash, keep on building, and creating new things.

Nonetheless, the table may measure 20-inches x 20-inches x 17-inches that is extremely spacious. But the storage section is even more spacious where they can organize their water toys, crafts, and even the blocks. Finally, even if it switches from a brick side to a smooth side to a water table, the quality will not be hampered.

Key features:

  • There are 2 chairs that will let your kids sit on it comfortably.
  • The 25 ex-large blocks will allow them to be creative.
  • These blocks will fit tightly to the surface, as a result, not disrupting your child’s masterpiece.

5. KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

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This Lego table design features 2 brick play tables on both sides. Your kids can have imaginative development and even learn teamwork when working on it. Once the table opens up, you will find a storage section underneath. Next, there are even 3 collapsible bins that will come out of hiding when you need extra storage.

However, the safety of the product is not compromised. Your baby’s hands are going to stay safe cause of the pinch-free design. As a result, they can open and close it without any assistance. Above all, the 360-degree design allows multiple kids to play at once.

Key features:

  • Your kids can use LEGO classic to build their creative structure on it.
  • Having a construction of solid wood materials, the product will not break at all.
  • There are 200 building bricks so that they can experiment with their creativity.

4. Coodoo Store Activity Table Set for Kids and Toddlers

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Indeed, a multi-activity table will let your child build and showcase their creative side. Not only a table for building block structure but it is also a drawing board, water table, and even a sand table where they can explore anything. Next, it is one big activity table that has a generous measurement of 20-inches x 20-inches. But safety is always a priority.

As a matter of fact, the brand has used toxin-free plastic to construct this multifunctional table. Plus, the rounded edges eradicates the risk of hurting your child when they are busy playing.

Key features:

  • This is an adjustable table that you can use as per the requirement.
  • The two chairs allow your child to invite their friends and play with them.
  • There are 100 building blocks included in the package that one can store in the storage bins when done.

3. Hometall Duplo Mega Blocks Table with Storage & Chair

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To give your kid maximum flexibility, they can use this Lego table to eat, draw and study on the smoother side. The 2.76-inches table legs will give the table a proper height. Whereas, the table will grow with the growth of the kid as it is height adjustable. It is adjustable from 16.75-inches to a maximum of 19.5-inches for meeting their height requirements. So, kids from 3 to 8 years can play and do all their fun activities on it.

As a matter of fact, the storage baskets are detachable in nature. So, you can either store the blocks and other products on it or detach them to use the table only.

Key features:

  • The storage limit this table has is 34l.
  • It comes with chairs that have an arc design to support the child’s body without hurting them.
  • This has gained CPC as well as ASTM approval for its impeccable quality.

2. PlayBuild Indoor & Outdoor Play & Build Table

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Irrespective of their gender or size, this table becomes the favorite of your child. It has an extra-large surface that gives your child full liberty to work on it. The baseplates are square in shape and of different colors. So, they will develop motor skills and gain more knowledge about colors. Having an all-weather design, it can deal with overexposure to the adversities of nature.

Furthermore, they can fill water in this table or use sand as a filling, your child’s creative expression will not be shushed. Now, flip the color top to bring out the white base which they can use as a table.

Key features:

  • As it has an easy cleaning facility, the quality of the product will not be damaged.
  • The inbuilt storage will provide sufficient space for keeping your child’s items.
  • It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor purposes for using it at any location.

1. Best Choice Products Collapsible Building Block Station for Toddlers & Kids

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The top-rated product of the market promises functionality like no other product. This is an 8-in-1 activity table that allows doing multiple tasks on one single desk. You can convert it into a sandbox, snack pot, water table, dry erase easel and so much more. Moreover, you do not need to spend an extra amount on buying a new table as you can adjust this as your child grows. The legs are adjustable for you to attain that perfect height.

Coming with enough storage sections, you can keep everything neatly arranged inside it. Above all, this has got the certification from ASTM and CPSIA to ensure the parents that there is nothing to worry about.

Key features:

  • There isn’t any requirement of buying any new blocks as it is compatible with any blocks you have.
  • The brand offers animal block sets for your child to learn and build new items.

Your child’s development is necessary to steadily teach them the basics of life. So, the Lego table with storage will let your child explore their creative side and stay engaged.

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