Best LED Pool Lights for Above Ground & Inground Pool Reviews

The safety around a swimming pool depends on many factors. One of them is light. To make the pool area bright, the LED pool lights are useful. They provide enough light output during dark and night time. Moreover, they make the area look more beautiful. For enjoying pool parties, these lights are the best choices. The brightness level is important to consider. Make sure to check the light output before purchase.

Most manufacturers make them durable to work well in outdoor conditions. Moreover, many of them come with a waterproof body. This makes sure there is no harmful effect on weather conditions. For simple usage, many of them come with remote control. To make the pool area beautiful, you can choose these lights with the colorful light output. The included modes help you to change the light output. The ease of installation is an important feature. Let’s look at the below article to choose swimming pool lights

Table of the Best LED Pool Lights Reviews

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10. LOFTEK Submersible Waterproof LED Pool Lights for Inground Pool 

LED Pool Lights

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LOFTEK designs these LED pool lights with remote. The included remote controller helps you to control different features. For example, you can control the brightness level, modes, and many more. This remote works within a range of 200 feet. You can control multiple lights using this remote. Generally, these LED lights are suitable for the pond, swimming pool, aquarium, fish tank, etc.

Inside each of these lights, 13 LED beads are present. They make the light output bright. Each of these lights uses 3 AA batteries. Hence, they take 20 hours.


  • The body of these pool lights is IP68 waterproof. Hence, they can work well in dry and wet places.
  • Each light comes with magnets and suction cups.
  • The color-changing effect gives a beautiful look.
  • There is support for 16 bright colors.
  • Each light comes with multiple modes. They are fade, flash, and smooth.

9. Pentair and Hayward LED Pool Light Fiture – Waterproof Pool Light Bulb Replacement

Pool Light Bulb Replacement

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These LED pool lights for Hayward come with the bright light output. These lights work as a replacement for the 500W Hayward and Pentair fixtures. The waterproof body makes sure these lights can work well outdoors. The light output is color. As a result, the pool area looks more beautiful. The process of installation is easy and quick. Each light bulb continues to work well for 5+ years.

There are many color modes present. You can easily change a suitable color mode. It is easy to change color modes through the wall switch. This 40W bulb can replace a 300-500W pool bulb.


  • Each light bulb comes with a waterproof IP65 body. Moreover, the aluminum casing offers protection.
  • During the use, these lights stay cool.
  • There is support for 2 bright color show modes and11 static colors.
  • The lights save costs on energy bills.

8. Life-Bulb 120V 40W RGB Color Changing LED Pool Light Bulb

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These 40W LED pool lights support different colors. The color-changing effect makes the pool look beautiful. These bulbs work as a replacement for Hayward and Pentair fixtures. Moreover, it is easy to change different features using the remote.

The light output is easy to control using the on/off switch. You simply need to toggle the switch. When the lamp is off, the last color mode gets saved when you turn on. Furthermore, detailed instructions for installation are available.


  • There are 16 color modes available. Out of them, 7 are fixed colors and 9 are light shows.
  • The design makes sure the bulbs last longer.
  • Different colors supported are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan, and white.

7. TOVEENEN 120V 40Watt LED Pool Light with Remote Control

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TOVEENEN designs this LED pool light for small and large pools. This light bulb is the perfect replacement for the incandescent bulbs. Moreover, there is support for the color-changing effect. You can easily change the light color using the remote. The colored light output fills the whole pool. You can change colors of multiple light bulbs.

When the lamp turns off, the previous color mode gets saved. When you turn on again, the last mode will display.  Using this light, you can convert your pool to a beautiful place. There is no much energy water during use. The pack includes this lamp, remote, and user guide.


  • The light saves the color you need. It is easy to change color with the remote.
  • You can control color mode with a switch.
  • It comes with high brightness and long life of LED.

6. Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Pool Light

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These Pentair LED pool lights are energy-efficient. They can replace Pentair light fixtures. This product can work with the plastic and stainless steel Pentair light fixtures. The energy usage is lesser than incandescent lights. The lens and reflector design make a wide beam output. As a result, the light output is very bright. Moreover, the spread of light is uniform.

The process of installation is quick easy. Simply connect a wire puller to the cord for replacement. The color light output makes the pool water look beautiful.


  • The pool lens can be turned to 180 degrees. As a result, it can offer a wide or narrow beam pattern.
  • The energy usage is low. Hence, it saves costs on the electric bill.
  • The use of good quality materials makes it durable.

5. Wiyifada 45W 120V 6000K Daylight LED Swimming Pool Light Bulb 

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These LED pool lights for Hayward from Wiyifada save electricity use. These bulbs can replace house lamps and Hayward lamps. Generally, this product is suitable for most swimming pools. It works well for a pool in need of high brightness.

The E26 base provides ease of replacement. This base is easy to insert in the light housing. The process of replacement is easy. The brightness is high and energy usage is low. Using these lights, you can light up the pool water at night. The price is reasonable for the features it comes with.


  • These 45W LED bulbs can replace incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • There is a saving of up to 75% in electricity bills.
  • The aluminum die-casting increases the service life of the bulbs.
  • During the use, the bulbs stay cool.

4. Eurus Home RGB Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights for Pool Underwater Light Fixture

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This LED pool light 120Vis suitable for a small and average-sized swimming pool. Eurus designs it as a replacement for traditional light fixtures. This bulb can work underwater. Generally, this bulb can work well with most pool lamps. In case you have a large swimming pool, use enough light bulbs.

The benefit of using this bulb is energy efficiency. It saves the cost of electricity bills. The LED chips come with long life. Moreover, they provide high brightness.


  • There are 2 ways to change the color. You can use an on/off switch or remote.
  • It can provide light up to 33 feet of distance.
  • It comes with up to 6 dynamic color modes and 7static color modes.

3. Happox Above Ground Pool Light Bulb for Pentair and Hayward Pool Light Fixtures

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This 40W, 120V light bulb can replace 200-500W traditional bulbs. This RGB swimming pool light bulb provides beautiful light output. It can light up the pool area at night. Generally, it fits perfectly in the Hayward and Pentair light fixtures. It comes in small size for ease of installation. To install, simply remove the old bulb and place this bulb.

The AC input range it supports is 85-277 V. Each detail comes with careful crafting. The intensity and color of the light are perfect. Using this bulb, you can replace a 500W incandescent bulb. The light output is always white and bright. As a result, the pool water looks beautiful


  • It comes with 15 color modes. There is support for color fade, color-changing, and color transition modes.
  • The modes are easy to change using switch control or remote control.
  • The use of quality materials makes it durable.

2. Britelumen Pentair and Hayward Underwater Pool Light – Color Changing Bulb for Inground Replacement

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Britelumen designs this LED pool light bulb 120V to provide high brightness. It can replace a 300-500W light bulb. Moreover, it comes with a color-changing effect. You can use this bulb to replace Hayward and Pentair light fixtures. The color modes are easy to change using on/off switch. Simply toggle the switch for color change.

It comes with different functions to make the light output bright. You can plug and unplug quickly. The height and diameter are 5.5 inches and 6 inches respectively. Generally, this light bulb works for most swimming pools.


  • It comes with an IP65 waterproof body. Hence, it can work in all weather conditions.
  • The aluminum housing keeps this bulb cool.
  • There are 2 bright color display modes available. Moreover, it comes with 11 static color modes.
  • There is a great saving in energy usage.

1. Roleadro Waterproof Swimming Pool Lights

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Most LED pool lights with remote are easy to use. Roleadro designs this light bulb with this feature. The included remote works within 30 meters. This light with multiple colors makes your pool more beautiful. The height is 2.76 inches and the diameter is 11.4 inches. Hence, there are no problems during installation.

The LED chip provides uniform light output. Generally, it can cover the whole swimming pool. The installation process is easy and quick.


  • It comes with 5 dynamic modes and 7 static modes.
  • There are 10-speed levels available for the dynamic modes. It is easy to change the mode using a remote.
  • The IP68 waterproof body makes it durable. It can work well in all weather conditions.
  • In the lamp body, silica gel and stainless steel are present.


The LED pool lights provide bright light output for outdoor use. Most of them are long-lasting, durable, and easy to install.

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