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A compound littered with leaves is an eyesore. Though blowing and vacuuming can help, the amount of waste that goes into the compost builds up too quickly to keep up with. So, what’s the way out? Well, it’s high time you switch to leaf mulchers. It reduces leaves to a coarse or fine mulch. Whichever way, you get something that’s workable and can make good compost manure. Not to mention, some models combine the functions of a mulcher, blower, and vacuum for added versatility.

The secret to buying the best leaf mulcher isn’t about spending more on a high-end model. You can get an affordable model, but with impressive power and performance. So, to help you, we introduce the best-rated models that impress time and again.

Table of the Best Leaf Mulchers Reviews

10. WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable Electric Leaf Mulchers

Leaf Mulchers

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Worx is easily the king of leaf mulchers. It opens our list with WG430 electric leaf mulcher. At 13 amps, the motor makes quick work of leaves, reducing them to a fine mulch. It converts 11 bags of leaves into one bag of mulch. Though not the best in its class, the mulching ratio is pretty much impressive.

Aside from a remarkable mulching ratio, WG430 saves precious time. For instance, it can mulch up to 53 gallons of leaves in one minute. Not to mention, you can attach a bag directly for easy disposal. Whether plastic or paper bags, this mulcher accommodates all. The dust-reducing cooling system is a nice touch. It cools the motor and cleans the air of dust at the same time.

WG430 sits on a sturdy stand. Hence, the debris opening is at an ergonomic height, meaning you don’t have to strain much. And with the blade-less design, it’s much safer to work with this mulcher. Worx WG430 is compact and folds after use for easy storage. Furthermore, it weighs only 20 pounds for easy portability.

9. WORX WG512 Electric Vacuum Blower – Leaf Mulchers

WORX WG512 Electric Vacuum Blower - Leaf Mulchers

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The chances are you don’t want to limit yourself to leaf mulching function. If that’s the case, try out Worx WG512 leaf mulcher. It combines the functions of a mulcher, leaf blower, and vacuum in one compact package. Hence, it’s a model that goes overboard to provide much-needed versatility.

Switching between the different modes is a breeze. You only flip the switch, and you’re good to go. The vacuum and blower provide a strong stream of air, up to 600 CFM. The mulcher, on the other hand, mulches 16 bags of leaves into one.

Whichever the mode, you have two speeds to choose from. Hence, you can go slow for tight corners and full blast on the open lawn. The package includes a detachable bag that holds up to 70 pounds worth of mulch. WG512 weighs 8.6 pounds for comfortable, one-handed operation. Moreover, it includes a cord retainer to keep it from snagging.

8. YARD FORCE YF8000 YardForce Electric Leaf Mulcher & Shredder

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Yard Force YF8000 has the design of Worx WG430, but with a few tweaks. And it’s the little improvements that earn it a spot among the best models on the market.

Though not as strong as the one on Worx WG430, the stand on YF8000 offers room for adjustments. You can adjust the height of the legs individually for stable operation on uneven terrain. Not to mention, you can adjust to a comfortable working height or to a height that fits the disposal bag.

Performance-wise, this leaf mulcher doesn’t disappoint. It runs on a 13 amp motor that offers adjustable speed for both dry and wet leaves. Based on your needs, you can adjust the speed to a maximum of 8,000 RPM. Moreover, it offers a mulching ratio of 16:1, one of the best in its category.

YF8000 offers tool-free line replacement. Not to mention, the parts stack into each other after use for compact storage. And with a weight of 15 pounds, this leaf mulcher offers effortless portability.

7. Sun Joe SDJ616 13-Amp Electric Leaf Mulchers

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If we were to rate the most affordable power tool brands out there, Sun Joe will no doubt feature among the top slots. It enters our list with SDJ616 leaf mulcher.

Most leaf mulchers in its category average 18 pounds in weight. Well, SDJ616 weighs a remarkable 13.4 pounds. Hence, it offers best-in-class portability.

This leaf mulcher features smart-shred technology. It offers advanced cooling and reduces the amount of dust generated significantly.

Moreover, the dust-reducing motor offers high-speed performance that maxes out at 8,000 RPM. However, you can use the control dial to adjust the speed for wet and dry leaves. SDJ616 mulches up to 55 gallons of leaves per minute. Not to mention, it reduces waste to a size that’s 16 times less.

This leaf mulcher comes with a stand to provide a comfortable working height. What’s more, you can adjust the legs independently for uneven terrains. SDJ616 uses a heavy-duty 16-gauge cord. And at 50 feet, it expands the effective working area.

6. BLACK and DECKER BV6000 Electric Leaf Blower and Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit 

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Whether you love or hate it, Black Decker is a brand that’s there to stay. After all, it never ceases to receive positive feedback from customers across the world. And with the BV6000, Black Decker continues to hold true to its reputation. BV6000 leaf blower focuses on versatility but with a remarkable power to match. It combines three functions in one tool: mulcher, blower, and vacuum.

This leaf mulcher uses a high-impact metal fan built for speed and durability. It provides airspeeds of up to 250 mph. Well, that’s twice the speed of models in the same category. Hence, it’s ideal for heavy-duty vacuuming.

BV6000 has an excellent mulching ratio. It can grind 16 bags of leaves into one bag of mulch. Also, it has two waste bags that hold over 100 pounds worth of mulch. The best part, the bags are reusable, making them more cost-effective.

Even with all the power, this leaf mulcher runs quietly at 68dB. Hence, it’s less of a nuisance to the operator and those around. Again, it weighs only 8.1 pounds to reduce user fatigue.

5. WORX WG509 TRIVAC Cordless Electric Blower – Mulcher & Vacuum

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Worx WG509 is a decent choice for the lovers of fine mulch. Plus, if you need more than one function in one tool, WG509 has you covered. Like most models on the list, it can blow, vacuum, and mulch. The vacuum and blower provide a respectable airspeed of 210 mph. However, you can dial it down to 75 mph to match the task at hand.

The mulching mode is where things get interesting. Instead of shredding leaves in one pass, WG509 does it in two stages. Hence, it produces fine mulch at an impressive mulching ratio of 18:1. The angled tip is a nice touch. It’s a clever design for getting under lawn fixtures and other hard to reach areas.

Worx WG509 weighs 9.3 pounds and is better balanced for one-handed operation. It comes complete with a waste bag.

4. WORX WG505 Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher

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Design-wise, WG505, and WG509 look similar. However, when it comes to performance, these leaf mulchers are two different sides of the coin. Like Worx WG509, this leaf mulcher offers the functions of a vacuum and blower. It has an adjustable airflow speed of 80 to 210 mph. Not to mention, it can grind up to 14 gallons of dry leaves per minute.

Well, the difference comes in the mulching function. Worx WG505 doesn’t grind in two stages. Though not as fine as that of WG509, the mulching ratio of 16:1 is still impressive.

At 9.5 pounds, users can afford a one-handed operation. Moreover, the angled lip gives access in hard to reach places, such as under the deck. The package includes a reusable waste bag for easy disposal.

3. BLACK+DECKER BV3600 Electric Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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Except for the mulching ratio, BV3600 matches BV6000 in terms of performance. Those that need medium-sized mulch will find it handy. Black Decker BV3600 can mulch, blow, and vacuum leaves. And with an adjustable speed of up to 230 mph, it makes light work of wet leaves, dry leaves, and other debris.

This leaf mulcher grinds ten bags into one. It’s not as fine as other models. So, BV3600 comes with a vortex impeller to prevent the chances of clogging. And with a built-in cord retainer, users can work uninterrupted.

Black Decker BV3600 provides a comfortable working environment. It has a noise level of 68dB, making it ideal for quiet residential areas. Moreover, it weighs only 8.1 pounds for easy portability.

2. Sun Joe SBJ603E Leaf Mulcher and Blower

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The chances are you’re a fan of Sun Joe power tools. However, the bucket-style leaf mulcher doesn’t go well with you. Instead, you want something compact but loaded with functions. If that’s the case, SBJ603E is your best option. This model compares to the likes of Black Decker, but a tad less expensive. Hence, budget hunters will find it an ideal choice.

SBJ603E mulches, vacuums, and blows away leaves. Using a 13 amp motor, it generates airspeeds of up to 240 mph. Moreover, this leaf mulcher holds the record for the most adjustable speed settings. While other models offer two speeds, SBJ603E has six speeds.

The mulching ratio is also pretty impressive. Using high-impact impellers, it can reduce 17 bags of leaves into a bag of mulch. Not to mention, it comes with a bag that holds 13 gallons of mulch.

The pieces are removable for compact storage. Also, this leaf mulcher weighs only 8.8 pounds. Hence, portability is no issue.

1. Flowtron LE-900 Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

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Not many people are familiar with the Flowtron brand. However, this brand sets the benchmark for power and performance in a leaf mulcher. And with the LE-900, the brand has gone overboard to produce the ultimate leaf mulcher on the market.

Whether you need coarse or fine mulch, LE-900 has you covered. It provides an adjustable mulching ratio. For instance, you can choose 8:1 for coarse mulch or 30:1 for fine mulch. Hence, LE-900 holds the crown for the best particle size reduction.

The hopper rotates 180 degrees. So, it’s easier to load at any angle. Also, LE-900 adopts a freestanding design, making it more user-friendly. At 17 pounds, it’s not the lightest in its class. However, it offers effortless portability from the word go.

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