Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain Reviews In 2021

Most often than not, desk jobs demand hours of sitting. And as you might have guessed, it’s not all smooth-going. Sooner or later, you’ll suffer back and neck pains. Though ergonomic office chairs and standing desk can help, it’s only to some extent. Tell you what, you’ll find a solution in the best ergonomic kneeling chairs. They promote a stronger core and better posture. Hence, you can sit hours on end without any discomfort. Paired with a standard chair, you’ll witness even more dramatic improvements.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the best kneeling chairs for the money. Be it for home or office use; there’s something to suit every need and budget.

Table of the Best Kneeling Chairs Reviews

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10. SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs for Neck Pain and Spine Tension Relief

Kneeling Chairs

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A kneeling chair alleviates pain and encourages an upright posture. But with a rocking design in the mix, it promises additional benefits. It helps you best find your balance and improves mental health.

Well, the Sleek Form kneeling rocking chair helps you reap those extra benefits. I’d say the rocking feature pretty much keeps one active. Hence, you can relax for longer periods.

Also, this kneeling chair promises high-strength durability. The frame comes in 20-ply birchwood. That’s commendable since most use 14-ply birchwood construction. Hence, it’s a heavy-duty piece, supporting up to 265 pounds.

Unlike most kneeling chairs, it doesn’t afford any height adjustments. Nevertheless, it’s versatile enough for anyone from 5’2”-6’6” tall. Also, it’s comfortable for use on a standard 29-inch table.

This chair uses 4-inch thick cushions. Well, that more than what most have to offer. And for that, you get more comfortable padding.


If you want to reap a bit more benefits than what standard kneeling chairs offer, this chair is for you. You’ll benefit both from physical and mental health.

9. Flash Furniture Comfortable Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

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Flash Furniture promises commercial-grade quality. Well, with over two decades of experience, it certainly lives up to its promise.

Do you have a thing for wooden furniture? Well, I wouldn’t recommend this kneeling chair any better. It has a timeless, classic design. Hence, it’s something that never goes out of fashion.

The 2-inch cushions look pretty standard. But don’t let that fool you. They’re exceptionally comfortable, fire-retardant, and provide firm support. Also, the cushions come in breathable fabric.

The seat is adjustable by as much as one foot. Hence, you can even use it on a high pub table. Overall, it rewards you with three height positions.

Another likable thing is that the chair folds flat after use. Hence, it saves storage space, and you can tuck away easily for transportation. Moreover, the chair comes complete with casters. The frame is entirely natural hardwood for lifetime durability.


Among wooden kneeling chairs, Flash Furniture sits at the top. If you want a classic, ageless piece that’s easy to store, this kneeling chair is for you.

8. Old Faux Leather Kneeling Chair with Orthopedic Back Pain Seat

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Do you suffer from coccyx pain? If so, you’ll need more than a standard kneeling chair. And for that, we have the Old kneeling chair with an orthopedic seat.

Unlike flat standard seats, the orthopedic seat contours to your butt. Hence, it distributes weight better without having to shift around. All the while, it eliminates any cause for discomfort.

Comfort isn’t only on the seat. The knee rest alike rewards you with an extra-thick 4-inch foam. Hence, you’re assured of all-day comfort.

The seat is height-adjustable from 21-29 inches. The height doesn’t increase in jumps. Instead, it’s more progressive. So, you can fine-tune to the exact height you want. This kneeling chair has a sturdy steel frame that supports up to 250 pounds. Also, it comes with casters for mobility.


Most kneeling chairs on the list provide some relief to the coccyx. However, none does it better than the Old kneeling chair. It’s by far the best for tailbone pain relief.

7. DR.LOMILOMI Comfortable Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs with Wheels – Adjustable Stool for Home & Office

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Most kneeling chairs have the option of height adjustment. But depending on the models, the mechanism can be a bit tricky. Not to mention, time-consuming.

Well, this kneeling chair rewards you with one of the best height-adjustment mechanisms. It uses top-class hydraulic that lifts the seat from 23-27 inches in as little as two seconds.

Moreover, this ergonomic kneeling chair excels at providing vital comfort. It has extra-thick 4-inch padding that gives support and relieves pressure.

Also, the wheels have been upgraded to include a braking mechanism. Hence, you can lock them in place to keep the chair stationary. Plus, they afford noise-free rolling. This kneeling chair is among the most robust. It uses a heavy-duty steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds.


There’s more to love about this chair. However, I commend it most for comfort cushioning and top-class hydraulic lift.

6. Maxkare Ergonomic Kneeling Desk Chair for Neck Pain & Spine Tension Relief

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There’s one thing I’ve come to notice. Most kneeling chairs adopt a backless design. But you can do even better with additional back support. That’s what you get with Maxkare kneeling chair. It has a removable backrest that gives you the extra support you need.

Also, this kneeling chair allows for full adjustment. You can adjust the seat from 19.3-22.4 inches. Moreover, you get up to five kneeling heights. I’d recommend it for short to average-sized users, from 3.6-5.58 feet.

This chair uses a certified hydraulic lift. It’s pretty stable, supporting up to 330 pounds. Furthermore, the chair has quite-rolling casters for easy mobility.


For those that already suffer from back pains, this kneeling chair gives that much-need support thanks to the backrest. Judging from the height range, I’d say it’s the best choice for short people.

5. Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair with Natural Ash Base

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It’s pretty reassuring to get a kneeling chair from a company that started it all. Well, Variable promises the original Norwegian kneeling chair design. I must say, it pretty much delivers.

Variable Balans has a rocking chair design. Hence, it keeps your body in balance while maintaining an upright posture.

Also, this kneeling chair claims the strongest and most flexible wooden frame on the market. Hence, it doesn’t need additional crossbar supports. And for that, it affords a lighter construction.

Furthermore, this is the type of chair you want to have for hardwood floors. It comes with soft bonus tapes to keep your floor free of scratches.


This kneeling chair carries quite a hefty price tag. But for an original design, it’s worth every penny. Not only is it stylish, but also functional.

4. Boss Office Products Back Ergonomic Kneeling Stool

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A good percentage of kneeling chairs tend to fail after a few years of use. Well, Boss B248 takes durability the extra mile. It holds up long after other chairs wear out.

This kneeling chair has a strong, tubular steel frame. Also, it’s powder-coated for added durability. And with double-wheel casters, it can take some pretty good amount of weight.

The pneumatic gas lift makes height adjustments a lot smoother. Depending on your height, you can adjust the seat from 19.5-25 inches.

Furthermore, the chair affords high-density cushions. The knee rest, in particular, is contoured such that your knees rest snug on it.


While all chairs on the list are durable, Boss B248 is a bit boosted. And the 6-year warranty pretty much tells it all. So, if you want more years of use from a kneeling chair, Boss B248 is worth your attention.

3. Better Posture Jazzy Multifunctional Ergonomic Posture Kneeling Chairs to Reduce Back and Neck Strain

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Most often than not, kneeling chairs adopt rolling bases for easy maneuvering. However, Better Posture Jazzy chair has a much different rolling base design. It has a 5-point base, more than the four you get from other kneeling chairs.

Well, about the 5-point base, it offers better movement and stability. Also, it distributes weight more evenly. Aside from multi-point support, the base of the chair comes in polished aluminum. It’s rust-resistant and gives the chair a more stylish look.

Moreover, Jazzy kneeling chair comes with a backrest for additional support. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the seat height from 21-28 inches via a gas lift system.

The cushions come in memory foam for better pressure relief. As for the weight limit, this kneeling chair supports up to 275 pounds.


In terms of the best rolling base, I’d put Jazzy kneeling chair on the top spot. Also, the addition of back support makes it one of the most comfortable.

2. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with an Angled Seat & Comfortable Cushion

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A more extensive height range provides a comfortable fit across a wide range of users. And for that, I’d recommend this kneeling chair.

The seat height ranges from 21-31 inches. Hence, it offers more boost than other models on the list. Also, it has the advantage of accommodating tall people. The cushions are two times thicker than standard. So, this chair affords an additional level of comfort.

Moreover, this kneeling chair adopts a heavy-duty metal base. Though it doesn’t have the best weight limit, it can support an impressive 250 pounds. Plus, it has rolling casters for easy movement.


This kneeling chair has a height advantage over other models. So, I’d recommend it for tall people.

1. Sleekform Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair – Knee Stool for Bad Back Support, Neck Pain and Spine Relief

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There’s always that one product that we consider as an all-around performer. In this case, I’ll have to settle for the Sleek Form kneeling chair. First, it offers more room for adjustments. You can set the seat height as well as the seating angle.

The seat raises from 21-28 inches. Hence, it offers a comfortable fit for people who are 5’1”-6’6” user heights. Moreover, you can tilt the seat from 97-127 degrees. This kneeling chair fits standard 29-inch tables. Also, it comes with ball-bearing casters for smooth, quiet rolling.

At 4 inches, the cushions are among the thickest. Hence, you get to reap more in terms of comfort. This chair supports up to 220 pounds.


In any lineup, there’s always the best. And this kneeling chair takes it all. It’s super-adjustable and remarkably comfortable.

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