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When the summer sets in, there is one thing that everyone wants, and that is a drink. Whether you’re sitting on a back porch sunbathing or having a picnic with your family, everyone needs something to drink. There are those people who buy soft drinks and store them in the cooler. However, if you want an eco-friendly and cheaper option, go for the juice dispensers. They help to store beverages like iced tea, sodas, mixed drinks, and even fruit juices. Typically, they have a stainless steel material that offers a stylish look and a wide range of utilities. Besides, there is the ice cube tray located at the dispenser base to make the drink stays cold longer.

Also, they have a wide mouth and the removable lid that make it easy to store additional ice cubes and keep the drinks cold. In the same case, they are BPA-free, which makes them safe for use without fear of health risks. Getting the right juice dispensers can be challenging because of many brands in the market, and it requires you to be careful.

Table of the Best Juice Dispensers Reviews

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10. WUPYI Commercial Double Beverage Dispenser – Juice Dispensers with Recessed Drip Trays

Juice Dispensers

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WUPYI has come up with this product that has fantastic features, for example, the two canisters with each having the capacity of 2.1 gallons to minimize refills. Notably, it has the stainless steel mirror finish that offers the high-end look and stainless steel construction that give it optimal durability. In all honesty, it comes with the recessed drip trays that hide any spills to make the table look amazing.

Similarly, there are the center ice cores that make the beverages to remain ice-cold without watered down. Equally, it has polycarbonate containers that minimize the risk of breakage and maximum beverage visibility. Even more, it has the knob that makes it easy and quick to remove the staff.

Main features

  • Has two canisters
  • Stainless steel mirror finish
  • Center ice cores
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Has the polycarbonate containers

9. SUNCOO Commercial Juice Dispensers – Cold Beverage Drink Dispenser Machine for Restaurant and Party 

SUNCOO Commercial Juice Dispensers

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The SUNCOO product has the faucet that acts as the spring to prevent water from leaking after use. In particular, there is the removable drip tray that keeps the splashes, overflow, and drips off the countertop to assist in promoting sanitary and safe operation. In the first place, it has a rubber sealing ring, which increases friction between the body and the dispenser tank.

Furthermore, it comes with four rubber pads that increase safety and stability when carrying the juice and beverage. Thanks to the stainless steel body that facilitates maintenance and cleaning operations. Also, it has a large capacity of 4.75 gallons per tank that holds more juice like soymilk, ice tea, and yogurt.

Main features

  • Removable drip tray
  • Rubber sealing ring
  • Four rubber pads
  • Has a large capacity

8. Carlisle TrimLine Clear Economy Drink Dispenser with Double Base

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The exciting thing about this model is that it has polycarbonate material, which makes it resistant to impact. For one thing, there are the lids and reservoir handles that offer a secure grip. In the same fashion, it has a removable drip tray that keeps the beverage areas clean, hence saving resources and time.

Besides, it comes with a textured base, which plays a significant role that prevents sliding. What is more, there are the drip-free action spring faucets that offer effortless self-service beverages. Thanks to the slim design that helps to preserve the counter space with the measurement of 16-3/8 x 15-3/4 x 21-1/2 inches.

Main features

  • Removable drip tray
  • Has the lids and the reservoir handles
  • Drip-free action spring faucets
  • Comes with the textured base
  • Has the slim design

7. Service Ideas CBDT3SS 3 Gallon Cold Beverage Dispenser

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This product from Service Ideas comes up with two tubes that help to cool drinks without dilution. Namely, it has a BPA-free plastic body, which offers a grass appearance and makes it durable. It comes with the stainless lid that enhances the presentation and also acts as the beverage stations and high-end buffets.

Furthermore, it is 8.25″ long, which makes it leave more space in the room to store other things. In like manner, it features the compartmentalized base and full mouth for additional storage if you want to save ice. Above all, there is a handle that makes it easy to store more ice, sweeteners, or fruit.

Main features

  • BPA-free plastic body
  • Comes with the stainless lid
  • It is 8.25″ long
  • Has the compartmentalized base
  • Has the handle

6. Nurxiovo Commercial Cold Juice Dispenser with 3 Tanks

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Nurxiovo is unique because it adopts high-quality refrigerant and condenser, short waiting time, and fast refrigeration. In general, it has a super large water tank that has the capacity of 27 liters to store more juice. The water tank has advanced anti-bacteria technology and high-quality PVC material that ensure non-toxicity and safety.

Subsequently, it has the stirring taste design, which helps to reduce the sediment, hence making the beverage and juice to be distributed evenly. In like manner, it comes with the 304 stainless steel material that makes it easy to clean and durable. Also, there is the full removable tray that prevents it from splashing, spilling, and dripping over the countertop.

Main features

  • Super large water tank
  • Stirring taste design
  • Has anti-bacteria technology
  • Removable wide tray
  • 304 stainless steel material

5. VEVOR 110V Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser Machine

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If you want a durable and rust-less model go for this model because it allows for less complicated maintenance and more natural cleaning. To emphasize, it has the mirror finish and a thickened SUS body that offers top-grade rigidity. It features the high-quality compressor and all-copper-tube condenser that make it fresh faster with high efficiency.

Additionally, there are the simple switches on the back that conveniently set the stirring and cooling function. Alternatively, it has a high-end temperature controller that maintains an appropriate taste of between 41℉ and 53.6℉. Indeed, it comes with the rubber sealing gaskets that help to eliminate juice leakage.

Main features

  • Thickened SUS body
  • All-copper-tube condenser
  • The simple switches
  • High-end temperature controller
  • Rubber sealing gaskets

4. Carlisle TrimLine Clear Premium Double Juice Dispensers

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The Carlisle model has come with the premium double base and the sleek rectangular design that saves on valuable counter space. More importantly, it has the ergonomic handles that make it easy to take anything in the dispenser and also ensure a secure grip. Thanks to the hingeless lid that help to prevent spills and helps to minimize breakage.

Likewise, there is the removable drip tray, which helps to prevent spillage and saves on a clean-up time. In the same fashion, it comes with a lid that allows you to add more ice and lift your ice cone. Also, it has the snap-on base and the wide mouth lids, which enable you to add fruits or ice easily.

Main features

  • Has the ergonomic handles
  • Has the hingeless lid
  • Removable drip tray
  • Has the snap-on base
  • Has a lid

3. SUNCOO Juice Dispenser Machine for Cold Drink

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The exciting thing about this model is that it has the cooling temperature control with the temperature ranging from 7-12°C, which makes it best during the summer period. For example, it has 304 stainless steel material that makes it temperature-resistant, durable, and efficient. In the same case, it comes with a removable drip tray that keeps splashes, overflow, and drips off the countertop.

Besides, there is the sealing ring, which helps to increase the friction between the body and the dispenser tank. In all honesty,  it has four rubber pads that increase safety and stability when carrying drinks. Even more, it comes with a mixing leaf design that reduces sediment and thoroughly stirs the drinks and juice.

Main features

  • Cooling temperature control
  • Has 304 stainless steel material
  • Removable drip tray
  • There is the sealing ring
  • Four rubber pads
  • Mixing leaf design

2. Buddeez Unbreakable Glass Beverage Dispenser with Removable Ice-Cone

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Buddeez has come up with this model, which comes with the removable ice cone that keeps the beverages cooled without diluting the drinks.  As an illustration, it has the snap on the base to ensure secure handling and the removable ice cone for easy access. In all honesty, it has stainless steel material, which is stain-resistant and durable.

Furthermore, it comes with thick glass insulation and airtight seal that make the beverages stay fresh in the entire event. What is more, it has a capacity of 3.5 gallons, which is easy to store more drinks. It also comes with a dimension of 11.75 x 11.75 x 19.5 inches that makes it convenient to store in your house.

Main features

  • Has the snap on the base
  • Stainless steel material
  • Thick glass insulation
  • Has the capacity of 3.5 gallon
  • Dimension of 75 x 11.75 x 19.5

1. JACKBAGGIO Gold Stainless Steel Round Beverage Drink Dispenser – Cold Drink Machine

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The reinforced basic design makes this JACKBAGGI product unique because it helps to prevent the faucet from leaking. To emphasize, it comes with the stainless steel base, which is removable and durable. Thanks to the anti-splash vertical groove that help to prevent the water from splashing at the bottom.

Moreover, it is easy to operate because you only need to put the juice and ice cubes into a bucket and then drink your delicious cold beverage. More importantly, it has a stainless steel body that ensures fast cooling and fast temperature transfer of drinks. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty that makes the user confident because you can replace it if there is any defect.

Main features

  • Has the stainless steel base
  • Anti-splash vertical groove
  • Easy to operate
  • Has the stainless steel body
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


If you like to party, having the juice dispensers is a must. Not only do they provide an easy way of preserving drinks, but they also keep the drinks cold. Check out on the products above and will help you make the right decision that suits your needs. They have a lightweight and durable design that make you use it both outdoors and indoors. Also, they have a removable ice cream cone that makes the drinks stay fresh and undiluted.

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