Best Yoga Inversion Chairs Reviews In 2021

Around 80% of adults experience low back pains. At some point, the pain can be quite unbearable. But why wait till it catches up with you? Apparently, there are many ways to relive such pains. Some opt for gravity boots and posture pumps. However, these don’t offer a decent workout. An inversion table might do the trick. But on the downside, it’s more expensive and requires more space. That said, an inversion chair is probably your best bet. It’s simpler to engage, and you can carry around with ease. Again, it accommodates a lot of exercises while relieving neck, back, and shoulder pains. But then, what makes an ideal inversion chair? Better still, what are the best inversion chairs out there?

Well, we are here to help. This article rounds up a list of the best yoga inversion chairs. Furthermore, we review each model in finer details. Read more to find out which one works best for you.

Table of the Best Inversion Chairs Reviews

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10. Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Chair – Wood Stand Yoga Chair 

Inversion Chairs

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Headstands and handstands are best left for the professionals. However, this headstand chair changes all that. It lets you master such exercises in a much easier and safer way. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for everyone. Again, the chair uses solid wood materials. In fact, it’s sturdy enough to support 330 pounds. Surprising, it feels light, allowing you to carry with ease. The chair has removable t-pads and U-shaped pads.

These take the pressure off the head, neck, and shoulders. So, unlike normal headstands, you won’t experience pains or headaches. Also, it’s a multifunctional headstand chair. From leg splits to waist exercises, it supports different yoga poses. Plus, nothing stops you from using it as a seat or footrest.

Special Features

  • High-density PU pads relieve pressure from the neck, head, and shoulders
  • Solid wood construction offers sturdy support
  • Multipurpose design (Not just for exercises)

9. WonderView Inversion Chairs – Yoga Inversion Bench for Workout, Fitness and Gym

WonderView Inversion Chairs - Yoga Inversion Bench for Workout, Fitness and Gym

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Were we to rate the best sellers, WonderView will more likely take the top spot. It has several exciting features that make it stand out. First on the list is a thick aluminium frame. So, this is a chair that’s less likely to rust. Again, the frame has a reinforcing strip, making it more sturdy and durable. Thanks to the high-density cushions, the chair rewards you with comfort.

There’s zero chance you’ll experience any sort of pain or injuries. Above all, this inversion chair helps a lot with blood circulation. Five minutes of use is an equivalent of two hours of sleep. Contrary to its name, the chair isn’t only for inversion exercises. You can use it for push-ups, core workouts, and more.

Special Features

  • Non-slip pads keep the chair from moving
  • Lightweight but strong aluminium frame
  • A reinforced design gives unmatched durability

8. THUNDESK Inversion Bench Headstand Prop Upside Down Chair

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Let no skill level come between you and a good inversion exercise. Thundesk inversion chair is built for anyone who’s into headstands. Above all, it makes the whole process extremely easy and fun. After all, it’s rated among the best yoga props for a reason. Foremost, it uses a multi-layered beech wood frame. Hence, it’s strong as well as flexible. For the most part, it supports up to 300 pounds. Plus, you can use anywhere, thanks to a compact and minimalistic design. The thick foam is upholstered in durable faux leather. In fact, it’s more resistant to scratches than genuine leather.

Special Features

  • A versatile design for a wide range of exercises
  • Multi-layered beechwood frame supports up to 300 pounds
  • Compact space-saving design

7. Fittness Yoga Yoga Headstand Bench – Chair for Head Stand, Shoulderstand & Handstand

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So far, the three inversion chairs we’ve reviewed share a lot in design. Well, this particular chair is a bit different. First, it has a triangular frame that widens at the base. Hence, it’s among the most stable inversion chairs. Plus, the frame comes in stainless steel, supporting up to 440 pounds. Again, you can fold the frame for easy storage and transportation. Instead of non-slip caps, the feet have suction cups.

These offer immense grip on any smooth surface. Thus, the chair won’t tip over or move. The chair has padded non-slip handles and a U-shaped thick cushion. Therefore, it takes both the pain and risk out of inversion exercises.

Special Features

  • A triangular-shaped steel frame offers unmatched stability and support
  • Suction cups allow the chair to hold its position
  • The frame folds for easy storage

6. Scool Yoga Headstand Bench Yoga Inversion Chairs

Scool Yoga Headstand Bench Yoga Inversion Chairs

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To most, the looks of an inversion chair do matter. If you’re one, look no further than Scool yoga inversion chair. The PU cushion has printed patterns that add a positive vibe. But it offers more than a beautiful look. It’s thicker, around 6cm. For this reason, it offers better protection. Instead of hollow tubes, the frame uses solid steel. Plus, it can support 330 pounds. The feet have non-slip pads to keep you from slipping off your balance. Overall, it’s one sturdy little chair for building core strength.

Special Features

  • Oriented patterns add a youthful vibe
  • An intersected frame offers more stability
  • Thicker PU cushion gives superior neck and shoulder support

5. SISYAMA Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair Inversion Bench

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This inversion chair is the king of all asanas and for a good reason. But before we get further, this chair looks similar to Fittness headstand chair. So, this is one versatile inversion chair. Wider, bigger feet make it a lot more stable. Foam handles make it easy to switch from headstand to handstand. Another positive is the triangular-shaped steel frame. Though it lacks the suction cups of Fittness inversion chair, it’s pretty stable. Again, the frame has self-locking hooks that allow you to fold for storage.

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