Best Outdoor Backyard Inflatable Pool Slides for Kids and Adults Reviews

The pools are the most exciting places to visit during the summer period. To make your kids have more fun, you need the inflatable pool slides, which accommodate many kids. Notably, they come with heavy-duty inflated material strong enough for the rough games and protection against puncture. There is an integrated water pool that guarantees a safe and smooth landing. The top of these inflatable pool slides is surrounded by the safety mesh fence that ensures all players’ stability. The durable and colorful design make the kids enjoy themselves when sliding from the wall.

There is the outside inflatable bouncer, the large flash pool, and the sprayer hoods that make the sliding surface slippery, ensuring a pleasant process. Besides, they come with the sturdy handles that make it easy to transport them any place you want. Typically, it is challenging to get the right inflatable pool slides because of many brands in the market, and it requires you to be careful.

Table of the Best Inflatable Pool Slides Reviews

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10. WOW Watersports Slide N Smile Floating Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable Pool Slides

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If you want to make your kids happy at the lake, go for this model from WOW Sports. Notably, it comes with a dimension of 9 x 6 x 4 inches that makes it enough to accommodate many kids. In the same case, it has the zippered connection system that allows a water walkway connection or water mat.

Besides, it has the side grommets that come with 10 inches ropes tied to the dock. The important thing about this model is the heavy-duty PVC construction that makes it a long-lasting and elegant appearance. Above all, there are the inflatable side rails and the bright graphics for high visibility when in the water.

Main features

  • Dimension of 9 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Zippered connection system
  • Has the side grommets
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Inflatable side rails

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9. Intex Inflatable Water Slides for Adults – Inflatable Play Center

Intex Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

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Intex has come up with this model that has a fantastic model that makes your kids enjoy pool slide whine in the water body. As an illustration, it has a dimension of 10’11” L x 6’9″ W x 3’10” H and the maximum weight limit of 176 lbs. In like manner, there is the garden hose attached to the sprayers, making it slide when it is wet.

More so, it comes with the heavy-duty PVC construction that makes it durable to support different weights of the kids. Comparatively, there are the side grommets with 10 inches ropes to tie to the dock.  It also features the fun wave graphics, six heavy-duty handles, 20 gauge heavy-duty vinyl construction, and five air chambers.

Main features

  • Dimension of 10’11” L x 6’9″ W x 3’10” H
  • There is the garden hose
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Has the side grommets
  • Six heavy-duty handles

8. A ACTION Backyard AIR Inflatable Water Park – Above Ground Pool Slide for Kids

Above Ground Pool Slide for Kids

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This model from ACTION AIR comes with the top quality outdoor/ indoor bounce house that provides the kids with the best service. In general, it is CPC and CPSC approved, which makes it best for children and has a constant airflow that helps to inflate it. Equally importantly, it has the extra thick jumping, sliding area, and durable sewn that make it 100% protection to the children.

Similarly, there is an inflated size of 15’L×11’W×8’H feet and a maximum weight of about 200 pounds, making it fit for four children. It is easy to set up because it can take three minutes and is easy to store. Even more, it comes with a 3-month warranty with the service care team that offers premium service.

Main features

  • It is CPC and CPSC approved
  • Has the extra thick jumping
  • Inflated size of 15’L×11’W×8’H feet
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a 3-month warranty

7. BANZAI Outdoor Playard Inflatable Water Slide

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The BANZAI model is easy and quick to set up because it takes only two minutes or below to inflate. In particular, it has a dimension of 14 x 10 x 8 inches and weighs 48.6 pounds fit to support many children. In the first place, there is a built-in basketball hoop that makes it have the bonus fun.

Furthermore, it comes with heavy-duty material that makes this model durable and long-lasting. In all honesty, it has one inflatable basketball that makes the children have unlimited water fun. Above all, there are the small pinholes, which can be used when you want to fill it with air.

Main features

  • Dimension of 14 x 10 x 8 inches
  • It weighs 48.6 pounds
  • Comes with heavy-duty material
  • Has one inflatable basketball
  • Has small pinholes

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6. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Playard Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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The exciting thing about this product from Little Tikes is that it has the climbing wall, splash pool, and two slides for active service. For instance, it has a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs fit to support four kids. In a like manner, it has the spray hoods and two slides that make the sliding surface to be slippery.

Moreover, it comes with a durable and colorful design that makes the kids enjoy themselves for a long time. More importantly, it features the heavy-duty blower, the GFCI plug, storage bag, and the repair kit. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty that makes it convenient since you can replace it if there is any defect.

Main features

  • Maximum weight limit of 350 lbs
  • Has the spray hoods
  • Durable and colorful design
  • Has heavy-duty blower
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

5. Costzon Oxford Inflatable Slide Bouncer – Castle Bounce House – Swimming Pool Slides

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If you want the bouncing area, which is durable, go for this model from Costzon because it is made of exclusive 840D Oxford that offers extra strength. Notably, it comes with the climbing wall, wading pool area, and the curved slide made of heavy-duty 420D oxford material that makes it long-lasting.

Similarly, this model has tall mesh walls surrounding the jumping area to keep the kids safe when children are jumping and also ensure maximum ventilation. The heavy-duty grips help to ensure there is full strengthen when the kids are climbing on it. Equally, it has the Oxford carrying bag that makes it convenient when you want to carry it.

Main features

  • Has heavy-duty 420D oxford material
  • Tall mesh walls
  • Heavy-duty grips
  • Oxford carrying bag

4. Little Tikes Multicolor Slam ‘n Inflatable Pool Curve Slide

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The model from Little Tikes comes with the inflatable rock wall that offers the slippery slide and the gentle curve at the end to provide a fun ride. For example, it has the inside bounce area of 85.00L x 71.00W x 46.0H inches that is large enough for many children to use it at once. It has puncture-resistant material that makes it last longer.

Additionally, it comes with a large splash pool that includes the inflatable ball and basketball hoop. In the same fashion, there is the heavy-duty blower that ensures there is continuous airflow. Also, it features the curved slide, the wading pool area, and the climbing wall.

Main features

  • Inside bounce area of 85.00L x 71.00W x 46.0H inches
  • Has puncture-resistant material
  • Roomy splash pool
  • Has a heavy-duty blower
  • Wading pool area

3. Ale Shop Inflatable Water Park – Outdoor Play Swimming Pool Inflatable Splash Water Park

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Alek The shop is a brand new product with the above ground pool and in-ground pool and enough pool height deck. Namely, it is constructed with strong fused seams and high-quality 20 gauge vinyl materials that make it durable and long-lasting. More importantly, it has built-in sprayers, which keeps the waterslide surface fun and wet.

Thanks to the heavy-duty handles that play a significant role in ensuring a safer carrying and climbing. In the same way, it has the inflatable stairs located on the backside that offer easy climbing. Above all, there is the soft landing pad extension that goes into a pool for added safety.

Main features

  • High-quality 20 gauge vinyl materials
  • Strong fused seams
  • Has built-in sprayers
  • Has heavy-duty handles
  • Soft landing pad extension
  • Has the inflatable stairs

2. Banzai Heavy-Duty Built-in Sprinkler Inflatable Pool Slides

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Banzai has come up with this outstanding model that has an enormous pool, the water wall, and a built-in sprinkler wave. To explain, it has heavy-duty material, which is super strong and durable, offering a more extended service. It is easy to set up because it takes less than two minutes to inflate.

Furthermore, it comes with a dimension of 14 feet L x10 feet W x 8 feet H that is large enough to accommodate many children. Thanks to the overhead sprinkler that help to keep the kids refreshed every time. It also comes with a super fun wall that offers endless fun when the kids are climbing and sliding.

Main features

  • Has heavy-duty material
  • Easy to set up
  • Dimension of 14 feet L x10 feet W x 8 feet H
  • Has the overhead sprinkler
  • Has the super fun wall

1. BANZAI Slide N Soak Outdoor Splash Park Inflatable Water Park Play Center with Blower

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This model from BANZAI has fantastic features that make the children have great fun for many hours with everything that is required. For one thing, it has the top sprayer that helps to ensure the smooth ride. Thanks to the shower sprinkler that offer a fantastic time for refreshing fun.

Besides, this model comes with a comfortable padded lining that ensures a safe and fun experience for everyone. Equally important, it has the hose attachment and air blower motor that offer instant inflating. Also, it comes with the heavy-duty Dura-tech construction to ensure durability and lasting strength.

Main features

  • Has the top sprayer
  • There is the shower sprinkler
  • Has comfortable padded lining
  • Air blower motor
  • Heavy-duty Dura-tech construction


Buying the inflatable pool slides becomes a great decision that can give your children a well-deserved rest and allow you to have fun together. Making the right choice is crucial, and choosing the best pool slides model from the list above will make you have long-lasting service. They have increased durability and strength because of their high-quality construction. The sturdy handles make it easy to transport them from one place to another, offering high reliability and long-lasting.

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