Best Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Boards for Sale Reviews In 2021

Hardboards are optimized for racing and surfing performance. However, they’re a bit lacking in terms of stability and buoyancy. And as a recreational paddler, you wouldn’t want that, would you? Okay, let me introduce you to the best inflatable paddle Boards. They excel in stability and flotation. Not to mention, they reward you with a super-portable design. Be it for touring, exploring, fishing, or for yoga; there’s a perfect ISUP board to meet your specific needs and skillsets.

But the market is littered with many players. Some boast remarkable performance yet fail to deliver in real life. Hence, we’ve taken it to ourselves to find the best ISUP boards with a proven track record for quality, performance, and value for money.

Table of the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviews

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10. Goosehill Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflatable Paddle Boards

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The market is littered with single, double, and triple-layer ISUP boards. Well, Goosehill opts for something different. It uses SCE material for remarkable strength and stability. No wonder, it boasts the most weight capacity at 440 pounds.

This inflatable stand up board is 10 feet long, which is about average. But at 32 inches, it’s wider than most competitors. Hence, you get a sizeable deck for you and your gear.

The deck features a non-slip foot pad for grip and comfort. Also, it includes a bungee system at the nose for storage and a handle for easy transportation.

Moreover, this inflatable paddle board offers a complete ISUP package. You get an ankle leash, double-action pump, storage bag, and removable center fin.

The 3-piece paddle accommodates all users, both tall and short. Based on your needs, you can adjust it from 2.9-8.2 feet long. Furthermore, portability is no issue. At 20.5 pounds, it’s easier on just about anyone, even kids.


In terms of durability and weight limit, this ISUP board is on another league. I think it has what it takes to accommodate big guys.

9. NIXY Newport All-Around SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

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NIXY is among the big names in the ISUP board segment. It has a lineup of versatile boards that offer stability and remarkable performance for all water activities. Well, G3 Newport is one such model.

There’s one thing that sets this ISUP board apart from other brands. Instead of one bungee storage system, it has two. Hence, it has an expanded cargo capacity.

Also, it utilizes dual-layer fusion technology. So, it rewards users with an ultra-light yet stiff and durable paddleboard. It weighs 23 pounds and supports an impressive 350 pounds.

At 33 inches, this ISUP board has a wider deck that spans 10 feet 6 inches. It packs D-rings for optional kayak seat, leash, and towing. Moreover, it has multiple grab handles at the nose, tail, and center.

The package also comes complete with a paddle, storage bag, double-action pump, ankle leash, and shoulder strap. And with three removable fins, this ISUP board offers remarkable stability and maneuverability.


G3 Newport ISUP board is a bit on the expensive side. However, it offers double the storage capacity and reliable quality. On the whole, if you’re on the market for a high-end inflatable paddleboard, G3 Newport is your best bet.

8. SereneLife Premium SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Standing Boat for Adults & Youths

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SereneLife claims the title of the most steady ISUP board on the market. Well, with its 3-fin design, it pretty much lives up to its promise. This paddleboard features double-layer fabric for increased strength. Also, it has a soft non-slip deck that’s more forgiving for beginners.

SereneLife ISUP board has five D-rings and a bungee storage system. Moreover, it includes a handle at the center for transportation.

Thanks to triple-action fins, this board provides superior maneuverability. Hence, it’s easier for adults and kids alike. The package also offers a complete paddle kit comprising a storage bag, ankle cuff, paddle, and air pump.

Lest I forget, this ISUP board is 10 feet long and sits 30 inches wide. Not to mention, it weighs only 19.6 inches for increased portability.


SereneLife ISUP board has pretty much what we see in other models. However, it stands out in terms of speed, handling, and steering.

7. Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP with Stand Up Paddle Board Boat

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Performing yoga moves on water, in most cases, demands a larger ISUP board. Well, Aqua Plus has what it takes to make that happen.

At 11 feet long and 33 inches wide, this paddleboard has a generous deck size. It provides plenty of room and remains stable enough to support 350 pounds. Despite the large size, this board weighs only 20.3 pounds.

Multiple D-rings and a bungee storage system keep your gear in one place. Also, this board offers more extras. It includes an aluminum paddle, storage bag, ankle cuff, air pump, and shoulder strap.

The waterproof smartphone case is a huge bonus. You can use your phone whilst in the case.


Aqua Plus ISUP board rewards you with a larger deck size. So, I highly recommend it if you plan to make yoga moves or need those extra few inches to stretch.

6. Roc W Free Premium SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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A lightweight design matters a lot in an inflatable paddleboard. Well, Roc rewards you with an ISUP board that’s 20% lighter. At 17.5 pounds, you won’t break much sweat to transport or tow it.

Despite the lightweight construction, it boasts a sizeable deck of 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. Not to mention, it boasts military-grade material and accommodates as much as 300 pounds.

The deck offers a non-slip surface and secure bungee tie-downs for your gear. At the center is a comfort-grip handle for transportation. Moreover, this ISUP board uses triple fins. Hence, it provides remarkable stability and maneuverability.

Roc ISUP is an all-around performer. Plus, it comes with premium SUP accessories to improve the experience. It includes a leash, paddle, hand pump, and a waterproof bag.


Roc ISUP board offers an elite package that rewards users with 20% lighter construction. Anyone in need of a lighter yet durable paddleboard should give Roc a closer attention.

5. NIXY Manhattan Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddleboard

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Are you into long-distance touring? Or maybe you desire a fast paddling experience? If so, you need a longer paddleboard, the likes of Manhattan. This ISUP board is 12 feet 6 inches long and measures 30 inches wide. Well, with such specs, it gives you the speed advantage.

Also, this paddleboard weighs 22 pounds, which is pretty light for its size. And with double-layer drop-stitch technology, it provides the utmost resilience.

Like other NIXY ISUP boards, Manhattan comes with two bungee storage systems at the nose and tail. Hence, it offers more room for your gear.

Furthermore, the package includes all accessories. There’s the pump, storage bag, shoulder strap, paddle, and ankle cuff.


Manhattan ISUP board gives you the speed advantage and the extra length for touring and racing. Also, I think 30 inches is a compromise width that eliminates storage concerns.

4. MAXFLO Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Standing Boat Boards

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This inflatable paddleboard promises excellent balance and control. And thanks to its latest stabilization technology, it meets its goal with ease.

At 10 feet 6 inches long and 30 inches wide, this ISUP board adopts a balanced design. It’s wide enough for stability but not overly large to render it sluggish on water.

Moreover, the paddle is an improvement over standard models. It provides a comfortable ergonomic grip. Also, you can adjust it and lock it in place, anywhere from 65 to 85 inches.

Furthermore, this board comes ready to hit the water. It includes all essentials, from storage bag, air pump, ankle cuff, and repair kit. Not to mention, it comes with a waterproof phone case to add to the fun.

As for the weight limit, this inflatable paddle board can hold up to 275 pounds. But different tests show it can hold a couple of extra pounds.


This ISUP board offers a balanced design that’s easy to maneuver. Overall, it’s a decent choice for both beginners and advanced paddlers.

3. AQUA SPIRIT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Adults and Youth

Inflatable Paddle Boards

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We have to give credit where it deserves. Aqua Spirit ISUP board brings out the best in German ingenuity. Hence, it’s a premium choice you can count on. Also, this inflatable paddle board is the lightest on our list. At 16.8 pounds, it’s a lot easier to carry and tow around.

Despite the ultra-light design, Aqua Spirit offers remarkable stability. At 33 inches wide and 10 feet 6 inches long, it prioritizes stability without sacrificing speed.

Moreover, it has a triple-fin design for speed and improved maneuverability. This paddleboard has a maximum payload of 330 pounds.

Furthermore, it includes a ton of bonuses. Hence, there’s no need for extra purchases. You get a storage bag, waterproof phone case, ankle leash, 3-piece paddle, and air pump.


Aqua Spirit offers exceptional stability for all skill levels. And if a lighter board is the way to go, you ought to give this paddleboard a closer look.

2. Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Inflatable Paddle Boards with Full Accessories, Perfect for Yoga Fishing Touring

Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Inflatable Paddle Boards

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I had the chance to cross-check this ISUP board on several platforms. Tell you what, the feedback is pretty impressive.

It’s a balanced board, where stability is a top priority. At 10 feet long and 30 inches across, it’s up to speed and more fun to paddle. Also, it’s ultra-light and manages a weight limit of 286 pounds.

Another thing I love about this ISUP board is the color choices. You can choose from up to four colors to match your taste.

Tie-down bungee cords provide a secure place for all your gear. Moreover, you get a non-slip deck that builds confidence among beginners. Furthermore, this ISUP board affords all accessories. Hence, it comes ready for use out of the box.


This ISUP board offers a stable platform for beginners to advanced users. On the whole, it’s a deluxe choice for a yoga paddleboard. Lest I forget, this ISUP board also comes in an 11-foot variant.

1. Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing SUP Boards

Inflatable Paddle Boards

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Streak Board ISUP board is tailored for an adventurous lifestyle. It can handle abrasion and nearly anything you throw its way. But that’s just one among the ton of things that makes it stand out.

First, it comes in three variants, all boasting military-grade construction. The board spans 10 feet long and 30 inches wide. Hence, it’s well-balanced to accommodate all water activities.

At 18.1 pounds, this inflatable paddle board is among the lightest. Nevertheless, it holds an impressive 230 pounds.

Streak Board includes bungee cords and D-rings to meet your storage and towing needs. Also, it has a large removable fin that works in tandem with two smaller ones to improve tracking and maneuverability.

This paddleboard comes complete with all accessories. Among them is a 3-piece paddle that adjusts from 63-84.6 inches long.


Streak Board is an all-around performer in just about any water activity. Overall, if you’re after excellent tracking and maneuverability, this paddleboard won’t disappoint.

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