Best Waterproof Hunting Jackets for Men & Women Reviews

How well are you prepared for the hunting season? Apparently, you’re going to need more than an arsenal of decent weapons. The right hunting clothes, in most cases, can significantly improve your chances of success. And among all hunting apparel, the hunting jacket tops the list. In fact, the benefits of decent hunting jackets are too many to ignore. It not only keeps you warm in the blistering cold but also ensures you stay dry in the rain. But then, getting the best hunting jackets can be quite tricky.

Since you’ll be going to spend days in the woods, you might not have the time to search for that perfect jacket. Plus, some manufacturers pay more attention to looks. They do so while forgetting vital features like comfort and durability. To avoid that and help you save time, here’s a list of the best hunting jackets for cold weather.

Table of the Best Hunting Jackets Reviews

10. NEW VIEW Waterproof Hunting Camouflage Jacket for Men – Hunting Suit

Hunting Jackets

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Before we go on, this hunting jacket offers the option of matching pants. So, if you want total protection from head to feet, you can settle for the pants as well. As for the jacket, it has a camouflage design that lets you blend in. However, you can also get it in military colours. The jacket has a soft shell made of sharkskin fabric. It’s lightweight, wrinkle-free, and weatherproof. Above all, it’s breathable for added comfort.

Also, the jacket has a warm fleece lining that protects you from the cold. Again, armpit zippers offer excellent ventilation. Overall, this is a jacket that holds up well to all weather conditions. Furthermore, the jacket has six pockets for storage.

Special Features

  • Weatherproof soft sharkskin shell protects you from the wind and rain
  • Six pockets let you store all the essential survival items
  • Warm fleece interior insulates you from cold weather
  • A hide-away hoodie gives added protection when you need it

9. UDRES Men’s Fleece Liner Outerwear Hooded Softshell Tactical Jacket

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This jacket comes in four variants, ranging from small to extra-large. The jacket is a mix of polyester and spandex. With such a combination, it’s durable and reliable in most hunting situations. The softshell fabric is water-resistant as well as wind-resistant. Additionally, it features a fleece interior to keep you warm.

Moreover, the jacket has a hood, big enough to shield your face from the rain. Not to mention, you can roll it out of the way if need be. Like the New View jacket, it has six pockets to hold your essentials. Since it’s a stylish hunting jacket, you can also wear it to play outdoor sports.

Special Features

  • Weather-resistant shell is reliable for most hunting situations
  • A big hood offers maximum protection from the rain
  • A warm fleece liner protects you from the biting cold
  • Breathable design wicks away moisture and sweat to keep you cool

8. Mossy Oak Sherpa Fleece Lined Camo Hunting Jackets

 Mossy Oak Sherpa Fleece Lined Camo Hunting Jackets

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Mossy Oak jacket gives adequate protection without the extra bulk. Should you choose, you can pair with a light or heavy base layer for all-season use. The jacket has a durable 390g micro-fleece outer shell. It’s soft and quiet, allowing you to close in more on the prey. Also, it offers excellent protection against snow and light rain. Moreover, the jacket has a Sherpa fleece liner that maintains a soft and fluffy texture to keep you warm.

A stand-up collar makes the jacket more fashionable. Not to mention, it offers extra protection from the cold. Furthermore, the jacket has a built-in reflective vest harness. Hence, it offers high visibility for fall protection.

Special Features

  • Integrated reflective vest harness for added safety
  • The athletic cut stretch design ensures a comfortable fit
  • 3-inch drop-tail hem enhances back coverage for extra protection
  • Quiet 390g micro-fleece shell improves stealth

7. Scent Blocker Drencher Large Insulated Hunting Jackets

Scent Blocker Drencher Large Insulated Hunting Jackets

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We consider this one of the most feature-packed hunting jackets. The RainBlocker technology locks out the rain. 200g of polyester fill offers excellent insulation. Hence, this is a jacket that stays incredibly warm and dry on the hunt. S3 technology is another feature that sets it apart. It eliminates bacteria, keeping the jacket odourless. Thus, it makes it hard for the prey to detect you.

Also, the jacket has a fully adjustable hood to suit different hunting situations. Wrist closures and storm flap offer extra protection against wind and rain. For the record, this jacket has a brushed tricot fabric. Therefore, it’s quiet and durable to provide years of use.

Special Features

  • Durable and quiet tricot fabric
  • RainBlocker technology makes the jacket 100% waterproof
  • S3 technology keeps the jacket odourless
  • Two flap pockets keep your gear within easy reach
  • 200g polyester insulation offers superior warmth

6. Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

Camo Coll Men's Outdoor Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

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Camo Coll jacket offers a high level of protection, especially for spring, autumn, and winter. The shell is a mix of polyester and spandex. It’s windproof and water-resistant. Hence, it keeps you comfortable in wild and chilly weather. Again, the jacket has 100% polyester lining for superb insulation.

You can don the hood and tighten the drawstring waist for extra protection. Despite the sleek design, this camo jacket has decent storage space. Altogether, it has six storage pockets. Again, this is one light hunting jacket. Therefore, you can easily stash in your backpack for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Elastic closures cinch up openings for extra protection
  • Polyester and spandex outer layer offers extra flexibility and mobility
  • Ideal for casual everyday wear
  • Six pockets offer plenty of storage

5. Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail Workwear Jacket for Men

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Legendary Whitetails trail jacket is among the best sellers, and for a good reason. First, it offers one of the best insulation. At 210 grams, the insulate can keep you warm in extremely cold conditions. Also, the jacket uses heavy-duty 10-ounce sanded canvas fabric. It’s sturdy and crease-free to withstand daily rough wear and tear. Above all, it’s weather-resistant to protect you from the rain and wind.

This is a hooded hunting jacket. Hence, it offers maximum protection. Not to mention, you can unzip the hood based on the weather conditions. Furthermore, this jacket has four large pockets for ample storage. One thing we love about this jacket is the number of size options. It’s available in 14 different sizes. Therefore, it’s quite easy to find your exact fit.

Special Features

  • Numerous size options make it easier to find a perfect fit
  • Water repellent duck canvas holds up well to rough wear
  • 210 grams of insulation protects against extreme cold
  • A storm flap protects you from the rain

4. ScentLok Men’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Jacket

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Let not the price tag put you off. This jacket uses the latest technology to ensure total protection all year round. In fact, it’s the newest line of hunting jackets out there. The scent control system is one of its awe-inspiring features. It uses carbon alloy to absorb odours and keep you undetected. Also, it has the NeverWet superhydrophobic treatment. As the name suggests, it repels water and oil to keep you dry.

The soft micro-tricot shell is another excellent feature. For the most part, it allows for quiet movement. A moisture-wicking micro-fleece lining keeps you cool and dry. Keep in mind; the jacket has a left pocket deep enough to conceal a pistol.

Special Features

  • Carbon alloy absorbs odours
  • Super-hydrophobic treatment keeps you dry, even under a heavy downpour
  • Moisture-wicking lining draws sweat away from your body
  • Micro-tricot shell allows for quiet movement

3. Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Jacket

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Be it for the battlefield or deer hunting; this camo jacket is the stealthiest ever. In fact, military personnel finds it harder to detect than any other camo. It creates a 3D appearance, making it nearly invisible. Again, it has X-static silver fibres that kill bacteria. Hence, the jacket stays odourless, making it harder for the prey to detect. Overall, if you want to close in more on the prey, this jacket is the answer.

Not only is the jacket quiet and invisible but also warm and waterproof. It uses 3M insulate and hydrophobic fibres for advanced water resistance. In fact, the fibres absorb less than 1% water. Furthermore, the fabric offers incredible stretch to improve mobility.

Special Features

  • High-tech platinum fleece insulation stays comfortable in varying temperatures
  • X-static fibres kill bacteria to keep the jacket odourless
  • The shell mimics a 3D appearance making the jacket nearly invisible
  • Hydrophobic fibres ensure the jacket never gets wet

2. Guide Gear Steadfast 4-in-1 Waterproof Hunting Parka

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Be it in extremely cold or wet weather; you can count on this jacket. It has a waterproof shell to keep you dry. Not to mention, 150 grams insulate that protects against the biting cold. In fact, this is a jacket that holds up well in snow and blistering cold temperatures.

Other than being waterproof, the shell remains quiet as you brush against branches. Also, it has a breathable laminate in between to draw away sweat and moisture. Furthermore, the jacket has scent control to keep it odourless all the time. It has two side pockets and a chest pocket for storage.

Special Features

  • Waterproof fibres deliver superior warmth while remaining lightweight
  • 4-in-1 design allows you to wear the jacket in four different ways
  • Zip-off hood has an integrated visor for excellent visibility
  • 150 grams insulate stands up to blistering cold weather

1. Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting Insulated Parka

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This hunting parka is among the best-budget camo jackets. It’s totally waterproof to keep you dry, even under a heavy downpour. Underneath the shell is a polar fleece lining. It’s warm and offers plenty of space for layering. Hence, you have the choice of adding some thermal base layers for added warmth. All the while, it retains good breathability for all-season use.

A soft tricot material allows for silent movement. So, it’s a great hunting parka for stalking. The jacket has elastic drawstrings, both on the waist and hood. This allows you to stay toasty warm, especially in windy or snowy conditions.

Special Features

  • Medium insulation lets you add thermal base layers
  • A quiet tricot shell makes the jacket ideal for stalking game
  • A double waterproof construction keeps you dry

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