Best Garden Hedge Shears | Hedge Clippers Reviews In 2021

A lot goes into making your home more presentable. A well-manicured hedge is perhaps the one thing that creates the first impression, even before one steps past the gate. In as much as we love a neat-looking hedge, the hedging and pruning tasks involved can be tedious. But with the best hedge shears, you can make every cut more enjoyable. Not to mention, effortless and professional.

Are you looking to upgrade to a new hedge shear? Well, we have a handful of models that never cease to impress homeowners and professionals alike. Without further ado, here are the best-rated hedge shears to consider.

Table of the Best Gardening Hedge Shears Reviews

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10. Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shears

Hedge Shears

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Corona has, for years, been a leader in garden landscape tools. HS 3950, one of its best shears, continues to impress season after season. It offers superior comfort and more reach when you need it most. Corona HS 3950 comes tough. It has 10-inch high-carbon steel blades forged for sharpness and durability. Hence, it powers through tough hedging and trimming tasks.

This hedge shear boasts a pivot-bolt system. It provides smooth and precise cutting action. And together with a shock stop bumper, it reduces arm and shoulder fatigue tremendously.

Not many models boast an extendable handle. So, it’s a huge plus for HS 3950. Based on your needs, you can extend the handle from 15 to 26 inches. Corona HS 3950 doesn’t lack in terms of user comfort. Lightweight handles make it less cumbersome. Also, it has comfort grips that are easy on your hands.

9. Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

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The chances are you may have seen or heard stories about the Japanese sword. The Samurai, for instance, is renowned for its maximum sharpness and cutting power. Well, this Japanese hedge shears uses the same concept to provide unmatched cutting power.

The 7-5/8-inch blades come from hot hammer-forged steel. Hence, they’re easily the most durable on the market. Moreover, they slice through branches like butter. There are no “chewed” or “crushed” cuts with this hedge shear for the record. Instead, it offers smooth, precise cuts.

The handles come in Japanese white oak. It’s exceptionally durable, but lighter. So, it’s no surprise that this hedge shear is half the weight of other models. At one pound, it’s less tiring on your arms. Okatsune hedge shear doesn’t have extendable handles. But at 22 inches, it’s long enough to prune high hedges.

8. Fiskars Garden Hedge Shears

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Fiskars is no new name in this segment. Its line of hedge shears is easy on users, even those who have arthritis. Power Gear, as the name suggests, is among the few models that use gear technology. It offers three times the cutting power. Hence, you get to use less effort.

The 10-inch steel blade is hardened for durability and strength. Not to mention, it stays sharp, even through heavy use. However, the beauty lies in its non-stick surface. It offers low-friction cutting. As such, it glides easily through wood and prevents gumming. Shock-absorbing bumpers reduce arm fatigue. Also, the entire handles have heavy padding for additional comfort.

7. Corona HS 3244 ComfortGEL Gardening Hedge Shears

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Out of the box, this hedge shear provides ultimate user comfort. After all, its namesake says it all. The rubber grip offers gel-like comfort. Not to mention, it’s soft and ergonomically shaped. Hence, users get the best fit, comfort, and control. And with sock guard bumpers, it reduces fatigue drastically.

Moreover, the steel handles have a trapezoidal-like shape for maximum strength. They’re not extendable. But with an overall length of 23 inches, this hedge shear offers more reach.

The 9-inch blade maintains sharpness. Not to mention, it has a non-stick coating to reduce friction. For the record, the blades easily power through limbs up to 3/8 inches thick.

6. TABOR TOOLS Aluminum Handle Hedge Shears – Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming

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B640A offers professional results and makes every cut a joyful experience. Not to mention, it hails from one of the leading manufacturers of gardening tools.

The wavy blade design is a unique feature. It improves the grip on twigs and branches, making it difficult for them to slide off. Hence, you’re assured of crisp cuts every time. B640A has a pivot bolt that offers adjustable tension. So, you get a perfect cut on different types of plants.

The blades come in carbon steel for maximum cutting power and durability. Moreover, they have a non-stick coating to power through sappy branches while reducing friction. Also, this hedge shear adopts lighter aluminum handles. And with shock bumpers, it provides a more comfortable experience.

5. Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears With Soft Grip Handle

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Power Lever hedge shear strikes a perfect balance between cutting power and user comfort. Hence, this is a tool that offers the best of both worlds. Like the Power Gear model, it gives users more leverage. Only this time, it uses a lever system instead of gears, making cutting two times easier. So, it’s another excellent option for arthritic patients.

The 8-inch blade literally sharpens itself during use. So, it offers precise cuts every time. Moreover, it has a water-based coating to prevent rust. Unlike most models, Power Lever hedge shear has serrated blades. Hence, you get two benefits: excellent blade grip on branches and a clean cut.

The entire length of the handle has soft-grip padding. So, it offers multi-position comfort. Also, it has shock bumpers that add to the comfort.

4. WilFiks Professional Hedge Shears for Gardening and Landscaping – Hedge Clippers

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Looks are not a must in a hedge shear. However, it counts to some extent. And if all models were to go for a beauty contest, this hedge shear will easily take the crown. But there’s more to it than a beautiful look.

Like Tabor B640A, it adopts a wavy blade design. Hence, it improves grip on the twigs. And with razor-sharp carbon steel, the blade maintains maximum sharpness in every cut. Moreover, you can adjust the tension of the blades to suit your needs.

This hedge shear offers a lot in terms of comfort. It has bumpers to protect your hands and wrists. Not to mention, soft non-slip handles for a pleasant cutting experience.

As with most models on our list, the handles are not extendable. But with an overall length of 25 inches, this hedge shear is longer than most on the list. Hence, the lack of a telescopic handle is no deal-breaker.

3. Rainbow Craft Ergonomic TPR Handle Hedge Shear – Bush Clipper

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At 17 inches, this hedge shear is by far the shortest on the list. But don’t let the small size fool you. This hedge shear is as capable other longer models on the list. Not to mention, it boasts a ton of innovative features.

The Teflon coating is one feature that stands out. It keeps the blades free of rust. At the same time, it enables the blades to maintain sharpness for longer while providing non-stick cutting performance.

The tension knob is no new feature. After all, most models on the list have a tightening bolt. Nevertheless, it’s worth the mention. It allows you to makes adjustments to match your cutting needs.

This hedge shear has a slight curvature to it. It’s not just any design tweak. Instead, it provides optimal cutting at different angles.

Also, the handles are fully padded in TPR coating. It’s more like rubber, but with excellent weather resistance and good tear strength. Not to mention, it provides a comfortable non-slip grip.

2. ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears

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HS-K900Z beats all other models for the longest reach. At full stretch, it has double the length of other models on the list. So, if you have tall hedges, this hedge shear is your best bet. For a recap, this hedge shear measures 28 inches but extends to 41-1/2 inches. Overall, you can adjust to three different lengths.

Long as it is, this hedge shear doesn’t sacrifice portability and user comfort. For instance, it adopts lighter aluminum handles that bring the overall weight to 2 pounds. Hence, it weighs even less than other shorter counterparts.

HS-K900Z uses chrome-plated blades. Hence, they provide excellent rust and sap resistance with durability to match. Again, the blades and the handles have a slight curvature. So, you can prune and cut at different angles.

1. FLORA GUARD Professional Extensible Hedge Shears with Blade

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Flora Guard is a brand that strives to improve user experience. And to achieve that, they created this superior, user-friendly hedge shear. It has a telescopic handle, allowing it to adapt to different pruning conditions. You can adjust the overall length from 26.4 to 34.6 inches.

The handle comes in aluminum. It offers the benefit of lightweight construction, but with sufficient thickness and strength. Not to mention, it has non-slip grips to provide hours of comfort.

This hedge shear has a manganese steel blade. It provides rugged durability and razor-sharp cutting. Not to mention, it has a non-stick Teflon coating to prevent rust. But it doesn’t end there.

The blade also adopts a wavy design to keep branches and twigs from sliding when pruning. Thanks to the bolt tension, you can tighten or loosen the blades to match your cutting needs.

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