Best Hair Dryer Stands | Hair Dryer Holders Reviews In 2021

Nowadays, hair dryers come with lots of accessories. These make using your hair dryer easy and more effective. At the top of the list is a hair dryer stand. It allows you to work hands-free. Essentially, it acts as a third arm. Hence, you can style and dry hair at the same time. Besides, it allows you to position the dryer to any position you prefer. Above all, hairdryer holders eliminate clutter by keeping your hair tools organized. Prices vary, and so does the quality and style. So, choosing the best hair dryer stands is no easy task.

Apart from quality, you need a hairdryer stand that is flexible and adjustable to any angle. Unfortunately, most hair dryer stands don’t meet this criterion. Thus, to avoid confusion, we have handpicked models that consistently get positive feedback from real-time users. Without further ado, here are the top 10 hairdryer stands to consider.

Table of the Best Hair Dryer Stands Reviews

10. LuckIn Hands-Free Blow Dryer Stand – Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Stands

Hair Dryer Stands

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This is one of the most versatile hair dryer stands, thanks to a gooseneck design and lightweight aluminium construction. Not only can it bend in any direction, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold even heavier hair dyers. And should you choose, you can rotate the stand 360 degrees for the perfect angle. Also, the stand has a telescopic rod that extends or shortens as per your requirements.

Since it’s fully adjustable, this hair dryer stand can also make an excellent choice for pet grooming. Unlike most models out there, it has a heavy 2.2-pound base for added stability. Not to mention, it comes with velcro straps to keep the hair dryer in one place.

Special Features

  • Moisture-resistant plastic base
  • Plastic clip accommodates nearly any hair dryer
  • Convenient hands-free use
  • Adjustable height of between 20 to 31 inches

9. Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Stand with Wheels Salon Equipment

Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Stand with Wheels Salon Equipment

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This is a relatively new hair dryer stand from a relatively new brand. However, it has captured the attention of most professionals in the salon hair care industry. Keep in mind; this stand comes complete with a 1300-watt hood that has an adjustable temperature of up to 165°F. Besides, it has a built-in timer of up to 60 minutes. And thanks to the flexible wheels, this hair dryer stand is among the most portable.

Overall, it has five feet that allow the stand to keep its balance. Like most hair dryer stands, the height is adjustable from 48 to 63 inches. Overall, if you’re looking for a professional hair dryer stand, this one will make an ideal choice.

Special Features

  • Heat-resistant power cord
  • Spring-loaded pedestal base makes height adjustments a breeze
  • Dual-looped stainless steel heating element comes to temperature much faster
  • Quiet multi-bladed fan

8. Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Hair Dryer Stands

Gold 'N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Hair Dryer Stands

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The ergonomic and compact design makes this hair dyer stand one of the easiest to use and store. So, if you’re looking for a hair dryer stand for limited spaces, this particular model will make a perfect match. As the name suggests, this is an elite hair dryer designed to provide the best styling possible. Overall, it has up to 4 style settings. While it tends to be a bit pricier, this hair dryer combines all the newest technologies in its compact body, making it worth every penny.

The stand is adjustable to a comfortable height of up to 63 inches. A sturdy base with 5 wheels, on the other hand, make it extremely agile. And with 1875 watts, this hair dryer packs enough power to accommodate all types of hair.

Special Features

  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • The extra-long 10-foot cord gives freedom of movement
  • Sets colour and perm up to 10 times faster than old-fashioned dryers

7. CYZB Stainless Steel Hair Dryer Holder

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CYZB hair dryer stand allows you to style hair without holding the hair dryer. The stand has a metal bracket and an elastic rope. Thanks to the massive load-bearing capacity, the metal bracket can easily accommodate bulky hair dryers. Apart from that, it has a 360-degree tube, making it an excellent option for people with little practice. The base has a powerful suction cup that gives excellent grip on most surfaces.

Besides, the suction cup is thicker (0.2 inches) to enhance the absorption process. The sucker includes a built-in handle that makes it easier to place on any smooth surface.

Special Features

  • Bendable stainless steel rods make it easy to direct airflow
  • Universal design is compatible with any hair dryer
  • Compact size for countertop use

6.​Skywin Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand​ – Clamp Mount Hair Dryer Holder

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This flexible hair dryer stand adjusts and rotates 360 degrees to direct airflow where you need it most. Not to mention, you can bend at several angles for even better results. The stand has strong clips that attach to the side of most tables between 8mm and 2.5 inches thick. Though highly flexible, this stand can hold any hair dryer, even the heavier models.

Special Features

  • The claw-like design keeps the hair dryer securely
  • Soft-touch silicone cover
  • Lightweight construction (2 pounds) makes it highly portable

5. Pard Stainless 360 Degrees Rotation Hands Free Hairdryer Holder with Sucker

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Pard hair dryer stand boasts premium quality that will easily impress anyone. It has a big circular base for added stability. More importantly, the base has a suction cup that provides immense grip on smooth surfaces. Hence, it’s easy to mount onto a desktop surface or table. Additionally, the rubber for the suction cup is thicker, measuring 6mm. So, it gives an extra-strong hold compared to the suction system of most hair dryer stands.

The bracket can hold up to 10 pounds, allowing it to hold any hair dryer easily. Not only is the stainless steel tube robust, but it’s also bendable to hold the dryer at any angle. Above all, the bendable design makes it easy to fold down for travel.

Special Features

  • Simple 4-step installation
  • Hands-free 360-degree rotation
  • Highly durable iron base

4. Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet DRYER Stand with Wheels

Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair DRYER Stands with Wheels

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Giantex hair dryer stand is a decent buy for home use. Five sturdy smooth-rolling wheels make it pretty easy to manoeuvre. And should you choose, you can pop off the wheels for easy storage. The base comes in tougher plastic, making it resistant to moisture and corrosion. Also, you can easily adjust the height of the pole without losing stability.

The stand comes with a reasonably sized hood that allows for angle adjustments. Moreover, the hood has a drying power of between 40 to 60 Degree Celsius. Above all, it includes a 60-minute timer for more convenience.

Special Features

  • Rotary airflow allows for even heating and drying
  • Quiet operation
  • Big dials for setting temperature and time

3. Hands Free Adjustable Hair Dryer Floor Stand-as Seen on Tv

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This is another high-quality hands-free hair dryer stand. So, you don’t need an extra pair of hands to style hair. Also, this hair dryer stand has a flexible neck. As a result, it can bend to any angle. Though flexible, it’s strong enough to hold heavy hair dryers. Except for the plastic base, this stand comes in chrome. Thus, it’s rustproof as well as stylish. Again, you can adjust the height of the stand up to 34 inches. And should you choose, you can place on the countertop to get more height.

Special Features

  • Height adjustable to 34 inches
  • Bendable neck holds the hair dryer at any angle

2. Pibbs DH13 Dryer & Iron Holder with Accessory Tray on Stand

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The design of this hair dryer stands out from the rest. The stand has three spiral holders. As a result, it holds more than a hair dryer. The smaller spiral holders, for instance, hold styling irons. The larger spiral holder, on the other hand, secures your hair dryer in place. Apart from that, this hair dryer stand comes with an accessory tray. The best part, the tray has integrated holders for up to two styling brushes. Overall, this hair dryer stand keeps your hair styling tools more organized and within easy reach.

Special Features

  • Three durable chrome spiral holders (Hold a hair dryer and styling irons)
  • Integrated accessories tray
  • Built-in holders for two styling brushes

1. Pard Adjustable Height Blow Hair Dryer Stand for Drying and Styling

Pard Adjustable Height Blow Hair Dryer Stands for Drying and Styling

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This stand works on any surface, as long as it’s flat. This is attributed to the broad, heavy base. More importantly, the base has a non-skid bottom. So, it’s not only tip-resistant but also stays firmly in one place. This hair dryer stand is fully adjustable. In the first place, the neck rotates 360 degrees. As a result, you can set the hair dryer in any direction. Secondly, it has an adjustable height (27-39 inches). Hence, you can pick a height that’s ideal for you. Furthermore, the stand includes an adjustable strap. For this reason, it can hold any hair dryer securely in place.

Special Features

  • Bracket has non-slip pads that hold the hair dryer firmly in place
  • Heavy (2 pounds) non-tipping base
  • The fully adjustable neck allows you to direct airflow easily
  • Adjustable height from 27-39 inches

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