Best Hunting and Golf Laser Rangefinders Reviews In 2021

Laser-guided rangefinders have had a dramatic impact on the way amateurs play the game of golf. By taking out the doubt and second-guessing, laser rangefinders enable you to hit each long-distance shot with confidence. And while some aren’t tournament legal, they help shave the rough edges off your game. Dollar-for-dollar, the best golf laser rangefinder beats GPS devices in terms of accuracy, straightforwardness, and undeniable appeal.

But you aren’t here for long stories. Instead, you want to get your hands on the best that the market has to offer. Hence, based on optics, scan speed, and accuracy, here are the top-of-the-line recommendations for your next golf game.

Table of the Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Reviews

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10. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf Laser Rangefinders

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For me, Bushnell is the gold standard for golf laser rangefinders. Well, you can take it to the bank. And among its tournament-worthy models, the Tour V4 stands out tall. Tour V4 doesn’t have a slope mode. Hence, it’s an all-around choice for practice, and tournament plays.

This golf rangefinder has an impressive range of 1000 yards. Yet, it’s still highly accurate to within one yard. Not to mention, it has a decent 5x magnification.

Pin-Seeker and Jolt technology improve the experience. It vibrates once you zero in on the flag. Moreover, it rewards you with a fast focus system for immediate results.

Like all Bushnell rangefinders, Tour V4 boasts stable-grip technology. Hence, you can keep it steadier. Tour V4 isn’t waterproof. Nevertheless, it’s exceptionally water-resistant, keeping the water out to some extent.

This golf rangefinder comes complete with a battery and a carry case for easy transportation. It doesn’t look like much but will save you extra expenses.


As far as it goes, Bushnell Tour V4 offers unrivaled accuracy for tournament plays. And with a perfect balance of size and speed, it suits golfers of all abilities.

9. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor & Laser Binoculars with Battery

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VPRO500 is pretty much a new player. It doesn’t afford the decades of experience of other brands. Nonetheless, it defies all odds, topping the 2020 best-seller list. And it doesn’t end there. This laser golf rangefinder also boasts award-winning trusted quality.

All accolades aside, VPRO500 offers an advanced Pin-Seeker technology. It doesn’t vibrate the likes of Tour V4. Nevertheless, it has remarkable accuracy, zeroing in on the target to within one yard.

Moreover, it has a continuous scan mode. Hence, it gives quick readings, even for targets surrounded by background objects.

VPRO500 rewards you with a range of 540 yards and 6x magnification. Furthermore, it’s pretty durable and rainproof for years of use.


Thanks to the pro-grade continuous scan mode, VPRO500 is what you need for those highly competitive sports. After all, it’s the season’s best-seller for a reason!

8. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf and Hunting  – Range Finder Distance Measuring

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Cheap laser rangefinders aren’t as fully-featured. At least not like their high-end counterparts. But where other cheaper models fail, Pro-GS24 delivers. It’s a budget model, no doubt. However, it has the accuracy and precision of models that cost twice as much.

Pro-GS24 has a slope feature to compensate for elevation. However, you can turn it off for tournament plays. Pin-Seeker technology offers high precision to within a yard. Plus, it vibrates once you lock in on the flag, just for assurance purposes.

Like VPRO500, it rewards users with a continuous scan mode to eliminate delays. And with a rubberized housing, it provides a soft, ergonomic grip. Pro-GS24 has a range of 650 yards and 6x magnification.


For a budget buy, Pro-GS24 is one laser rangefinder I can’t afford to ignore. It offers pro-grade performance, both for practice and tournaments.

7. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinders with Slope Measurement

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinders

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Callaway is no underdog in the world of golf laser rangefinders. It offers exclusive technology, delivering true distance for any shot on the course. It has several models in its arsenal. However, the 300 Pro comes out as the most decorated.

This device offers superior accuracy to within a yard as well as a range of 1000 yards. Whereas others vibrate, this laser rangefinder lets out an audible bird-like chirp once it locks onto the pin. Also, the Pin-Seeker technology is effective up to 300 feet out.

The 300 Pro goes the extra mile to compensate for the slope. But should you choose, you can turn off the slope function. Also, it has a scan mode that enables you to acquire multiple targets at once.

Moreover, this rangefinder offers fog-proof and waterproof performance. Hence, it’s safe to use it under most weather conditions.


The 300 Pro offers accurate, adjustable distances to the flag. It’s as ideal for the pros as it’s for first-time golfers.

6. Peak Pulse 6 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinders with Vibration and Fast Focus System

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Peak Pulse 6 Pro claims 2020s industry-leading performance. For me, it’s quite debatable. However, it has what it takes to sit among the top slots. This golf rangefinder comes with a built-in slope switch. Hence, it’s as good for practice as it’s for tournament plays.

Moreover, Peal Pulse 6 Pro provides a flag acquisition function that vibrates once you zero in on the target. Alongside that is a fast focus system that saves you precious time.

This laser rangefinder has an 8-second automatic shutdown. Hence, it’s a remarkable choice for conserving power. Peak Pulse offers a range of 500 yards and 6x magnification. Also, it’s accurate to within one yard.


Peak Pulse 6 Pro offers unbeatable accuracy in a small size. Any golfer looking for exact distances will find it handy.

5. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

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In terms of performance-oriented design, Bushnell Pro X2 is at the pinnacle. It scores highly in other categories as well, putting it one step ahead of other models on the list.

At 1300 yards, Pro X2 has the longest range of any model on the list. Despite that, it’s accurate to within a yard. Moreover, the Pin-Seeker Jolt function is effective up to 450 yards out. Well, that’s more than what other models have to offer.

Pro X2 affords 6x magnification and a dual display. Based on your needs, you can pick between sharp black and vivid