Best Commercial Garbage Disposals for Kitchen Reviews In 2021

Are you looking for your first-ever garbage disposal? Or maybe want to upgrade from an old model? Whichever the case, you’ve come to the right places. We’ve combed the internet for the best garbage disposal for septic systems and deep sinks. Don’t have the time to read the entire review? For your sake, we recommend InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist as the best overall. It has all the basic features of garbage disposals. However, it boasts a Bio-Charge cartridge, a feature you don’t find in other models.

Well, this article reviews a ton of other top-of-the-line models. So, in case our top pick doesn’t work for you, how about you dig more into the review? For the record, we consider models from reputable and reliable brands. Hence, whichever garbage disposal you choose, you’re guaranteed of the best quality possible.

Table of the Best Garbage Disposals Reviews

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10. General Electric GFC520N Continuous-Feed 1/2 HP Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

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General Electric needs no introduction. It’s among the most renowned brands, boasting over 100 years of experience. So far, GFC520N is one of its best inventions in the garbage disposals segment. It’s a high-quality unit that draws tons of customers.

The 1/2 HP motor is a standout feature in this garbage disposal. It’s by far one of the toughest motors you can find. Not to mention, it has permanent magnets. Hence, it promises many years of use.

Aside from durability, the motor is pretty fast. At 2,800 RPM, it beats other GE models. Moreover, it has a large capacity turntable. It can grind 27 ounces of garbage in one go.

Also, this food waster disposer adopts dual-swivel blades. That makes it effective at grinding food into small particles. Because of that, it reduces the chances of clogging significantly. Plus, the grinding blades come in galvanized steel. As such, they’re more resistant to rust and corrosion.

Cold-rolled carbon steel gives this garbage disposal more tensile strength. It doesn’t dent or damage easily. For the record, it’s designed to provide more than ten years of use.

Another significant feature is the EZ mounting system. It makes this garbage disposal easier to install. Furthermore, the package comes with two other extras: a splash guard and rubber stopper.

Special Features

  • EZ mounting system for easy installation
  • Dual-swivel impellers reduce the chances of a clog
  • Super-fast grinding action of 2,800 RPM
  • Tough motor with permanent magnets
  • Fuss-free direct wire power connection


This is a powerful garbage disposer from a brand you can trust. It’s surprisingly quiet. Hence, you can run it anytime, anywhere.

9. InSinkErator Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal

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Evolution Compact garbage disposal is from a brand with a history of innovation. For the record, it claims to be the number one disposer brand in the US. Apparently, this unit lives up to the brand’s reputation.

It has the bells and whistles of high-end models. Surprisingly, it’s pretty affordable. The sound-seal feature is one of its significant selling points. As the name suggests, it’s an anti-vibration feature that enables the unit to run significantly quieter.

Despite the quiet operation, it offers an all-powerful performance. The multi-grind technology, for instance, grinds foot in two stages. Hence, you get fine pulp that’s easier to dispose of. Not to mention, it reduces the chances of clogging drastically.

Moreover, Evolution adopts a Dura-drive motor. It’s by far one of the most powerful among non-commercial units. So, this food disposer is a force to reckon with. Not to mention, it handles a hefty 34.6 ounces of waste at a time.

All grinding components come in premium stainless steel. Hence, they’ll remain rust-free for many years to come. Evolution Compact garbage disposal doesn’t eat a lot into your under-sink cabinet space. As the name suggests, it’s compact and with a space-saving footprint.

Special Features

  • Whisper-quiet sound-seal technology
  • Multi-grind feature tackles the toughest food scraps
  • Powerful Dura-drive induction motor
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • 6-ounce large capacity grinding chamber


Evolution Compact offers the highest standard of performance. It’s whisper-quiet but powerful enough to pulverize tough food scraps in an instant. Moreover, it’s from a brand that’s built a reputation for designing the world’s best garbage disposers.

8. Waste King L-3200 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

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Waste King is another American brand that adopts new designs and concepts. No wonder it’s among the pioneers of the revolutionary high-speed motors. So, the L-3200 offers nothing less than the best industry standard.

L-3200 is a newly redesigned model and an excellent addition to the brand’s lineup. It boasts a powerful 3/4 HP motor that reaches speeds of up to 2,700 RPM. Hence, it can handle just about any type of food. Plus, it built to withstand continuous use. As such, it can serve a household of 4 to 6 comfortably.

Moreover, L-3200 boasts insulated stainless steel components. So, it’s one of the quietest models on the market. The interior chamber has a nylon lining, which equals zero corrosion.

This garbage disposal is compatible with septic tanks. Not to mention, it has an EZ mount system. Hence, you can install it without the need for a professional plumber. The inclusion of a power cord doesn’t sound like much. However, it reduces the cost of purchasing extra accessories.

Special Features

  • The high-speed motor is quiet and jam-free
  • EZ mount kit for straightforward installation
  • Rustproof and corrosion-free stainless steel components
  • Safe for use with home septic tanks


L-3200 is a very popular food disposer. It’s sturdy, simple to use, and doesn’t leave a mess. Moreover, it’s a unit that’s built to last, providing more than eight years of use.

7. Emerson Evergrind E202 Food Waster Disposer – 1/2 Horsepower

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Emerson E202 is an inexpensive food disposer. However, it affords one of the best quality constructions. Take the galvanized steel construction, for instance. It’s a rare feature for a budget model. Such ruggedness gives it an edge over other established competitors.

This garbage disposer doesn’t only pride itself in high-quality construction. It also has a powerful yet quiet Dura-drive motor. At 1/2 HP, it provides unmatched medium-use performance. It makes light work of most types of food scraps, including small bones.

The E202 is smaller than comparable models from other brands. Hence, it’s going to save those few extra inches of space. Despite the size, it can grind as much as 26 ounces in one batch.

Special Features

  • Quiet Dura-drive motor
  • Galvanized stainless steel construction ensures durability
  • Compact, space-saving design


Emerson E202 offers capable grinding on a budget. Moreover, it prides itself on a compact size. Overall, it’s a wallet-friendly choice, particularly for the discerning homeowners.

6. InSinkErator 1.0 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – Evolution Excel

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Evolution Excel is a garbage disposal that can handle all foodstuffs. With a powerful 1 HP induction motor, it can pulverize food into a fluid-like stage. So, the chances of clogs developing are very minimal. Moreover, it makes light work of tough scraps, including bones.

Moreover, this garbage disposal doesn’t cause any disturbance. It’s virtually noise-free, thanks to the sound-seal technology. So, you’re free to run at any time of the day.

While most models adopt EZ mounting system, this garbage disposal uses a quick-lock mechanism. You simply screw it in, and you’ll be good to go.

Special Features

  • 3-stage grinding pulverizes food into a liquid-like state
  • Ultra-quiet 1 HP motor powers through toughest food scraps, even bones
  • Quick-lock system makes it easier to install


Evolution Excel provides bone-crushing grinding power. Moreover, it boasts a quiet, top of the line induction motor. Overall, it’s a perfect choice for heavy-duty use and for large households.

5. Waste King L-8000 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

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The L-8000 is a legendary garbage disposal unit. It’s a model that has a ton of qualities to appreciate. Best of all, it claims corrosion-free performance in its entire lifespan.

Among the most defining features is the 1 HP vortex motor. It has speeds of up to 2,800 RPM. Hence, it grinds food at a faster pace. Moreover, it offers more power per pound than all models in the same category. As such, it can handle any type of food that goes down its chute.

Also, this garbage disposal has jam-free impellers. So, you can continually shove in more foodstuffs while it’s running.

All components boast glass-filled nylon insulation. That makes them 100% resistant to corrosion. Not to mention, it reduces the noise level significantly.

Special Features

  • 1 HP vortex motor offers more grinding power than any unit in the same category
  • Insulated stainless steel offers the quietest grind possible
  • EZ mount allows for easy installation


Waste King L-8000 is worth every penny, and many reviews can attest to that. Moreover, it’s by far the best-rated garbage disposal at the time of writing. Overall, it’s excellent if you require more power for heavy-duty use.

4. Whirlaway 191 1/3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

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Whirlaway 191 is among the most reliable garbage disposals. It prides itself on providing a design that’s easy to install as well as maintain. Let’s dig deeper to find out what this model has to offer.

Ease of installation is one feature that makes this garbage disposal unique. For instance, it can fit a variety of existing mounts. Moreover, it has a pretty small design, allowing it to fit in the smallest cabinets.

This garbage disposal has a powerful yet quiet motor. So durable is the motor that it can last ten years or longer. That’s far longer than other units in the same category. At the same time, it runs non-stop without overheating or jamming.

The bearings are another significant feature. It keeps the garbage disposal lubricated. Hence, it requires little to zero maintenance during its lifespan.

Special Features

  • Super-easy mounting system
  • Space-saving design that fits in all kitchens
  • Galvanized steel and polymer components offer 100% resistance to corrosion
  • Lubricated bearings allow for zero maintenance
  • Durable jam-free motor withstands continuous use


Whirlaway 191 garbage disposal offers great quality for the price. It’s by far one of the easiest to mount. Hence, it takes the guesswork out of the installation process. Moreover, the space-saving design makes it great for all kitchens. Such simplicity makes it ideal for anyone who’s new to garbage disposals.

3. InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal – Continuous Feed

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Are you that discerning homeowner that demands quality without having to spend a fortune? Well, the Badger line of food disposers is the way to go. But of all available units, none shines as much as the Badger 5 garbage disposal. This is a unit that ticks all boxes. It’s powerful, durable, efficient, and easy to install.

This best-selling garbage disposal adopts 1/2 HP Dura-drive motor. It provides powerful grinding power the instant it kicks into gear.

Most units provide multi-stage grinding. However, Badger 5 uses patented one-stage grinding technology. Together with a shear-grind ring, it offers more grinding power than multi-stage units. It leaves food waste virtually liquefied, hence reducing the chances of clogs.

The unique quick-lock system makes it a snap to install and remove. Badger 5 uses galvanized steel construction. Though not as robust as stainless steel, it offers decent grinding action.

Special Features

  • Exclusive one-stage grinding turns tough food scraps into liquefied waste
  • A quick-lock mechanism for a quick and easy install
  • Galvanized steel offers rustproof performance
  • Septic safe


Badger 5 combines all the best qualities of garbage disposal. Not to mention, it’s a durable unit that claims over ten years of service. While it’s not the cheapest, this garbage disposal is worth every penny.

2. Moen GX50C GX Series 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Compact Garbage Disposal

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Moen GX50C ranks high among the GX series. It’s a high-quality garbage disposal, popular for a number of reasons. At the forefront is the vortex motor. It offers powerful grinding at speeds of up to 2,000 RPM. Moreover, jamming is never an issue with this motor. Hence, it runs at full speed the moment it starts.

This garbage disposal boasts a sound-shield technology. As the name suggests, it dampens sound and vibrations. For this reason, you can run it without causing disturbances.

Another notable feature is the Universal Xpress-Mount system. It fits most existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies. Hence, installation is pretty straightforward.

Furthermore, this garbage disposal comes ready with a power cord. Not to mention splash guard, flange, drain stopper and drain elbow. So, it eliminates the need to buy accessories separately.

Special Features

  • Compact design frees up valuable under-sink space
  • High-speed jam-free vortex motor
  • Pre-installed power cord saves money
  • Sound-shield technology offers exceptional noise reduction
  • Universal Xpress-Mount is compatible with existing 3-bolt assemblies


Moen GX50C is ideal for DIYers or anyone with basic plumbing skills. It comes with clear instructions. Not to mention all the parts. Hence, it will save you the time and cost of running to the hardware store.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

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This garbage disposal is by far the best for homes that have septic tanks. It boasts the same Multi-Grind technology as other models from the same brand. However, there’s one thing that sets it apart. It grinds most types of food waste into virtual dust. Not to mention, it has a Bio-Charge cartridge, a rare feature in other models.

The 3/4 HP induction motor provides an extra boost of power. What’s more, it has a sound-seal feature to dampen noise and vibrations. Hence, you get a quieter performance every time.

Evolution Septic Assist is a generously sized model. For instance, the grinding chamber accommodates 40 ounces in one go. As such, it grinds more in less time.

Special Features

  • Bio-Charge cartridge injects septic chemical to eliminate clogs and reduce odor
  • Extra-large stainless steel chamber grinds 40 ounces of waste in one batch
  • Two-stage grinding reduce food waste into virtual dust
  • Sound-seal technology offers quieter operation


The Bio-Charge cartridge gives this garbage disposal an upper hand over other models. Overall, it’s the best choice for homeowners with septic tanks.

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